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U of Michigan Cancer Center gets $150 million gift

Posted by Gloria Beverage on Wed, Jul 11, 2018

A $150 million gift to the University of Michigan will boost Michigan Medicine’s cancer research efforts, enabling the school to attract researchers from around the world as well as develop the next generation of researchers. The gift from alum Richard Roger and his wife, Susan, is one of the largest in the university’s history. In recognition of their many years of giving and service, the Comprehensive Cancer Center was renamed the Rogel Cancer Center by the U-M Regents in March.



(Richard and Susan Rogel courtesy of University of Michigan)

The Rogels have a personal interest in boosting cancer research. Richard Rogel’s father died of pancreatic cancer. Susan Rogel also lost her parents to cancer; five years ago, her 50-year-old daughter, Ilene, died from an aggressive form of lung cancer. With few treatments available to help Ilene, Richard Rogel stated in an article in Michigan News that “it made us want to do more to help with the fight against cancer.”

Richard Rogel believes the University is the best place to invest. “I call Michigan ‘Collaboration U’ because so many different units work together to solve problems,” he stated. “We have the advantage of 97 graduate departments rated in the top 10 in the country. Putting all this brain power and excitement together is going to help us find a cure for cancer.”

The university has maintained a strong organizational commitment to research, ranging from innovative, collaborative investigation in the laboratory to the development of integrative therapies for patients. As a result, the cancer center will benefit from expertise in a wide range of areas, including the College of Engineering.

According to the university's website, “Collaborations with engineering have allowed for the development of nanotechnology for clinical applications, such as ejected devices for therapeutic injections. Another collaboration with engineering researchers includes high-intensity ultrasound that can be used for less invasive cancer treatments.” 

Other cancer research efforts underway on campus include:

  • The Michigan Medicine Clinical Pathology facility, a recently completed 139,000-square-foot facility, will allow thousands of doctors to diagnose or track their patients’ diseases, plan treatment and monitor their care. 
  • In the School of Dentistry, clinician-scientist Nisha D’Silva will continue her research into head and neck cancer with the support of a $8.1 million grant awarded in 2017 by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. 
  • Alternative therapy guidelines for breast cancer patients developed by Rogel Cancer Center researcher Suzanna M. Zick were endorsed in June by the Society of Integrative Oncology. Zick’s guidelines aim to help patients determine what alternative therapies (meditation and yoga) may relieve the side effects of treatment.
  • The University’s School of Public Health has established a Center for Cancer Biostatistics, which will involve collaboration between faculty, staff and students and the Cancer Center. Collaboration projects include work on prostate, lung, colon and breast cancer. 

The Rogel Cancer Center has been ranked No. 12 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report and is in the top 10 of research funding from the National Cancer Institute. 

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