Science Market Update

Wisconsin: Meet Top-Funded Researchers

Life Science Event at Johns Hopkins: Expansion

Invitation: 2020 Johns Hopkins Research Event in Baltimore

UCSD Event:$1.3B plus new buildings, new grants, consortium funding

Johns Hopkins: Top Researchers, Top Funding.

California: "Billions and Billions" in Funding...

Help Researchers In Colorado Find Your Laboratory Research Products

Two Separate Minnesota BioResearch Product Faire™ Events This Spring.

UC Riverside: $8 Million New Lab Building Opens

2020 Fall Special In Effect

2020 Researcher Events: Special Pricing Program in Effect

UCLA: Meet Nearly 500 Top Researchers this Fall

Sell More Lab Products in 2020 - Pre-Release Pricing Now Available

Fred Hutch: $50.5M for HIV Research This Year

Researcher at UWisc Wins “Transformative Research Award” NIH Grant

Vanderbilt: Over $30 Million in Funding from NIH

University of Illinois at Chicago: Reaching for NCI designation by 2021

Northwestern Receives $9.39M From Cherished Faculty Members

U. Michigan: $1.5 Billion in Total R&D Helps Researchers Investigate Freshwater Algal Blooms

UMass Amherst Investigates Breast Cancer Treatments

UCSF: Top Recipient of Funding from NIH Above All Other Public Research Universities

Thomas Jefferson University Brightens the Future With Vaccine Research

CBD Funding Lights Up Research Programs at Top Universities

Ohio: Leading in Research with $864.3M in R&D funding

University of Cincinnati’s Impressive History of Groundbreaking Research

Colorado: Construction started for $176M Anschutz Health Sciences Building

New Technology Helps UMinn Scientists Study Adolescent Brain Development

Harvard: Major R&D Alliance with $100M in Initial Funding

WashU: $10.5M grant given to help study noise-induced hearing loss

USC receives $13.98M in funding for Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial Consortium (ACTC)

UPitt: Breaking Ground on 3 New Hospitals in 2019

Duke: Access Over $1 Billion in R & D At This Event

Case Western Reserve: $515 Million Health Education Campus Opening Soon

UC Berkeley: Engineered Yeast Produces CBD, THC

Michigan Researchers: Over $2 Billion in R&D

UCLA Researchers Design a Renewable Source of Cancer Fighting T Cells

15.4M in NIH Grants at UPENN’s ACC

UGA receives  $10M Grant to Create Computational And Informatics Tools for Glycoscience

Utah’s Department of Bioengineering Spends $17M Annually on Research and Produces Breakthrough in 3D Bioprinting

University of Kansas Uses $25M NIH Grant to fund Multiple Research Projects

Washington U. St. Louis Receives $20M Gift & $14.5M in Grant Funding

NIH awards $11.5 Million Grant to The University of Utah

New Research Facility Opens at USC Keck School

Duke: Researchers find how Natural Killer Cells Regulate Protective HIV Antibodies

Rutgers receives over $55 Million in Grants this Year

UCLA: $3.7M NIH Grant for Brain Imaging Technology Research

Duke: $12M in NIH Funding for Genome Research

$10M Gift Benefits Sports Medicine Research at USC

Johns Hopkins Researcher Receives $7.7M From NIH for Parkinson's Research

Texas A&M: Funding, Stroke Research, and Upcoming Event

3 UC San Diego Research Programs Receive Grants Totaling Over $28M

UC Riverside Scientist Awarded $2.3M Help to Fight the Bite

U Georgia Receives $2.3M to Study Stress’s Effect on Children’s Immune System

New Research, Forensics Facility at University of South Florida

BIO5 Scientists Bring in Millions in NIH Funding to the University of Arizona

Arizona's BIO5 Institute: Over $1.3M in Grants for Ovarian Cancer Research

UC San Diego Receives $50M Gift for Eye Disease Research

Johns Hopkins Receives $5.1M NIH Grant to Develop Better STD Diagnostic Tool

UC Riverside Receives Nearly $2.5M to Fund Cancer, ALS Research

$20M Gift to Establish New UCSF Center for Mood Disorders

Indoor Farming Research Brings $5M USDA Grant to UGA

Five University of South Florida Faculty Honored for Inventions

Texas A&M Awarded $9 M in Cancer Research Funding from CPRIT

Texas Medical Center Receives $5.8M in Research Funding for Cancer Bioinformatics

University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine Researchers Given $4 million NIH grant

Plans for UCSF Parnassus Campus Include New Hospital and Central Research Laboratories

UC Davis: Major Cancer Research Funding Awarded by NCI

2019 Vendor Show Schedule: New Locations Available

New Cancer Research Building Opens at Oregon Health and Science University

National Lab Moves to University of Wisconsin & Cancer Detection Lab Building Construction at Research Park

University of Wisconsin Faculty Awarded Over $2M to support 11 Research Projects

UCLA Receives Multi-million Grants and Gifts from Donors

UAB Biomedical Engineering Dept. Awarded 2 NIH Grants Totaling $4.8M

University of Arizona Receives Historic $60M NIH Award

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Receives Four Year, $231K Grant To Study Pediatric Brain Cancer

University of Illinois Receives $2M for Herpes Virus Research

Grants Fund Multiple Alzheimer's Research Programs at UCLA

Geriatric Emergency Department at UC San Diego Earns Accreditation

Michigan State Receives NIH Award for Autism Research

San Diego: Current Cannabis Research Projects

UC San Diego dedicates Family Outpatient Pavilion to Koman Family

U of Michigan Cancer Center gets $150 million gift

CU Anschutz, Sciences Institute awarded $46.5M Grant from NIH

UCSD Clinical Trial of New Treatment for Blood Cancers

Alabama 13 Top NIH Funded  Projects

Ford Motor Co. Partners with U of Michigan New Robotics Facility

$3.8M DOD Grant to U Colorado Moves Stem Cell Research to Clinical Trials

Researchers Invited Find New Tools for Research This Summer...

Researchers at Cincinnati Gain 5-Year, $1.87M Grant for Liver Research

$15 M Federal Funding Supports AIDS Research at UC San Diego

Boulder BioResearch Update:  Congrats to New $8M HHMI Investigator

UC Davis School of Medicine in Top 20% for NIH Research Funding

CU Anschutz Receives 5-Year, $46.5 Million NIH Grant

$2M NIH Life Science Grant for UCSF Kidney Transplant Research Program

Microbiology Research, Life Science Market Opportunities at CU Boulder

UCSF Neurosciences: New Building Construction

University of Pittsburgh Opens Ambitious $3M Research Center

UC Berkeley Researchers Finding Ways to Edit Brain Activity

UC Davis Receives $2.5 Million Cancer Research Grant

UC Berkeley Researchers Receive $12.3 Million For Agriculture Research

U Cincinnati’s Center for Environmental Genetics Receives $8M in NIH Research Funding

$150M Gift to Advance Cancer Research and Care at University of Michigan

$1 Billion Medical Building Under Construction at Boston’s Longwood Medical

Events at Colorado's $850M Science Marketplace

Proctor & Gamble to Give $10 Million to Cincinnati Cancer Center

Science Research Funding: See Upcoming Top Projects at UI Urbana 

Michigan State Awarded $1.5 M in Research Funding to Find Cause of Psychosis

UMass: $150M Applied Life Sciences Institute & Ongoing Research

Join us at these upcoming North East Laboratory Product Events

New Science Building at Rutgers Opening Soon!

