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UCSD:  Life Science Professionals Invited

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Apr 13, 2020

The BioResearch Vendor Showcase™ Event

August 27, 2020

University of California San Diego

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San Diego: $1.35 Billion Research Marketplace, Record Breaking Year

Network with and educate this audience of extremely well funded scientists seeking new research tools and equipment . UCSD is a giant in the global research industry, ranking 5th nationally in sponsored research. This past fiscal year, the campus received a record $1.35 Billion in research funding to conduct research, create technologies, and develop life saving therapies that benefit communities around the globe.

Find new lab products, improved analytical equipment, and learn about new research techniques.

Our life science biotechnology events boast a wide range of relevant and high quality vendors to ensure that you find the products you need to meet your research goals. At this event, you and your colleagues will find industry professionals and the newest lab technology available.

Network with other researchers and outside science professionals.

  • Meet other researchers from across campus to explore research concepts and get new ideas
  • Connect with industry professionals to get answers to you research technology questions
  • Establish new contacts and maintain and grow existing professional relationships

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August 27, 2020

University of California, San Diego

Total R&D Expenditures: $1.26 Billion

Total R&D Funding : $1.35 Billion

Total Life Science Funding: $761 Million

NIH Funding: $488 Million

$24 Million received as part of the Precision Medicine Research Consortium, for national health research.


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