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UPitt: Breaking Ground on 3 New Hospitals in 2019

Posted by Ashley Adams on Wed, Mar 27, 2019

The University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC) is investing $2 billion in the construction of 3 new hospitals that are scheduled to break ground early this spring.

The UPMC Vision and Rehabilitation Hospital, UPMC Heart and Transplant Hospital as well as the UPMC Hillman Cancer Hospital will be “hospitals within hospitals” on the existing campuses of UPMC’s Mercy, Shadyside and Presbyterian facilities. UPitt Researchers, clinicians and faculty are looking to a technologically enhanced future where thinking unconventionally and pushing limits will be the norm. Translating research into new and innovative treatments is hoped to bring about the best possible outcomes for patients. Top tier patient care that is technologically driven is going to be the number one priority at each of these new facilities.

640px-WUSTLKnightThe UPMC Vision and Rehabilitation Hospital is going to be 410,000 sq. ft and will feature nine stories of both clinical and research space. Interactive healing centers as well as mock apartment and street labs are in the plans for construction so that patients can be taught critical life skills through real life simulations. This facility will also feature exam rooms, therapy stations, a central gym and a roof top garden.

The UPMC Hillman Cancer Hospital will be a 240,000 sq. ft, eight story inpatient tower and 160,000 sq. ft, four story outpatient care center. This facility will showcase a healing space full of the most innovative technologies and clinicians plan to focus heavily on the utilization of technologies that allow for ease of patient access, pertaining to both their individual prognoses as well as treatment plans. This hospital is being designed with automation in mind and robots will be used for the delivery of critical medical supplies.

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The UPMC Heart and Transplant Hospital is going to be the largest of all three hospitals, spanning just shy of 1 million sq. ft and soaring eighteen stories tall. This facility plans to take a transformative approach to hospital-based care providing a serene and healing environment. The entry, public circulation, clinical waiting areas, staff and visitor service zones as well as patient floors are going to overlook a terraced garden hospital park. Patient rooms are going to be private as well as digitally optimized. This hospital plans to train the first generation of physicians that will utilize “holodeck” artificial intelligence technology into patient care.

In addition to being highly innovative, the University of Pittsburgh is a nearly $1 billion marketplace and is ranked 16th in the nation for total R&D Expenditures.


- $939.7M in total R & D

- $789M Life Science Research & Development Expenditures

- Ranked #16 in the nation for Total R & D Expenditures

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