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2020 Researcher Events: Special Pricing Program in Effect

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Sep 05, 2019

Sell More Lab Products in 2020 at top  funded universities  with Summer Special Pricing Program

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. is extending our 2020 Summer Special Pricing to our new and current customers to help them stretch their budgets for the 2020 marketing year. The summer promotion provides reduced pricing, great exhibit placement and increased availability of packages and programs of the 2020 year


This year, we are offering even more opportunities to increase lab supply companies' sales in life science communities nationwide. So act now to enjoy these following benefits before this Summer Special Promotional Period ends on September 20, 2019.

• Best Prices moving forward:

Summer pricing is competitive and as much as 25% below the early or standard pricing offered later in the year. The summer special also offers exclusive lead information - see complementary  mailing list below.

• Complementary Extended Mailing List:  

This mailing list includes complete contact information for the researchers in attendance who opted in to receive vendor information, incorporating e-mail addresses, departments, buildings, lab managers, and other valuable contact information. Our staff checks each list for accuracy and gathers any missing information. Our extended mailing lists are the most complete and accurate lists available in this niche marketplace 

• Priority Placement: 

Since we offer first-come, first-served exhibit space assignments, companies who purchase during this registration period, exhibitors will receive space assignments with the best visibility near the entrance, catering, or their preferred table placement.

• Availability: 

Through Summer Special Pricing, take advantage of first come first served access to all of the top markets we serve. Many of these niche market events have extremely limited availability and sell out quickly. 


Companies will benefit from the following in 2020:

•Take part in an estimated  $35 Billion research funding marketplace at the top university and research institutions nationwide.

•Interact with over 10,000 researchers including 4,000 decision makers and over 11,000 end-users who recommend products and brands.

•Take advantage of company branding with over 500,000 corporate print impressions annually with increased pre-show print and extend your reach further with electronic publicity programs.

•Benefit in continued participation from 2,330 university departments and over 1,400  research buildings.

We are very excited to bring you more events, greater brand exposure, more face-to-face marketing opportunities, and added value in every event package we provide. No other company comes close to bringing you the level of quality, service, and value that we do while helping you build your brand and access your target markets.

We encourage you to place your orders for 2020 quickly since our customers see excellent sales results from participating in these event year after year and many shows will sell out quickly. 

We look forward to partnering with you to make your 2020 a year of success and growth!

Remember to register by September 20, 2019 to take advantage of this special offer.

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