Science Research Funding: See Upcoming Top Projects at UI Urbana

U of Michigan: Seven New Drug Discovery Projects Recieve Research Funding

UPENN Most Actively Funded Research Projects List

UC Berkeley Participating in $65.5M Brain Cell Atlas Project

U-Minnesota’s 2018 Capital Budget includes over $274M for Science Buildings

Colorado Researchers Receive $5.5M to Study Cannabis and Genetics

Thomas Jefferson U: NIH Research Funding for Virus Study Leads to Novel Treatment Approach

New Research Funding Supports UCSF Study of Drug for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Research News: U-Wisconsin Adding Cryo-Electron Microscopy to Imaging Arsenal

U of Minnesota: $2.6M in NIH Research Funding Leads to Better 3D Printed Organs

Ohio State University to Build New Hospital

Houston Researchers Receive $10M Commitment for Neurological Reseach

Research News: UCLA Stem Cell Study Making a Sensation

Washington University, St. Louis Researchers Receive $3.9M to Turn Bactria to Biofuel Producers

Florida: USF New Medical College

Two UCSD Life Science Researchers Awarded $3 Million Breakthrough Prize

Research News: U of Michigan Spent a Record $1.48 Billion on R & D

UChicago's $270 Million Makeover Includes New ER with Level I Trauma Center

University of Illinois Research News: Synthetic Cannabiniod Reduces Sleep Apnea

UCSD Scientists Receive $8M to Research Leukemia Treatments

Research News: Michigan State Saving the Bees from Pesticides 

Texas Researchers Receive $5.7M to Further Cancer Research

Two New Medical Buildings Under Construction at University of Cincinnati

Big Business in Texas for Lab Suppliers

Washington University, St. Louis: $6 Million in Leukemia Research Funding

What Lab Products are Most in Demand at UCSF Mission Bay?

New Cancer Treatment Breakthrough at U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

USC Receives $19M for BRAIN Initiative Study

Research News: University of Georgia Develops New Model for Stroke Studies

New Clinical Research Center Opens at Rutgers

Jefferson U: Donations & NIH Funding Yields New Approaches to Treating Cancer

Research News: U of Minnesota Grows Blood Vessels in Lab

Harvard/Longwood Medical Area Institutes and Event

University of Georgia Receives $1.5 in Research Funding to Develop Brain Glue

UC Davis Researchers Receive $1.5M to Study Immune Cells for Tumor Treatment

UMass Researcher Granted $2.3M to Study Tuberculosis

Biomedical News: Charlie’s Law Opens Opportunities for Stem Cell Treatments in Texas

Scientific Sales at Washington University, St. Louis

Rockefeller U: NIH Research Funding May Lead to “Universal” Flu Vaccine

Mt. Sinai Receives $2.2M for TBI Research

UCSF: New MS Therapy Coming Soon Thanks to NIH & Foundation Research Funding

UMinn: Top Funded Research Projects Right Now

UCSD Scientists Fight Brain Cancer with the Zika Virus

UPitt Establishing Comprehensive Ovarian Biology Research Institute with Assistance from $3M Grant

Washington University Receives $46M to Support Translational Research

UPenn Receives $22.6M for Materials Science Research

University of California Strengthens Cancer Research with Creation of New 5-School Consortium

UCSF, Mission Bay Continues Campus  Expansion with Two New Science Buildings

$8 M in Research Funding to Expand Stem Cell Trials at UC Davis

Texas A&M: $10M in Research Funding to Study Effects of Harvey

$3.2M Granted to UGA for Vaccine Research

NIH Nucleome Funding: UCSD Still Tops

$8M Granted to UCLA to Study Cytomegalovirus and Kidney Transplants

$11.5M Granted to Houston Scientists for Lymphoma Treatment Research

USC Researchers Use Proteins to Boost Immune System in Fighting HIV

Fred Hutch Researchers Receive $1M to Study Skeletal Muscles and Cancer Metastasis

University of Arizona Granted $4.8M for Valley Fever Vaccine Research

$200M Given to UCI to Establish New College of Health Sciences

UC Davis Medical Center Awarded $12M Autism Centers of Excellence Grant

Arizona Researchers Receive $1.7M to Study Macular Degeneration

OHSU Receives $15M for Pediatric Cancer Research Database

Oregon State Acquires $1.6M Spectroscopy Instrument for Advanced Materials Research

Texas Medical Center Lab Product Sales

Increase lab sales? Early Special Ends Tomorrow

Stony Brook University Establishes New Center for Nuclear Research

Research Funding for University of Georgia Includes Over $37M from NIH

New Medical Building to House Columbia University's School of Nursing

University of Utah: $3.7M in Research Funding to Study Cause of Congenital Heart Defects

UAB Center for AIDS Research Committed to Stopping HIV by 2030

Fred Hutch: $7M in Research Funding for Study of Second Primary Breast Cancer

UCSD Scientists Receive 4 Years of Research Funding from Pew

UCLA Leading $20M Project to Decrease Growing HIV Infection Rate Among Youths

UCLA Increasing Cannabis Research With Newly Established Research Group

UAB Cancer Research Center: $14.5M in NCI Funding This Year

Reach Top Science Markets: Exhibit Space Drawing

Madison Researchers Increase Efficiency in Discovering Useful Fungal Molecules

$100M Gift Makes New Medical Institute Possible at University of Chicago Medicine

New Science Building Nearing Completion at University of Arizona

New Biological Science Building Under Construction at the University of Michigan

UC Irvine: $329M Research Marketplace

Fred Hutch Receives $6.4M in Research Funding to Improve Heart Health of Cancer Survivors

UC Irvine: $9.6M in NIAID Research Funding for Malaria Study

Michigan State: $1.5M in Research Funding for Electric Catfish Study

CU Anschutz, Denver: Fast Funding Facts

UCLA: Medical Building Reopens After $65M Renovation

UCSD: 5 Teams Get Research Funding for Test Prototypes

Med Students Train for Tomorrow at Columbia University's New Education Center

Easily Sell More Lab Supplies and Equipment at Utah Event

UWisc: $9.8M in DARPA Research Funding to Develop Device to Accelerate Learning

$1M in Biophotonic Sensors NSF Funding at UCDavis

U Wisconsin Madison Short Update

$577M in Biomedical Research Funding Makes UCSF Top NIH Recipient

Pelotonia Cancer Research Funding Supports 11 New Projects at Ohio State

UPitt: $113 Million in NIH Research Funding Includes Nearly a Million for Xenograft Study

New $1.5 Billion Medical Building Under Construction at U Penn

Funding News: $50M Gift from Mattel to Benefit UCLA Hospital

Federal and Foundation Funding Helps Duke Scientists Find Way to Prevent Strokes

Increased Alzheimer's Research Funding Pays Off at Rutgers  

Robust Research Funding at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Leads to Breakthroughs

Rockefeller Scientist Receives $1.1M in Research Funding to Improve Biotech Services

UMass, Amherst Opens $150 Million Institute for Applied Life Sciences

UCLA: Nearly $9M in NHLBI Funding to Help Take Science Solutions to Heart

Life Science Labs at WUSTL Benefit From Funding

UC San Diego Receives Two, $2M Research Grants from CIRM

$2.27M Research Grant to University of Georgia, Athens to Study Gene Editing

Emory Research Lab Event: 2X Researchers Expected

UCLA: Utilizing Patient's Own Cells for Individualized Stem Cell Therapies

Rockefeller Receives $25M to Turn Discoveries into Therapies

UCR Life Science Study Uncovers Fruit Fly Metamorphosis Trigger

Washington University, St. Louis Leading Drug Trial for Alzheimer's Prevention

Two New Mass Spectrometers Make Texas A&M a Top Facility for Studying Isotopes

Texas Medical Center Pioneers New Brain Cancer Treatment

$2.5M to USF to Study Licensing of Parasites

Texas A&M: 3D Printed Bone the Future of Facial Surgery

University of South Florida Opens Department of Medical Engineering

UC Davis Receives $11.5M in Funding for Fragile X Research

University of Massachusetts: $4M Grant for Plant Stem Cell Research

Fred Hutch Event Raises $13M For Pediatric Cancer Research

New Multidisciplinary Research Building in Progress at UC Riverside

Thomas Jefferson Receives $3M for Research on Medicinal Cannabis

WU Research: $34M to Build Better Maps of the Brain

University of Southern California Opens a New Research Facility

MSU Opens New $69.8 Million Bioengineering Research Facility

Texas Medical Center Researchers Closer to Cause of Huntington's

UGA Research: $1.3M Grant to Discover How Aberrant RNA Causes Disease

$10.3M in Alzheimer's Research Funding Awarded to University of Arizona

University of South Florida to Participate in $150M Research Program

CU Boulder Research: $1.1M For Next-Generation Vaccine Development

UPenn: $24 Million Award to Create New Mechanobiology Research Center

$78.5M For New Research Facilities at University of Michigan

University of Minnesota Receives $8.2M in New Funding for Cancer Research

Angelman Syndrome Treatment on Horizon Due to UC Davis Research Grants

Mt. Sinai Researchers Receive $9M For Environmental Health Research

WashU Receives $10M for Research on Immune-Based Therapies

UCSD Researchers Receive $5M to Study Type 1 Diabetes

Online Game from UCB Lets Public Help Advance Alzheimer’s Research

Texas A&M Gains Research Funding to Study Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Texas Medical Center Researchers Find New Way of Treating Spina Bifida

