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University of Cincinnati’s Impressive History of Groundbreaking Research

Posted by Dale Collins on Fri, Apr 05, 2019



The University of Cincinnati, founded 200 years ago, has an impressive history of innovation. The following medical discoveries from the School of Medicine have touched many lives throughout the years and researchers are constantly looking for new technologies to accomplish their goals faster and more efficiently. These are just a few historical medical discoveries the University participated in:

  • Development of the first live, attenuated Polio vaccine
  • Developed the world’s first functional heart/lung machine
  • Development of NovoSeven, for the treatment of brain hemorrhage caused by stroke
  • Developed the popular antihistamine marketed as Benadryl
  • Identified a protein that was both vital for lungs to operate and lacking in babies born early, which led to treatment for immature lungs and respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants
  • Invented a test to measure how well a person can detect an odor, which in turn can flag brain damage early in the progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases
  • The first emergency medicine, physical medicine, and rehabilitation residency programs in the United States
  • First in the United States to introduce a family practice residency program or “family doctor” to U.S. health-care delivery
  • Opened the country’s first medical laser laboratory
  • Discovered that the drug ketoconazole made cyclosporine work more effectively in lowering the amount needed to prevent rejection of a transplanted organ

Their history of breakthroughs is apparent by the list of achievements above. Backed by their $350M in life science funding each year, the University of Cincinnati is going to keep putting forward amazing and life changing discoveries. The University’s newest groundbreaking research, led by a team from the College of Engineering and Applied Science, involved tiny sweat sensors that are developed to track a person’s health over time. These sensors could track the body’s hormones and biochemistry, similar to what a blood sample would provide, and would be life changing for those with chronic diseases and organ-transplants.

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