Science Market Update

Yale University, New Haven Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Nov 11, 2020

University of Arizona Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Nov 12, 2020

University of Kansas Medical Center Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Nov 5, 2020

University of Alabama, Birmingham Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Nov 6, 2020

Rutgers University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 21, 2020

Johns Hopkins University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 22, 2020

University of Georgia, Athens Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 15, 2020

University of Utah Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 14, 2020

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 16, 2020

University of Southern California Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 7, 2020

University of California, Los Angeles Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 8, 2020

University of California, Irvine Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 9, 2020

Washington University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Sept 30, 2020

Duke University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 1, 2020

University of North Carolina Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Oct 2, 2020

Mt. Sinai Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Sept 22, 2020

Stony Brook University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Sept 23, 2020

Columbia University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Sept 24, 2020

Rockefeller University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Sept 25, 2020

University of Colorado Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Sept 18, 2020

Northwestern University : BioResearch Product Faire™ Virtual Event

University of Illinois, Chicago: BioResearch Product Faire™ Virtual Event

University of Wisconsin: BioResearch Product Faire™ Virtual Event

Virtual University of California, San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event Aug 27, 2020

Upcoming Jefferson Virtual BioResearch Product Faire at Event Aug 20, 2020

University of Pennsylvania Virtual BioResearch Product Faire Event Aug 21, 2020

University of Minnesota, 2 Virtual BioResearch Product Faire Events this Week

University of Michigan Virtual BioResearch Product Faire Event Aug 6, 2020

Michigan State University Virtual BioResearch Product Faire Event Aug 5, 2020

Boston/ Longwood Virtual BioResearch Product Faire Event July 29, 2020

Virtual Ohio State University BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

The Ohio State University's First Virtual Lab Tool Expo

See Lab Tools at Cincinnati Virtual Event this Week

OHSU Virtual Event July 16, Enter Here

Bay Area Virtual Events This Week:CUBerkeley and San Francisco

Chicago Shows for Life Science Researchers

Demonstrate Your Research Products at this Annual Columbia Event

University of Michigan: See New Lab Products

UCSD:  Life Science Professionals Invited

Wisconsin: Meet Top-Funded Researchers

Life Science Event at Johns Hopkins: Expansion

Invitation: 2020 Johns Hopkins Research Event in Baltimore

UCSD Event:$1.3B plus new buildings, new grants, consortium funding

Johns Hopkins: Top Researchers, Top Funding.

California: "Billions and Billions" in Funding...

Help Researchers In Colorado Find Your Laboratory Research Products

Two Separate Minnesota BioResearch Product Faire™ Events This Spring.

UC Riverside: $8 Million New Lab Building Opens

2020 Fall Special In Effect

2020 Researcher Events: Special Pricing Program in Effect

UCLA: Meet Nearly 500 Top Researchers this Fall

Sell More Lab Products in 2020 - Pre-Release Pricing Now Available

Fred Hutch: $50.5M for HIV Research This Year

Researcher at UWisc Wins “Transformative Research Award” NIH Grant

Vanderbilt: Over $30 Million in Funding from NIH

University of Illinois at Chicago: Reaching for NCI designation by 2021

Northwestern Receives $9.39M From Cherished Faculty Members

U. Michigan: $1.5 Billion in Total R&D Helps Researchers Investigate Freshwater Algal Blooms

UMass Amherst Investigates Breast Cancer Treatments

UCSF: Top Recipient of Funding from NIH Above All Other Public Research Universities

Thomas Jefferson University Brightens the Future With Vaccine Research

CBD Funding Lights Up Research Programs at Top Universities

Ohio: Leading in Research with $864.3M in R&D funding

University of Cincinnati’s Impressive History of Groundbreaking Research

Colorado: Construction started for $176M Anschutz Health Sciences Building

New Technology Helps UMinn Scientists Study Adolescent Brain Development

Harvard: Major R&D Alliance with $100M in Initial Funding

WashU: $10.5M grant given to help study noise-induced hearing loss

USC receives $13.98M in funding for Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC)

UPitt: Breaking Ground on 3 New Hospitals in 2019

Duke: Access Over $1 Billion in R & D At This Event

Case Western Reserve: $515 Million Health Education Campus Opening Soon

UC Berkeley: Engineered Yeast Produces CBD, THC

Michigan Researchers: Over $2 Billion in R&D

UCLA Researchers Design a Renewable Source of Cancer Fighting T Cells

15.4M in NIH Grants at UPENN’s ACC

UGA receives  $10M Grant to Create Computational And Informatics Tools for Glycoscience