WSU Researcher Makes Breakthrough In Improving Crop Yields

USC Receives $21.7M Research Grant to Study Epilepsy

UC Davis Inhales $2.3M in Grants for Pulmonary Bioresearch

UC Davis Receives Over $3M in Cancer Research Funding

UCSF Investigators Receive 7 NIH Research Grants

Breast Cancer Research Breakthrough at UI Urbana-Champaign

MU Receives $3M for Hepatitis B Treatment Research

University of Arizona Study Finds Climate Change May Threaten Food Supply

UCSF Receives $24M from NSF for New Research Center

UCSD Professor Receives $1.5 Million Research Grant

UCLA Pioneers New Approach to Coma Treatment

$8M Research Grant Awarded to UAB, Duke, & UW Collaborative Study

University of Arizona Receives $7M in Research Funding for Asthma Study

USC Receives $3.3M to Improve Treatment of a Common Birth Defect

$13M Grant for Ebola Virus Research at Washington University

UCLA: One Step Closer to the Cause of Autism

UC Irvine Breaks Research Funding Record

Stony Brook University Receives $2.3M for Autism Research

U of I at Chicago Receives $17.7 M Translational Research Grant

Researchers at Columbia University Find Ways to Reduce Damage Done by Strokes

Ohio State Researcher Finds Gene-Based Approach to Fight Fungus

UCLA Researchers: New Evidence for Novel Method of Cancer Metastasis

Laboratory Product Sales Opportunity: Early 2017 Pricing Ends Friday

Research at U Wisc-Madison May Make Botox Treatments Safer

UIC: New Treatment Option For Type 1 Diabetes Brings Research Funding

USC Receives $12M to Study Genetic Variants in Breast Cancer

UAZ Recieves Grant to Improve Bone Marrow Transplant Survival Rate

University of Wisconsin: Progress on Earlier Diagnosis of Alzheimer's

UAB Researchers Make Breakthroughs in Parkinson's Treatments

Columbia University's Irving Institute Receives $58.4M Research Grant

$23.5M Granted to Fred Hutch Researchers to Defeat HIV

OSU Researcher Creates Home Based Test Strips for Cancer and Malaria

UAZ Receives 2 Life Science Research Awards Totaling $54M

Biomedical Research and Medical Building News at UCSD

UCI Receives Prestigious Lab Designation for Infectious Disease Research

Duke Expanding Research Capabilities with New Medical Science Building

Research Lab Expansion at Rockefeller University

UCLA Life Science: Biochemists Convert Glucose Without the Help of Cells

New Research Facility Brings the Future of Medicine to Columbia University

Stony Brook Awarded $6 M NIH Research Grant for New Anti-fungal Treatment

$29M Core Grant Awarded to Alabama for Cancer Research Center

Construction of New $160M Cancer Research Building Underway at OHSU

$40M Bio Engineering Research Facility at MSU Now Opened

UMich Receives $17.5M Funding for Cancer Research

Fred Hutch Researchers Identify Biology-Based Treatment for Lung Cancer

University of Wisconsin-Madison Researchers Win Funding for Innovative Bioresearch

CU Anschutz Expands With Gates Biomanufacturing Facility

U of A Receives $1M in Research Funding to Help Stop Silent Killer of Women

$2.3M Project to Beat Downy Mildew Led by MSU Researchers

Cancer Fighting Antibody Created by Duke Researchers

UChicago and Evelo Biosciences to Develop New Cancer Immunotherapy

Research at UAB Leads to Potential New Treatment for Parkinson’s

Research Grant to UMass to Help Uncover How the Brain Works

Columbia University Researchers Identify Neurodevelopmental Syndrome

$8M Granted to Irvine Researchers for Q Fever Vaccine

Ohio State Researchers Link Stress to Memory Loss

Understanding Bacterial Growth Research at UMass

MSU Constructing New $15 Million Research Building

CU Anschutz Researchers Find Hormones From Breast Milk Contribute to Babies Gut Health

Researchers Invited to Attend UC Davis Medical Life Science Event

Total UC Davis Regenerative Medicine Funding Reaches $130 Million

NICHD Funds University of Alabama's Zika Virus Study

UMich Receives $9.2M for C. diff Research

UCSF Receives $185M Donation for New Neuroscience Research Institute

UCSF Researchers Find Zika Virus Linked to Microcephaly

Newly Renovated College of Dentistry Research Laboratory Open at UIC

Harvard Researchers Use Zebrafish to Observe Origin of Cancer Cells

Rutgers Scientists Find Link Between Antioxidant and Common Diseases

$1.2M Research Grant for Rutgers University to Study Bacteria

Berkeley Researchers Team Up for $7.5M Immunotherapy Initiative

New $305.4M Collaborative Research Building to Open at UMD Baltimore

Boulder Researchers Find Key to Skin Stem Cell Regulation

Harvard and Merck Partner for $20M Cancer Therapeutics Research

$9.5M NIH Grant Will Support "Superbug" Research at UCSD

Pitt Biomedical News: Military Medicine Research Center + VA Research Expansion

Colorado Researchers Make Breakthrough on Type I Diabetes

UPitt Researchers Use Gene Therapy to Treat Parkinson's Disease

UMass Researchers & Ebola: A New Treatment Strategy

Minnesota Research Shows Potency of Kava Against Lung Cancer

UC Davis Researchers Find Promising Treatment for Huntington’s

UCLA Receives $7.6M for Research on Tumor Eradicating Stem Cells

Duke Researchers Study Skin Regeneration with Technicolor Zebrafish

UMinn Science Researchers Find Possible Link: C-Sections & Leukemia

Thomas Jefferson Researchers Uncover Link Between Lung Cancer and Conserved Gene

Columbia University Increases Microbiome Research Potential

$5M Research Grant for UIUC to Make Sorghum a Sweet Source of Biofuel

Increasing Efficiency By Killing Lazy Cells at Washington University

Irvine Scientists Find Connection Between Alzheimer's and Inflammatory Cells

Funding News: Donor Awards $38.5 Million to UC Davis Medical Center

Philadelphia Researchers Identify Why Type 2 Diabetics Resist Insulin

UIUC Bioengineer Builds Better Bio-Bot

UMinn Opens New Microbiology Research Building

UIUC Scientists Understand Differences Amongst Brains

Test for Parkinson’s on the Horizon Due to Fox-Funded Research at UC San Diego

Learning From the Black Death at Cincinnati

New Translational Genomics Department Established at USC

UPenn Opens Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics

How African Frogs Help With Cancer Research at University of Rochester

UCSD’s Scripps Research Institute Receives Nearly a Million Dollars in Funding to Study Ocean’s Microbiome

