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Proctor & Gamble to Give $10 Million to Cincinnati Cancer Center

Posted by Rebecca Inch-Partridge on Tue, Apr 10, 2018

Proctor & Gamble will give to give $10 Million to support research and outcomes at Cincinnati Cancer Center (CCC), a collaboration of the University of Cincinnati (UC), UC Health, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The gift will fund recruitment and research enhancements that will assist with the center’s pursuit of achieving the designation of Comprehensive Cancer Center from the National Center Institute.

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Why Comprehensive Cancer Center Designation Matters

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is part of the National Institutes of Health. Receiving Comprehensive Cancer Center designation from the NCI, gives centers greater access to the institute’s many resources and programs. These include:

  • A national network of cancer centers.
  • Research grants, as well as coordination and support of research projects conducted by universities, hospitals, and research foundations.
  • Career awards, training grants, and fellowships to supports education and training for participation in basic and clinical research programs relating to cancer
  • Supports research projects in cancer control.
  • Collaboration with voluntary organizations and other institutions engaged in cancer research and training activities.
  • Construction grants for the building of laboratories, clinics, and related facilities necessary for cancer research.

NCI designation represents the gold standard of cancer research, treatment, and prevention. Out of the 1,500 cancer centers in the U.S. only 60 are designated as National Center Institutes. They are the hubs for cancer research, receiving a greater share of federal funding and having access to more clinical trials for patients.

“Across our institutions, our clinicians, researchers and staff are already engaged in groundbreaking work against cancer,” said William Ball, MD, senior vice president for health affairs and dean of the UC College of Medicine, in an article for UC Foundation News. “NCI-designation will allow them greater access to research opportunities and collaborators, which will enhance their efforts to discover new cures and make them available to our local community. With P&G’s partnership, I am confident we will continue to make significant advances against cancer for our community and region.”

The Cincinnati Cancer Center was established in 2011. It focuses on four areas of research: cancer cell biology, cancer epidemiology prevention and control, genomic integrity, and hematologic malignancy and therapy. During multi-year application process for NCI designation, the CCC will continue its innovative research with the aim of understanding the causes of cancer and its impact from the cellular to the environmental level.

The gift from Proctor & Gamble will fund recruitment and hiring of researchers at the CCC, which currently employs 800 individuals--including faculty, research professionals, physicians and staff.

The urgency of achieving NCI designation reflects both the increasing share of research dollars going to NCI-designated centers, and the heavy impact of cancer on the Tristate region. The American Cancer Society estimates more than 130,000 people in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana received a cancer diagnosis this year.

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