Utah’s Department of Bioengineering Spends $17M Annually on Research and Produces Breakthrough in 3D Bioprinting

University of Kansas Uses $25M NIH Grant to fund Multiple Research Projects

Washington U. St. Louis Receives $20M Gift & $14.5M in Grant Funding

NIH awards $11.5 Million Grant to The University of Utah

New Research Facility Opens at USC Keck School

Duke: Researchers find how Natural Killer Cells Regulate Protective HIV Antibodies

Rutgers receives over $55 Million in Grants this Year

UCLA: $3.7M NIH Grant for Brain Imaging Technology Research

Duke: $12M in NIH Funding for Genome Research

$10M Gift Benefits Sports Medicine Research at USC

Johns Hopkins Researcher Receives $7.7M From NIH for Parkinson's Research

Texas A&M: Funding, Stroke Research, and Upcoming Event

3 UC San Diego Research Programs Receive Grants Totaling Over $28M

UC Riverside Scientist Awarded $2.3M Help to Fight the Bite

U Georgia Receives $2.3M to Study Stress’s Effect on Children’s Immune System

New Research, Forensics Facility at University of South Florida

BIO5 Scientists Bring in Millions in NIH Funding to the University of Arizona

Arizona's BIO5 Institute: Over $1.3M in Grants for Ovarian Cancer Research

UC San Diego Receives $50M Gift for Eye Disease Research

Johns Hopkins Receives $5.1M NIH Grant to Develop Better STD Diagnostic Tool

UC Riverside Receives Nearly $2.5M to Fund Cancer, ALS Research

$20M Gift to Establish New UCSF Center for Mood Disorders

Indoor Farming Research Brings $5M USDA Grant to UGA

Five University of South Florida Faculty Honored for Inventions

Texas A&M Awarded $9 M in Cancer Research Funding from CPRIT

Texas Medical Center Receives $5.8M in Research Funding for Cancer Bioinformatics

University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine Researchers Given $4 million NIH grant

Plans for UCSF Parnassus Campus Include New Hospital and Central Research Laboratories

UC Davis: Major Cancer Research Funding Awarded by NCI

2019 Vendor Show Schedule: New Locations Available

New Cancer Research Building Opens at Oregon Health and Science University

National Lab Moves to University of Wisconsin & Cancer Detection Lab Building Construction at Research Park

University of Wisconsin Faculty Awarded Over $2M to support 11 Research Projects

UCLA Receives Multi-million Grants and Gifts from Donors

UAB Biomedical Engineering Dept. Awarded 2 NIH Grants Totaling $4.8M

University of Arizona Receives Historic $60M NIH Award

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Receives Four Year, $231K Grant To Study Pediatric Brain Cancer

University of Illinois Receives $2M for Herpes Virus Research

Grants Fund Multiple Alzheimer's Research Programs at UCLA

Geriatric Emergency Department at UC San Diego Earns Accreditation

Michigan State Receives NIH Award for Autism Research

San Diego: Current Cannabis Research Projects

UC San Diego dedicates Family Outpatient Pavilion to Koman Family

U of Michigan Cancer Center gets $150 million gift

CU Anschutz, Sciences Institute awarded $46.5M Grant from NIH

UCSD Clinical Trial of New Treatment for Blood Cancers

Alabama 13 Top NIH Funded  Projects

Ford Motor Co. Partners with U of Michigan New Robotics Facility

$3.8M DOD Grant to U Colorado Moves Stem Cell Research to Clinical Trials

Researchers Invited Find New Tools for Research This Summer...

Researchers at Cincinnati Gain 5-Year, $1.87M Grant for Liver Research

$15 M Federal Funding Supports AIDS Research at UC San Diego

Boulder BioResearch Update:  Congrats to New $8M HHMI Investigator

UC Davis School of Medicine in Top 20% for NIH Research Funding

CU Anschutz Receives 5-Year, $46.5 Million NIH Grant

$2M NIH Life Science Grant for UCSF Kidney Transplant Research Program

Microbiology Research, Life Science Market Opportunities at CU Boulder

UCSF Neurosciences: New Building Construction

University of Pittsburgh Opens Ambitious $3M Research Center

UC Berkeley Researchers Finding Ways to Edit Brain Activity

UC Davis Receives $2.5 Million Cancer Research Grant

UC Berkeley Researchers Receive $12.3 Million For Agriculture Research

U Cincinnati’s Center for Environmental Genetics Receives $8M in NIH Research Funding