MSU Biochemist Studies Obesity Paradox in Yeast

Baltimore Researchers Identify Dangerous E. coli Strains

New Faculty at the University of Rochester Medical Center

OSU Bioresearchers Develop Trojan Horse for Leukemia Cells

3D Printed Liver Tissue Leads to $30M NIH Bioresearch Grant for UCSD

$1.7M Awarded to Pittsburgh Researcher to Study Causes of Alzheimer's

"Moonshot" Leads to $2.6 Million Funding for University of Rochester

WUSTL Receives $60M to Research the Genetics of Common Diseases

Madison Cardiologist Grows Master Heart Stem Cell

UCLA Researchers Find Gene Mutation Key to Unlocking Mystery of Autism

$5M Donation to Boost Cancer Research at UChicago

Minnesota Researchers Produce Biofuel From Agricultural Waste

Rutgers Scientists Find Clue to Human Infertility in Roundworms

$10 Million Donation to UCLA Brings Hope to Migraine Sufferers

UM Professor Tells Cells to Regrow Bone

Studying Stem Cell Development at Rockefeller University

Portland Scientists Awarded $3M for Tuberculosis Vaccine Research

WUSTL Chemist Introduces Targeted Antibiotic In Response to Iraqi Superbug

Emory Scientist Receives $1.6 Million for Aging and Cancer Research

UCLA Receives $1M Donation for Lung Disease Treatments

Regenerating Bones at Michigan State University

Top Vet Schools Conduct Millions in NIH-backed Research in 2015

Cincinnati Research Targets Cancer's Fuel Gauge

$13.7M Awarded to St. Louis Researchers to Develop Multiple Myeloma Treatments

UCSF Granted $20M for HIV Research Institute

New Year, New Antibiotic Paradigm From UIUC

Philadelphia Researchers Produce GM1 Ganglioside to Treat Parkinson's

The Ohio State University Finds Bacteria That Eat Biocides, Produce Natural Gas

WUSTL Opens New Regenerative Medicine Research Center

Athens Scientist Granted $2.1M for Vitamin Research

Growing Personalized Leukemia Stem Cells at UW-Madison

Rockefeller Raises $20M for New Neuroscience Institute

UC Irvine Scientists Conducting Breakthrough Research to Combat Autism In 2016

UMN Graduate Students Win $10K Prize For Biodegradable Foam

7 Top UCSF Scientists Receive NIH Research Awards

Understanding Radiotherapy at Mt. Sinai

UMich Commercializes Novel, Life Saving Splints

$650M Expansion to Benefit Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center

UCSD Receives $30M from NIH for 4D Nucleome Research

Growing Fatter Tomatoes at Washington University

$1.5M Granted to TAMU Researcher from U.S. Dept. of Energy

Emory Researchers Find Anti-Cancer Potential in Lichens and Rhubarb

Protecting Against Global Warming With Pineapples

UCLA receives $4.2M from NIH to Study Placental Development

Duke Scientists Use Zebrafish to Fight Deadly Brain Infections

Ohio State Team Concludes Fat Preserves Coral Reefs

Rockefeller University Awarded $15M for Digestive Disease Research

Houston Researchers Identify Genes Involved in Rare Sézary Syndrome

MSU Group Builds a Better Toxin Receptor

NY Scientists Awarded $3.1M for HIV Vaccine Research

$2.3 Million Awarded to Florida Scientists for Huntington's Disease Research

Madison Bioengineer Develops Record-Breaking Phototransistor

$3.24 Million Awarded to UGA for Life Science Graduate Programs

UMich Study Defends Against Viruses With Bananas

$5.4 Million Awarded to Davis Scientists for Alzheimer's Research

Arizona Researchers Quicken Infection Diagnosis

WUSTL Team Unlocks Immune Potential

Using Cinnamon to Beat Cancer in Arizona

Stanford Scientists Develop New Diagnostic for Genetic Heart Disease

Restoring Hearing at the University of Cincinnati

USF Receives $2.7M for Preemie Gut Study

U of Utah to Open New $36M School of Dentistry Building

UAB Scientists Uncover TNT in Fight Against TB

UIUC Researchers Grow Extra Tumors

UCSD Researchers Make New Discovery in $12M+ Liver Study

Stanford Miniaturizes Optogenetic Biotech in Mice

Predicting Brain Tumors in Columbus

WSU Partners to Offer Genetic Cancer Screenings

Hypertensive Patients Benefit from Acupuncture, says UCI Study

Regrowing Nerves with 3D Printing at UMN

Fighting the Flu at Rockefeller U.

WSU Surpasses $1B funding Goal for FY 2015

MSU Team Discovers Natural HIV Inhibitor

Stony Brook Medical Researchers Highly Funded for Efforts

USF Granted $2.8M for “Chemo Brain” Study

WUSTL Researchers Lower Blood Sugar Without Insulin

USC Gifted $10M for New Bioscience Center

Slowing Cancer With Yeast At U-M

New Protein Study and New Funding at WSU

UCI Researchers Study “Seeds” of Huntington’s Disease

Discovering the Truth of Lazy Eye at UW

Military Backed Research Leads to Visionary UO Patent

WSU Researchers Illuminate new Options For Organics

Growing a Brain at Ohio State

UCSD Biologists find Harmony in Biofilm Communities

Illinois Researchers Engineer Artificial Ribosome

WSU Researchers receive $1.8M Leg up From NIH

Urbana-Champaign Duo Saves Bats With Yeast

Stony Brook Researchers Discover New Potential Antifungal Drugs

Designing More Efficient Photosynthesis at WUSTL

UCLA Researchers I.D. Tumor-Fueling Mechanism

OHSU’s $7.2M West Nile Vaccine Goes to Clinical Trials

MSU Researcher Weakens TB With Glaucoma Treatment

Cincinnati Researcher Awarded $1.8M to Further Breast Cancer Research

OSU receives $24.8M to Expand Marine Science Center

Madison Study Suggests Vegetarianism Starves Breast Cancer Tumors

Hutch Researcher Receives $12.9M for Immune Studies

UMichigan Researcher Finds Neurons Triggered by Sugar Stop Flies from Feeling Hungry

UMN Neurologist Treats Parkinson's With Electricity

Columbia Researcher Identifies New Gene Involved in Color Blindness

Madison Chemists Research How the Ocean Assists with Cloud Formation

University of Cincinnati Opens $6M Hybrid Operating Room

Rockefeller Researchers Make Advances with HIV Vaccine

Oregon State Researchers Develop New Polymer Dairy Thickener

UIUC Nanoparticles Evade Immune System

UCSD Researchers Set to Launch First Trials of Autism Drug

UChicago Researchers Use Spectroscopy to Understand How Virus Cause Their Own Death

Ann Arbor Research Team Pinpoints MicroRNA With Flourescence

Stony Brook's Research Facilities to Expand in 2016

$10M Donated to Ohio State to Establish New Center for Brain Health

WUSTL Team Blocks Brain Tumor Regeneration

UO Researchers Accidentally Illuminate New Biotech

Madison Researchers Study Estrogen's Role in Cervical Cancer

Pitt Researchers Associate Air Pollution with Autism Risk

MSU Entomologist Defends Bees From Smelly Parasites

Clinical Trials to Begin for Fred Hutch Researcher’s “Tumor Paint”

UCSD Gathers $7.6M for Ovarian Cancer Research

U.Wisconsin Researchers Develop New Material to Separate Oil from Water

Researchers at Fred Hutch Identify Cancer-Spreading Molecule

Wisconsin Researcher Wins Grant for Antibody Spray

UCI Researcher Granted $2.3 Million from NIH to Rejuvenate Brains

USC Pulmonary Receives $7.5M for New Bioresearch Center

U of Arizona Receives $1M Donation for New Cancer Center Building

WSU Researcher Receives $2M for Prostate Cancer Trials

Cleaning Oil Spills With Lotus Leaves at Ohio State

6 University Research Teams Receive $7.5M for Neuroscience Studies

OHSU Sets Sights on $3.3M in NIH Funding for New Biotech

UCI Receives $5M from NIAID to Advance New Blood Biotech

UIUC Geneticist Develops World's First Rust-Resistant Soybean

UPitt Researchers Study Broccoli for Cancer Prevention

UCSD Takes a Deeper Look at Autism with $7.8M+ in fMRI Bioresearch

Destroying Plaque With Enzymes at the University of Michigan

University Research Park Company Creates New Method for Treating Burns

UMass Harvests $1.5M from USDA for Food Science Bioresearch

Harvard Receives $1.1M in NIH Funds for Cancer Therapy Research

UCSF Bioresearch Unlocks NIH funding, New Understanding of Parkinson’s

WUSTL Team Finds Potential Treatment for Fragile X Carriers

UC Berkeley Collects $5.8M from NIH for Pathogen Research

UC Davis gets $10M in NIH Grants for Schizophrenia Research Center

Ohio State's New Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry Building Now Open

