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Rutgers receives over $55 Million in Grants this Year

Posted by Andrea Inks on Mon, Dec 03, 2018

Recently Rutgers and The University of Pennsylvania researchers received an $18 million grant to be shared, which will examine the effects of tobacco on public Health. This grant, which is an extension of an earlier grant, will provide data that can protect public health and discover regulatory science issues related to tobacco control.


The funding was awarded from the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health. The research it supports is part of the ongoing interagency Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science established by the FDA and NIH to study tobacco. The center is focused on the effects of advertising, packaging, and labeling have on perceptions, use, and exposure of cigarettes and other tobacco products.


Psychological responses to use patterns and exposures all come in to play with tobacco advertising. Marketing and labeling contribute to risk and product expectations.

The Penn and Rutgers team will focus on four primary projects:

  • Assessing smoking behaviors, psychological responses, and biological effects
  • Analyzing low-nicotine cigarette advertising and novel tobacco product marketing
  • Examining how packaging of cigarillos [short, narrow cigars that are wrapped in tobacco leaves] with varying colors, graphic designs, descriptors, and warning labels
  • Looking at the effect of cigarette descriptors

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The NIMH Center for Collaborative Genomic Studies on Mental Disorders was given 2 grants totaling $9.9 Million to further the understanding of the genetic and environmental etiologies of mental disorders. IMG_0166

The goal of the NIMH, National Institute of Genetic Health &HGI, Human Genetics Initiative is to further the understanding of genetic and environmental etiologies of mental disorders. The NIMH Center provides research and resources that will help to enable researchers to pinpoint the causes of mental health which will result in new understandings and curative methodologies.

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