$150M Gift to Advance Cancer Research and Care at University of Michigan

$1 Billion Medical Building Under Construction at Boston’s Longwood Medical

Events at Colorado's $850M Science Marketplace

Proctor & Gamble to Give $10 Million to Cincinnati Cancer Center

Science Research Funding: See Upcoming Top Projects at UI Urbana 

Michigan State Awarded $1.5 M in Research Funding to Find Cause of Psychosis

UMass: $150M Applied Life Sciences Institute & Ongoing Research

Join us at these upcoming North East Laboratory Product Events

New Science Building at Rutgers Opening Soon!

Science Research Funding: See Upcoming Top Projects at UI Urbana

U of Michigan: Seven New Drug Discovery Projects Recieve Research Funding

UPENN Most Actively Funded Research Projects List

UC Berkeley Participating in $65.5M Brain Cell Atlas Project

U-Minnesota’s 2018 Capital Budget includes over $274M for Science Buildings

Colorado Researchers Receive $5.5M to Study Cannabis and Genetics

Thomas Jefferson U: NIH Research Funding for Virus Study Leads to Novel Treatment Approach

New Research Funding Supports UCSF Study of Drug for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Research News: U-Wisconsin Adding Cryo-Electron Microscopy to Imaging Arsenal

U of Minnesota: $2.6M in NIH Research Funding Leads to Better 3D Printed Organs

Ohio State University to Build New Hospital

Houston Researchers Receive $10M Commitment for Neurological Reseach

Research News: UCLA Stem Cell Study Making a Sensation

Washington University, St. Louis Researchers Receive $3.9M to Turn Bactria to Biofuel Producers

Florida: USF New Medical College

Two UCSD Life Science Researchers Awarded $3 Million Breakthrough Prize

Research News: U of Michigan Spent a Record $1.48 Billion on R & D

UChicago's $270 Million Makeover Includes New ER with Level I Trauma Center

University of Illinois Research News: Synthetic Cannabiniod Reduces Sleep Apnea

UCSD Scientists Receive $8M to Research Leukemia Treatments

Research News: Michigan State Saving the Bees from Pesticides 

Texas Researchers Receive $5.7M to Further Cancer Research

Two New Medical Buildings Under Construction at University of Cincinnati

Big Business in Texas for Lab Suppliers

Washington University, St. Louis: $6 Million in Leukemia Research Funding

What Lab Products are Most in Demand at UCSF Mission Bay?

New Cancer Treatment Breakthrough at U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

USC Receives $19M for BRAIN Initiative Study

Research News: University of Georgia Develops New Model for Stroke Studies

New Clinical Research Center Opens at Rutgers

Jefferson U: Donations & NIH Funding Yields New Approaches to Treating Cancer

Research News: U of Minnesota Grows Blood Vessels in Lab

Harvard/Longwood Medical Area Institutes and Event

University of Georgia Receives $1.5 in Research Funding to Develop Brain Glue

UC Davis Researchers Receive $1.5M to Study Immune Cells for Tumor Treatment

UMass Researcher Granted $2.3M to Study Tuberculosis

Biomedical News: Charlie’s Law Opens Opportunities for Stem Cell Treatments in Texas

Scientific Sales at Washington University, St. Louis

Rockefeller U: NIH Research Funding May Lead to “Universal” Flu Vaccine

Mt. Sinai Receives $2.2M for TBI Research

UCSF: New MS Therapy Coming Soon Thanks to NIH & Foundation Research Funding

UMinn: Top Funded Research Projects Right Now

UCSD Scientists Fight Brain Cancer with the Zika Virus

UPitt Establishing Comprehensive Ovarian Biology Research Institute with Assistance from $3M Grant

Washington University Receives $46M to Support Translational Research

UPenn Receives $22.6M for Materials Science Research

University of California Strengthens Cancer Research with Creation of New 5-School Consortium

UCSF, Mission Bay Continues Campus  Expansion with Two New Science Buildings

$8 M in Research Funding to Expand Stem Cell Trials at UC Davis

Texas A&M: $10M in Research Funding to Study Effects of Harvey

$3.2M Granted to UGA for Vaccine Research

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