Mayo Researchers Develop New Predictor for Breast Cancer

Cincinnati Researchers Awarded $4.6M Grant For Intestinal Disease Study

UA Researchers get a Helping Hand from $6.1M Grant

UI Researchers Receive Big Funding for "Small" Chemistry

UCSF and OHSU Team Up to Tackle Childhood Leukemia

U.Cincinnati Receives $14 Million in Funding for Neuroscience Institute

Fighting Blood Clots With Hibernation at Minnesota

OHSU Isn't "Monkeying" Around, Gets $7M+ for HIV/AIDS

Duke Study brings NIH Malaria Funding to $2.6M

Berkeley Researchers Identify Birds Associated with Lyme Disease

Madison Bioresearcher Awarded $2.3 Million to Study Ovarian Cancer Movement

Wisconsin Researchers Fight the Common Cold

UPenn Study Reveals New Contributor to Colon Cancer

$5.5 Million Awarded to MN Institutions for Heart Disease and Cancer Research

TJU Researchers Team Up with NIH on $9.8M MRSA Collaboration

Over $4.8M in NIH Grants Awarded to Georgetown Cancer Research

OSU Researchers Give Tumor Cells a Fatal Overdose

$7.7 Million Awarded to Wisconsin Researchers for Sleep Disorder Study

UMass Researchers Hook nearly $1M for Research on the Hookworm Genome

Harvard Receives $.5M from NIH to Study Therapy for Vision Loss

$17.8 Million Awarded to the University of Minnesota to Support Materials Research Center

Saving Lives With Malaria Research at MSU

University of Colorado Bioresearchers Work to Make Cataract Surgery Safer and More Efficient

UNR Researcher Nets nearly $1.5M for Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Philadelphia Researchers Uncover 3,400 New miRNA Locations in the Human Genome

UW Madison Receives $8.3 Million to Establish Urology Research Center

Detecting Kidney Cancer Early at WUSTL

New Stem Cell Discoveries at Harvard

Pitt Researchers to Lead $14M Back Pain Study

UC Davis Researchers Focus on Biotech and Receive $4M Grants

Duke University Illuminates the Beauty of Yeast

Finding the Right Genetic Recipe at Ann Arbor

Colorado State Veterinarians Perform Radiation Treatment on 40-Year-Old African Penguin

New Lab Funding Awarded To UCSB For Research On Polycystic Kidney Disease

UCSF Receives $100M for Medical Centers, Research and Students

UPenn Researchers Study Cellular Therapy for Brain Cancer

Cincinnati Bioresearchers Repair DNA

Baltimore Bioresearchers Receive $10.7 Million for STD Research

UCLA Studies Radiation's Prevalence in Prostate Cancer Treatments

Colo. State Researchers are Attached to Leprosy Research

UCSB Gets a Handle on Stuttering with Two New Studies

Stifling Bacterial Communication in Minnesota

Minnesota Mayo Clinic Constructing $72M Hospital Expansion

UNR Receives $10M from NIH for Brain Research

Stanford Receives $50M Booster Shot from Gates Foundation

TJU Researchers Repurpose HIV Drug for Prostate Cancer

Making the Most of Manure in Madison

UCSB Researchers Participate in Initiative Awarded $1.9M

USC Receives $300k for Stem Cell Fellowships

Emory Bioresearchers Learn Why Many HIV Vaccines Cause More Infections Than They Heal

UPenn Bioresearchers Discover Possible New Anesthetics

UC Riverside Bioresearcher Awarded $1M for Mosquito Studies

Urbana-Champaign Team Receives Grant For Endometriosis Treatment

$25 Million in New Funding Donated to Washington University Genome Institute

New UMN Microbiology Research Facility (MRF) Under Construction With Expected 2015 Completion

Georgetown Bioresearchers Make Strides to Treat Prostate Cancer

Georgia Research Incites High-Performance Biofuel Solutions

Ohio State Team Prevents Heart Attacks With Gene Variation

Breakthroughs in Type 1 Diabetes at Emory University

University of Colorado Receives $1.5 Million for Bone Pathology Research

UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine receives $50M

UCSF Gifted $40M for Medical Center by "Angel" Investor

MSU Team Develops Social Media Platform...for Plants

New Chemistry and Chemical Biology Building at Rutgers University

New $81M Washington University Building on Track for 2015 Opening

Berkeley Continues to go “Green” in a $100B+ Industry

Mt. Sinai Receives $15M to Develop New Alzheimer's Research Center

UCI Bioresearchers Unboil Eggs

UGA and Emory Receiving $45 Million for Collaborative Research Projects

Duke Receives $5.9 Million for Genomics Bioresearch

UGA $98M Veterinary Medical Learning Center Preparing to Open in 2015

Georgetown Researchers Receive $1.2M for Neurodegenerative Disorder Research

UCSD Biologists Demystify Cell Division

SCAP Grant Awards go to several California Bioresearchers

UCSF Makes Lemonade, Receives $1.35M for Pediatric Bioresearch

Duke Researchers Awarded $15M to Study New Treatments for Brain Disorders

USC Bioresearchers Hope to Halt Cancer Growth

TMC Researchers Test Mushroom Extract to Beat HPV

UCLA Bioresearch Team Captures Cancer Cells in Bloodstream

Boulder Researcher Awarded $3.7 Million to Study Zinc in the Human Body

$18 Million to Renowned Columbia University Cancer Center, HICCC

Dirty Secrets about Hand Soap

Participate in Columbia University Lab Supply Marketing Event in March 2015

Turning on the Fat-Burning Gene at USC

Rutgers Has the Most Advanced Microscopes in the World

Largest Molecular Cage With Potential to Deliver Vaccines Developed At UCLA

Sugary Drinks may Cost you More Than You Think

Thomas Jefferson University Receives $110 Million Gift To Enhance Medical School

UC Team Reduces Antibodies to Aid Transplants

Emory Awarded $7.2M To Study Proteins Altered By Alzheimer's

Duke Researchers Use Tarantula Venom to Stop Cartilage Cell Death

Georgetown Researchers Leading $4.75M Study To Find New Drugs For Treating Malaria

Personalizing Cancer Treatment at Ann Arbor

USC Expecting New Biomedical Research Center in 2017

Columbia Researchers Use Printer To Repair Knees

UNR Receives $5.4M to Establish New Core Facilities To Help Research Smooth Muscle Plasticity

Columbia University Lab Supply Shows Now In March And September

Preventing Treatment-Induced Symptoms at WUSTL

UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay on Schedule and Under Budget

UMD Baltimore Creating New $15.2M Genome Center for Infectious Disease

Have Some Healthy Fats This Holiday Season

UC San Diego Engages in World Class Life Science Research

MSU Bioresearchers Discover Link Between Liver Cancer and Mold

UCSB Researchers Create Nanoparticles To Act Like Blood Platelets

New Neuro-Imaging Technique Developed at Rockefeller University

More Reasons to Consider Duke as Lab Product Sales Mecca

Arsenic Being Considered as a Cancer Fighting Tool

UCR Bioresearchers Unravel Secret of Gecko Feet

New Preemie Research Center To Open At UPenn

New UC San Diego Angioedema Research Center Now Open

Breakthroughs in Life Sciences with CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Tool

UMN Bioscientists Explore HIV Immunity

New Vaccine Manufacturing Facility Under Construction at Texas A&M University

With $3.2M NIH Bioresearch Grant, UC Davis Researchers Unravel Fragile X

UGA Awarded $18.8 Million in Funding to Study Impacts of Oil Spill on Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem

Mount Sinai Receives $1.5M in Lab Funding to Study Toxins and Fetal Development

Madison Bioresearchers Receive $390K For Ablation Breakthrough

Sell Lab Equipment in the Highly Funded San Diego Research Market

Rockefeller Researchers Work on Programmable Antibiotics

Houston Research Institutions Awarded $18 Million

$26 Million in Lab Funding For WUSTL Alzheimer's Clinical Trial

UIUC Life Science Researchers Accelerate Neuron Growth With Microtubes

BIG Opportunities to Sell Lab Equipment at Texas Life Science Marketing Events

Wessler receives McClintock Prize for her study of transposable elements

$3.5 million granted to UCSB for Sepsis Research

Algae To The Rescue

UCSF Bioresearchers Tap Into Potential of Unused DNA Bits

$5.8 Million Awarded to New Collaborative Program to Study Genes to Find New Drug Targets

