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University of Illinois at Chicago: Reaching for NCI designation by 2021

Posted by Dianna Matyola on Wed, Apr 24, 2019

The University of Illinois Cancer Center, the only public-university based cancer center in Chicago, is pursuing designations from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a branch of the National Institutes of Health. The prestigious designation would mean increased financial support from the NIH, resulting in more opportunities for researchers as well as an economic benefit for the entire community.

Achieving this NCI designation is exceptional- there are currently only 70 NCI-Designated Cancer Centers in 36 states. It takes several years 376px-UICUniversityHalland requires a complex selection process for a cancer center to obtain the title. The University of Illinois aims to succeed and become the third cancer center to reach this status in the state of Illinois. With an intended goal of completing designation by 2021, this would place the University among the best cancer centers, increasing their ability to support research and improve the lives of those with cancer. 


The University announced that it has been taking steps towards this goal through hiring top talent, with an intention of bridging the gap between the UIC laboratory research and the work happening in the hospital.


The University of Illinois Cancer Center is part of the University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System. This September, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. is hosting its 20th annual BioResearch Product FaireTM event at the University of Illinois at Chicago and researchers dedicated to find breakthrough solutions to major health concerns will be attending.


If you are a laboratory supplier that sells products or services that could help these university researchers achieve their goal of becoming one of the top three cancer centers in Illinois, consider reserving exhibition space at one of these events. In this academic setting, exhibitors are able to demonstrate their products or services and educate researchers and purchasing agents on the best and most technologically advanced laboratory supplies.

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University of Illinois, Chicago: September 13th, 2019

Exhibit at UI Chicago


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