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New York Virtual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event April 21-22, 2021

Posted by BCI Staff on Tue, Apr 20, 2021

New York BioResearch Product Faire™


Virtual Event: Wednesday and Thursday, April 21-22, 2021

Attendance is free for science professionals.


Click on the button below on 04/21
from 10am - 3pm to enter virtual event

 04/21 show closed 


Click on the button below on 04/22
from 10am - 3pm to enter virtual event


Enter Columbia U Virtual Event

Enter New York U Virtual Event





Attend event and meet with life science company representatives:

  • Find new lab products
  • Discover improved analytical equipment
  • Learn about new research techniques
  • Network with other researchers and outside science professionals
  • Publish your work faster

New York University has formed a collaborative partnership with Columbia University and Takeda Pharmaceutical, to advance gastroenterology research platforms, with the goal of developing new therapies.

  • 2018 Total R&D Expenditures: $887.6M
  • Ranked 24th in R&D Expenditures
  • 2018 Life Science R&D Expenditures: $609.7M
  • 2020 Total NIH funding: $406.9M


Exhibitors: If you are interested in marketing your life science solutions and increasing scientific product sales at life science marketing events closer to home, we encourage you to view our virtual events:

Click Here for the 2021 Event Schedule

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