Breast Cancer Research at U. Texas Finds Treatment for Recurrence

$200 Million Proton Therapy Cancer Treatment Center Nearing Completion at University of Maryland

Resurrection of 700 Year Old Virus Just in Time for Halloween

TMC Life Science Researchers Test "Chemo Brain" Drugs on Sea Snails

UC Davis Bioresearchers Illuminate Neurons With Tarantula Toxin

Emory University Receives $9 Million For Fragile X Syndrome Research

UA Tucson Receives $1.59 Million for Lymphoma Research

TAMU Receives $1.9 Million Grant for Tuberculosis Research

Columbia Researchers Identify Glioblastoma Gene

Increasing Infection Immunity by Inhibiting Inflammation at OSU

UT Austin School of Nursing Given $2.4 Million to Establish New Research Center

Redesigned Molecule at Washington University Leads to Better Treatments for Osteoporosis

New Complex Carbohydrate Training Program at UGA

UCSD Life Science Researchers Uncover the Benefits of Free Radicals

UT Austin in $17 Million Collaboration Researching Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Unlocking the Nanoparticle Vault To Kill Tumors at UCLA

USC Bioresearchers Find Tumor Suppressor In Human Retina

WSU Life Science Research Shows How Barley Weathers Tough Conditions

U.Utah Analytical Lab Findings on Mitochondria in Motor Neuron Disease

Science Researchers at UCLA Find Effective Treatment for Insomnia

Scientists Address Gender Biases in Life Science Research at U. Utah

WUSTL Microbiologists Zombify Bacteria to Fight Infection

Rockefeller Life Science Research Sheds Light on Special Immune Cells

Life Science Researchers at U. Utah Discover Leukemia Gene Mutation

Science Researchers at Texas A&M Investigate Collagen Fractals

The Top 5 Funding Facts To Know About UI Chicago

U. Alabama Analytical Lab Study Shows Lipid Count Impacts Parkinson’s

New Research Facility for Grain Studies at WSU Pullman Gets $5M Grant

Regenerating Ribs with Stem Cells at USC

The Top 5 Funding Facts To Know About UI Chicago

Life Science Researchers at Columbia Find Treatment for Hair Loss

Los Angeles Life Scientists Correlate Autophagy With Anti-Aging

WSU Pullman Scientists Shed Light on Two Prominent Health Problems

UT Austin Science Researchers Compare Physical and Emotional Pain

AIDS Vaccine Research at OHSU Funded by $25M from Gates Foundation Grant

Help SoCal Researchers Meet their Research Goals with your Products

Irvine Scientists Use Salmon to Cure Paralysis

Cancer Researchers at U.Texas Find Way to Trigger Cancer Cell Death

New Program in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Arizona

Inexpensive Malaria Drug Test Found at Oregon State University

Powering Circuits With Electric Bacteria at USC

Insulin Resistance and Drug Trials at Stony Brook

UCSD Researchers Developed New Method to Extract Blood Clots

UC Riverside Bioengineers Increase Biofuel Yield By 50%

Advanced Research Facilities Support Scientists at U. Arizona

UCSD Bioscientists Erase and Restore Memories

UCLA Receives more $ with $15M Life Science Grant

New Lab Building at Rockefeller University

Madison Bioresearch Group Sees Through Plant Eyes

$1.3M New Life Science Grant Awarded to University of Arizona

NIH Awards $2.7M in Life Science Funding to University of Utah

$1 Million Grant Awarded to UC Research Team for "Super-sunscreen"

U Alabama: Researchers Discovered an Improved Method to screen HPV

New Research Funding Spotlight: University of Texas, Austin

$7.2M in Life Science Funding for Genetic Disease Study Awarded to UCLA

New Research Building Opens With OHSU Life Science Funding

OSU Drug Explodes E. Coli

Life Science Funding Totals $3M at Oregon State in New NIH Grant

$3.1M in Life Science Funding for U. Oregon Zebrafish Database

Research Funding Spotlight: U. Wisconsin University Research Park

Life Science Grant Worth $8.1M Awarded to University of Alabama

Ann Arbor Biophysicists Find the Rhythm of Photosynthesis

Research Funding Worth $5.3M Awarded to UC San Diego

Researchers Track Memories in Progress at UO

UA: A Novel Treatment Discovered for Ovarian Cancer

OSU Received $200,000 for Treatment of Sepsis

Salmonella's Fatal Weakness Discovered at Ohio State

$2.7 Million Given to WSU for Basic Biological Research and Training

$10.3M in Science Research Funding Awarded to USC by NIH

Science Research Funding Allotted to Endowed Faculty at Stony Brook

UA Researchers Discover Treatments for Cytomegalovirus Reactivation

Cincinnati Bioresearchers Prove Harmful Effects of BPA Substitute

$1.6M in New Research Funding Raised for Cancer Research at UC Irvine

$2.4M Life Science Grant Awarded to Rockefeller Researchers

Two New Life Science Grants Awarded to UC Riverside Researchers

UT Austin Discovered A Therapy to Reduce the Growth Rate of Tumors

MSU Researchers Develops Water Striding Sensor

$10 Million Added to OHSU for Supporting Cancer Researchers

Cancer Database at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Helps Identify Omega-3 Fatty Acids as A Cause of Prostate Cancer

UCincinnati: A Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes in Mice may Help Humans

OSU Researchers Discovered Therapy for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Revolutionary Tumor-Targeting Molecule Developed at UW-Madison

New Laboratory Building Approved by NYC at Rockefeller University

A Total of $400,000 Grants Given to Two UW Researchers

New Life Science Grant Awarded to UCSD Neuroscience Researcher

$900M in New Funding Raised Through Campaign at WSU Pullman

Five Cincinnati Researchers Win Grants for Breast Cancer Research

Two New Medical Buildings Funded by $117M at Columbia

WSU Anthropologist Discovered Clues to First Americans

Life Science Grant Worth $5.1M Awarded to UCLA Researcher

UAB: A Renewed Cancer Center for Translational Research

Adjusting Autophagy at Ann Arbor

New Research Grant Worth $5.6M Awarded to USC

UT Austin Remains Active in Research in 2014

Science Research Funding Increases by $8M in 12 Months at UCR

New Life Science Grant of $7.5M Awarded to UC San Diego

$25M in Research Funding Established at Rockefeller University

MSU Microbiologist Builds Bacteria for Greener Biofuels

$60M Grant Will Build New Lab Space at Stony Brook University

$11M in Life Science Research Funding goes to Fred Hutchinson

UNR: A Novel Protein-Replacement Therapy discovered

University Research Park Poised For Massive Expansion

$6.3M in Research Funding Awarded to Columbia Research Lab

Utah Researchers Discovered Gene Variation in IFITM3 Associated With Kawasaki Disease

International Opportunity to Grow in Alabama

$10M Science Research Grant Awarded to University of Pittsburgh

A Holistic Approach to Blood Cell Isolation at Ohio State

New Research Building Receives $50M in Bioscience Funding at USC

Graduate Research Lab Scientists Rank 9th for NSF Awards at UC Irvine

UC Berkeley Bioengineers Receive Grant for Brain Tumor Research

A 30-year-old Problem in Breast Cancer Solved at Fred Hutchinson

Madison Bioscientists Design Deconstructable Trees

University of Cincinnati Lab Researchers Receive Grants For Studying Concussions

New Research Building Plans Announced at UC Riverside

UC Davis MIND Institute Receives $6.5 Million and Elite IDDRC Status

NJH Supporters Danced and Dined to Raise $6.1 Million

Mayo Clinic Releases Individualized Cancer Screening

Alzheimer’s Research Lab Scientists at UCSD Receive $12.5M

Duke Researchers Discover Fish Need Hugs Too

$10M Research Grant Goes to Duke for Antibacterial Resistance Studies

$2.7 Million Given to UCSF Researchers to Reduce Premature Births

Burning Fat at Squirrel Speed in Minnesota

Research Lab Science Advances under New Thomas Jefferson U. Vision

Corporate Funds Spur the Future Academic Innovation

New UPenn Research Campus in Development along Schuylkill River

WSU Received $1.5 Million Toward Lab Research of Hydrogen Sulfide

Ann Arbor Researchers Grow Neurons With Silly Putty

Investments in Infrastructure Ongoing at UColorado

Joslin Diabetes Research Center Opens at Longwood Medical: See Video

UPenn: An Expanding Laboratory Research Market

Urbana Researcher Contradicts on Cause of Heart Disease

Cincinnati Bioresearch Discovers Detoxifying Junk Food

UCSF is Teaming Up With Two Asian Global Companies

Fred Hutchinson Research Market gets $20M From Amazon's CEO Family

UPitt Will Receive $2 Million From the NIH for Human Cancer

Optimizing Photosynthesis at Urbana-Champaign

Recent NIH Post Doc Salary Increases

Penn Research Funding Dollars and Lab Sales Opportunities

Mayo Clinic Finds Genetic Instigator of IBS

UCLA Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Invitation

Harvard Marketplace Funding and Longwood BioResearch Event

NY Lab Product Sales: Target $1.5B Market Within 5 miles at 2 Spring Events

WUSTL Biochemist Seeks Naturally Occurring Antibiotics

Thomas Jefferson Lab Research Product Fair Moves on Campus

Colorado: New Lab Technologies on display at BioResearch Product Faire™ Shows

Chicago Researchers Delve Deeper Into Gene Manipulation

Los Angeles Science Product Sourcing Event Drives Lab Equipment Sales

7 Great Reasons to Grab One of the 7 Remaining Spaces at USC

Gearing Up for UI Urbana-Champaign Event: Register Now

10 Reasons for Lab Vendors to join Berkeley BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

UW-Madison Lab Develops Oil-Absorbing Aerogel

China Biotech Market Outpaces US Market

USC Researcher Receives $6M For Enzyme Related Cancer Research

Unraveling the Genes Behind Gum Disease at Ohio State

UCSF Leads Nation in NIH Funds + Recent Articles

10 Reasons to Consider Duke for Lab Sales

Biomolecule Imaging Enhanced by Graphene at UIC

Connect with Researchers at University of Nevada, Reno Life Science Event

Congrats UPenn Sloan Fellows + UPENN Research Networking Event

UIUC Has Biodiesel Production in the (Plastic) Bag

Life Science Funding Sponsors Innovative Research at UCSB

Lab Equipment Sales Soar as Researchers Find Solutions in Texas

$125M New Building Expansion at Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Two New Emory Research Buildings Are Under Construction

New $182.5M Facility at the University of Minnesota Underway

Showcase Your Scientific Equipment at Georgetown Event: Space Limited

New Research Building at Washington U. Targets 2015 Completion

MSU Researchers Discover Pollination Depends on a Single Gene

New Building at UGA Receives $44.7M in New Funding

Lab Equipment Sales: UC Davis Research Market Funding Fun Facts.

New Facility and Research Funding at Duke University

Programmable Cells at UMich

Gain Industry Knowledge by Attending USC Lab Product Expo

See New Research Products at WUSTL

Find New Lab Tools and Kit Supplies at UCSB

Releasing Malaria's Grip at St. Louis

Researchers Invited to UCSD Life Science Marketing Event

Researchers: Attend Georgetown Life Science Event

UIC Bioresearchers Present Possible Alternative to Insulin Injections

Researchers Invited to Attend Texas A&M Life Science Event

U.Mass Amherst Receives $4.8M in Alzheimer's Funding

Life Science Researchers Invited to Join Us at Emory Research Event

Multi-drug-resistant Cancers at Urbana-Champaign

UCSD Researchers Get CIRM Funding for Cancer Stem Cell Research

Madison Lab Report Shows Meditation Changes Genetic Expression

Researchers Invited to Attend UGA Life Science Marketing Event

New Stem Cell Grants Awarded to Two UCLA Researchers

Zebrafish Shed Light on Colon Cancer at Ann Arbor

UC Berkeley Researchers Develop New Imaging Technique for Cyanobacteria

Researchers Invited to Attend UCSF Life Science Event

OSU Life Science Researchers Link Concussions to Depression

Researchers: Attend Texas Medical Center Life Science Event

Foothills Campus Researchers Address Bioterrorism with $13.5M Grant

Alzheimer’s Research Market on the Rise at UCSB and Worldwide

WUSTL Bioresearchers Link Internal Clocks to Alzheimer's

Glaucoma Treatment Market Grows Within Texas Medical Center and U.S.

NIH Gives $3M in UC Davis Life Science Funding

$6.4M in Life Science Research Funding Awarded to Georgetown

UCLA Researchers Develop Cytometry Process to Diagnose Cancer

CU Anschutz Receives Record Breaking $772 Million in Private Support

UC San Francisco and QB3 Launch New Bioscience Incubator

Urbana-Champaign Bioresearchers Invent Green Supercapacitor

Stem Cell Research Receives Record $100 Million Donation at UCSD

Life Science Researchers at UCLA Use Nanotechnology to Fight Cancer

CU-Boulder Proposes Plan for $500 Million Life Science Building

UCI Researcher Uncovers New Information on Food-Borne Illness

UC Life Science Researchers Discover the Truth of Neonatal Infections

New Life Science Funding for Biophotonics Lab Equipment at Texas A&M

U of Arizona Scientists Working to Understand Nerve Cell Connections

New Life Science Funding Advances UC Berkeley Research Partnership

USC Receives $2.4M in NIH Funding for Alzheimer's Drug Testing

Stem Cell Research Thrives at UW Madison's Waisman Center

$6M in Life Science Funding Given to UCSD for Translational Sciences

Three Life Science Funding Awards Given to Columbia Reserarchers

$7.6M in New Life Science Funding at Mount Sinai

$8.5M in Life Science Funding Awarded to UNC Chapel Hill

Scorpion-Eating Mouse Inspires Anesthetic at MSU

New NIH Life Science Funding: $1.2M Awarded to Stony Brook

Rockefeller Researchers Discover Genetic Component of Dermatophytosis

$3.1M in NSF Life Science Funding Awarded to University of Utah

Harvard Brings Stem Cell Research Through Clinical Trials

Michigan Life Science Researchers Save a Life With 3D Printing

$47M in Life Science Funding Awarded to Duke Translational Medicine

$3.7M in Life Science Research Funding Awarded to U.Penn

New Life Science Funding: U. Pitt Receives $10.4M Grant

Breast Cancer Research Well-Funded Nationally: UNC Develops Test Kit

University of Cincinnati Researchers Build a Better Metal Detector

$2.8M in Life Science Funding Awarded to Georgetown University

Stem Cell Research Market Growing: Emory University Makes Contribution

Life Science Funding Worth $3.5M Awarded to Harvard University

$2.6M in Life Science Funding Awarded to Thomas Jefferson University

Green Lab Upgrades at UIC Save Money and Energy

$3.6M in Life Science Funding Awarded to Harvard University

New Medical Facility Breaks Ground at Columbia University

$2.9M in New Funding for Laboratory Sales Market at U. Georgia

New Life Science Funding: Two Grants Total $26M at Washington University

UW Researchers Discover Link Between Zinc and Alzheimer's

Medical Startups at UNC Chapel Hill Receive $80,000

$1.8 Million in Life Science Research Funding Awarded to Texas A&M

$4.6M in New Life Science Funding at University of Alabama

$1.2M in Life Science Funding Awarded to University of Arizona

OSU Researchers Develop Buggy Camera Lens

Life Science Funding News on our Company Blog

New Medical Facility Opens at the University of Pennsylvania

Life Science Research at UNC Investigates Septic Shock Pathway

Researchers Will Test Bird Flu Vaccine at Emory University

Michigan Life Science Researchers Pinpoint Rising Mercury in Fish

Life Sciences Research at Duke: BMP Doesn’t Cause Cancer

Life Science Research at U. Pitt Regenerates Mouse Heart

Life Science Market News Helps with Marketing and Sales

Harvard Researchers Discover Breast Cancer Predictor

Intestinal Microbes Curb Obesity at WUSTL

UAB Study Shows Ferritin Prevents Iron-Related Kidney Damage

U. Pittsburgh Researchers Develop Biomimetic Hydrogels

U. Penn Researchers Redesign Painkiller Receptor

Georgetown University Lombardi Cancer Center Receives $1.4M

Stony Brook Study Links Aristolochic Acid to Urothelial Cancer

Minnesota Bacteria Eat Chlorine Waste

U. Alabama Receives $2.2M for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Columbia Researchers Gain Insight on Age-Related Memory Loss

USC Researcher Discovers Promising Treatment for HIV-Related Cancer

Rockefeller Researchers Find Molecule That Causes Sunburn

UIUC Lab Work Shows "Bad" Cholesterol Can Be Healthy

Duke University Plans Cardiac Critical Care Unit Renovation

California Life Science Events Information Resource

Duke University Receives $1.3M Philanthropic Gift

Stony Brook Lyme Disease Vaccine Shows Promise in Clinical Trials

Georgetown Study Find Pre-Diabetes High in Alzheimer’s Cases

Freezing Out Tumors at the University of Cincinnati

University of Alabama Receives $5.1M NIH Grant

Georgetown Study: Probiotics May Protect Premature Babies

University of Arizona Researcher Awarded IMHR Pilot Grant

Rockefeller University Receives $2.3M NIH Grant

MSU Green Chemistry Finds Renewable Energy in Biowaste

Duke and UNC Receive $3.6M For Breast Cancer Research

University of Arizona Center Receives $1.6M NIH Grant

Rockefeller University Researcher Awarded $1M Grant

OSU Life Science Researchers Cultivate Cells with Nanowire Carpet

University of Utah Receives $2.5M NIH Grant

Stony Brook Center Receives $2M in Honor of Thomas Hartman

UAB Researchers Receive $3M Grant for HIV Research

UCSD Creates Efficient Model for Generating Human Stem Cells

Ann Arbor Bioresearcher Unlocks Potential of Chemotherapy

UNC Chapel Hill Receives $8M Grant

Columbia Study Identifies Drug Targets for Cancer

Georgetown Vaccine Cuts HPV Infections in Half

Ohio State Researchers Find Better Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

UIC Bioresearcher Speaks Bacterial Language, Wins Grant

UCSF Ranked 2nd for NIH Biomedical Research Grants

Oregon BioResearch Product Faire™ Events Expect High Attendance Rates

Columbia Study Identifies Alzheimer’s Gene in African-Americans

New WSU Research Building Will Allow Breakthrough Biomedical Research

U. Pittsburgh Researchers Find Improved Treatment for SAD

Ant Gardens Hold Secret to Biofuels at UW-Madison

Duke Researchers Identify Genetic Risk for Asthma

UGA Researchers Find Link Between 2 Proteins and Alzheimer’s

Harvard Researchers Identify SALL4 Cancer Gene Inhibitor

Georgetown Study Finds Cancer Drug May Prevent Parkinsons

St. Louis Researchers Earn Funds to Study Gene-Shifting Salamanders

UNC Researchers Make Advances in Histone Code Study

UC Riverside Gets Additional $15 Million a Year for Med School

MSU Researchers Find 2nd Binding Site for Pyrethroid Repellants

Washington Life Science Events Information Resource

Researchers at U of M Design Nicotine Vaccine

Thomas Jefferson University Study Finds Breast Cancer Molecule

Philadelphia Entrepreneurship Incubator Fosters Biotech Startups

Fred Hutchinson Researches Risk Reduction of Esophageal Cancer

UIUC Bioresearch Reveals Bugs in Bugs

North Carolina Study Compare Human and Canine Lymphomas

UPenn Study Finds Way to Aid Stem Cells’ Cartilage Formation

Washington University Plans New Medical Research Building

Center for Environmental Genetics at Cincinnati Wins $8.7M Grant

Michigan State University Study Detects Parkinson’s Earlier

University of Illinois Researches Drug Reactions in Animals

New University Lab Equipment Funding at Texas A&M

Bio Research Win: Supreme Court Rules Against Gene Patenting

UW-Madison Bioengineer Develops Solar Contact Lenses

University of Illinois Plans to Build $23M Biofuel Research Lab

Stony Brook University Receives $2.45M in State Research Funding

$1.9M in Research Funding Awarded to University of Utah

Irvine Bio Research Discovers Body Clock Key to Gut Immune Response

Malaria-Resistant Mosquitoes Bred at MSU

$50K in Research Funding Awarded to Oregon Health and Science

Life Science Solutions Funding: Duke Recieves $2M NIH Award

$2 Million Raised for Agricultural Center at Colorado State

San Diego Bioresearch Targets Tumors with Shapeshifting Nanoparticles

Cancer-Fighting Compound Found in Mediterranean Diet at OSU

U of Oregon Receives Research Grant for Global Health Development

WSU Team Tests Mycofiltration Biotechnology to Purify Water Supply

Cracking the Cancer Code at Ann Arbor

Green Life Science Solutions Popular at the University of Oregon

UPenn Research Breakthrough Finds New Role For ECMO

Regenerative Biology Scientists at USC Learn From Alligator Teeth

WUSTL Bioresearch Saves Self-Destructing Axons

New Biotech Funding in North Carolina

Biotech Sales Leads Abound in Boston

UCSF Stem Cell Research Advances with Brain Cell Mouse Transplants

Minnesota Researchers Discover Microbial Electron Traders

Life science funding creates opportunites and growth in Massachusetts

Life Science Marketing Events Following Columbia Breakthrough

Austin Alcoholism Research Breakthrough Identifies Key Brain Protein

University of Illinois Illuminates Brain with Miniature LEDs

University of Georgia Receives $3M for Bioenergy Research

Harvard University Receives $50M Gift

New Pharmacy Research Building Opens at University of Utah Medical Center

Stem Cells Restore Memory at the University of Wisconsin

University of Pittsburgh Researchers Receive $5M NIH Grant

UPenn Announces New Institute for Biomedical Informatics

Columbia University Medical Center Receives $20M Gift

Georgetown Cancer Research Links High Estrogen Levels in Womb to BRCA1 Silencing

Cancer Immunotherapy Thriving at University of Cincinnati

UCSD Research Lab Invents Biomimetic Nanosponge Disguised as Red Blood Cell

Hutch Cancer Research Center and UW Recruit Top Neuroscientist to Seattle

MSU Research Shows Fish Oil Can Increase Immunity

Green Chemistry Synthesis Uses Mechanics Rather Than Solvents

Human Stem Cell Mechanisms Better Understood by UNC Chapel Hill Study

Emory University Physician Honored for Cancer Research

$5.3M in New NIH Funding for UCLA and UCD Autism Research Centers

Biochemicals From the Deep Target Tuberculosis

Emory University Hospital Allows Public Cord Blood Banking

Research Funding for Peanut Studies Increases in Georgia

Michigan State University Awarded $108.2M in Research Funding

UC Berkeley at the Forefront of Synthetic Biology Research and Debate

Tiny RNA Segment Plays Large Role in Tissue Development

San Antonio Lab Research Team Gets $1.86M Award to Probe Secrets of Mediterranean Diet

UNC-Chapel Hill Ranked in First Place for Primary Care

Cell Engineering Wipes Out Leukemia in Translational Research Triumph

UM Research Shows Stress Causes Tadpole Tail Growth

California to Spend $32M on Stem Cell Research Biobank

University of Cincinnati Awarded $83M in Research Funding

New LEED Certified Duke Cancer Center Opens

Oregon State Food Science Research Turns Wine Grape Pulp to Profit

HIV Stung by Bee Toxin at WUSTL

CUMC Scientist Wins $100K Neuroscience Prize for Nervous System Research

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: $326.3M in Research Funding

Life Science Sales Market Thriving in North Carolina

Young Scientist at UCSD Awarded $1.6M for Risky Q-Biology Research

Research at UIUC Uncovers a Stem Cell Parasite

Pitt Cell Biology Research Uncovers Mechanism to Stop Cancer Spread

Emory University Gets $10 Million in Breast Cancer Research Funding

Pediatric Cancer Research at UCSF Gets $1.75M from Lemonade Stand

Madison Lab Detects Alzheimer's Early

University of Wisconsin-Madison Receives $335.9M in Research Funding

UNC-Chapel Hill Starts Construction on Brain Injury Research Center

Philadelphia Science Researchers Say Blood Plasma Is Thicker Than Water

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