Life Science Company and Industry News Briefs

Southern USA: 2020 Research Networking and Lab Sales Events

Texas A&M Event: Great Leads, Big Money

Exhibit at NorthEast Laboratory Product Events

Duke:  Science Sales and Marketing Event

Johns Hopkins $2B Research Marketplace

U. Utah: Increase Laboratory Product Sales in This Top Ranked Marketplace

Texas A & M Researchers: Find New Lab Supplies in January 2020

Annual BioResearch Product Faire Event: University California, Irvine

Alabama Life Science Event Coming soon

Meet Hundreds of Alabama Researchers This Fall

Texas Medical: Laboratory Product Sales

This Week: UCSD Vendor Event in San Diego

Arizona: Rich Science Marketplace

Columbia U: $608M R&D, Upcoming Event

USC & UCLA: Two Very Successful Shows

Oregon, OHSU : Last minute exhibit space at sell out event now available

Upcoming $800M USC Event: Early Registration in Effect

Event at Ohio State University, Columbus Features New Lab Gear

Congrats UCLA:  $10M Gift for Stem Cell Research

University of Illinois Cancer Center is pursuing designation from the National Cancer Institute

Invitation: UCSD Research Event in San Diego

The MART Building Including New Cancer Center at Stony Brook

Columbia Precision Medicine Initiative & Upcoming Science Event

Sell Lab Products to Northern California Markets

Science Event Invitation at Duke

New York; Early Pricing Special Available on Exhibit Space

NorCal Testimonials: 3 Consecutive Shows, $3 Billion in R&D

UMichigan: New Wet and Dry Lab Building, Now Open

UC San Diego: $2 Billion Fundraising Goal

University of Colorado: Fast Funding Facts and Upcoming Lab Sales Event Information

Don't Miss Our Event at DukeU! $950M in Life Science Funding

Why Sell Lab Supplies at UMass Amherst?

NorCal Events - 3 Shows Back-to-Back

Midwest Life Science Over $5 Billion in Research

University of Wisconsin: Be Part of the $1.2 Billion Market; Ranked 6th in R&D Funding

UC Davis Recognized as Research Powerhouse; Early Pricing Special Available on Exhibit Space Until April 9th, 2019

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - Science Event Invitation

Boost Lab Equipment Sales in the Northeastern Region

Washington University Science Event Invitation

Kansas University Medical Center Event Invitation

Meet Science Ph.D.'s Easily at Three Separate $1 Billion Research Universities

New Jersey Researchers Invited to Science Meeting at Rutgers

Win an Exhibit Space at One of These Well Funded Institutions

All of Us Pennsylvania (at UPitt)

USC & UCLA Fast Funding Facts and Upcoming Lab Sales Events

“I Will Definitely Do This Show Again”

Invitation to The University of Utah, Salt Lake City Science Event

University of Georgia, Athens Science Event Invitation

So Cal Researchers Invited to Science Meeting at UCLA

Research Professionals Invited to UCSD, UC Riverside

Cincinnati: $68 Million Neuroscience Headquarters

UCSD: Co Leaders, in $1.455 Billion “All of Us” Program

Texas Medical Center: "I will be doing this show again next year"

Trials Have Begun at UMN Medical School for Promising New Brain Cancer Treatment

Increase Lab Equipment Sales in the Northeast in 2019

Life Science Research Event in Kansas City

University of South Florida, Tampa: Spending over $300M in Life Science Research

Sell More Lab Products in 2019

Cincinnati: Expanded Lab Space Coming Soon

University of Alabama: Opportunities for Lab Suppliers

UCLA Lab Sales: Supported by over $1Billion Funding

Recent Academic Funding News Updates

Summer Midwest Events Spell Profits for Lab Suppliers

UCSD ranks as one of the top research universities globally

U Pittsburgh: Research Market News

U Michigan: New Construction

University of Cincinnati Lab Sales Event 2018

UC Davis Researchers Breed Organic Beans

University Of Illinois Scientists Win $10.6M Grant For Biofuel Research

Duke University Biotech Entrepreneurs Sell Startup For $30 Million

UMass Amherst: Thriving Institute & Bio Research Programs

Longwood: Boston's Laboratory Research Community

UC Davis Current Projects, Funding, Events 

Increase Lab Sales with Science Market Updates

Exhibit at U C Davis for Less

Lab Equipment Companies are Invited to Demonstrate New Products at UC Davis

10 Recent Science Market Update Posts to Keep You Current

UC Davis Upcoming Event Plus Currently Funded Projects

Jefferson University: List of Current Research Projects

Research Product Exhibit Space Drawing March 30

See over $1Million Potential Sales at These Science Vendor Shows

Why Sell Laboratory Supplies at CU Anschutz, Denver?

Target UCSD for Equipment Sales at Upcoming Vendor Event

UCLA excellent venue for Lab Sales

Sales Opportunity: UMichigan $1.48 Billion R&D

Lab Equipment Sales: Start Your First Quarter Running!

Pennsylvania 2018 Events Coming Soon

Top Vendor Shows in Midwest: 2018 Line Up

UCLA Opportunities for Life Science Product Marketing?

Duke: $103M New Research Building

Increase Life Science Lab Equipment Sales at Rutgers

Increase Laboratory Equipment Sales in Georgia

Thomas Jeff U & Phily U  joined: forming New "Jefferson U".

Budget Spent? Got Lab Equipment?

Sell Life Science Lab Products at Athens Marketplace

Selling Lab Equipment? 10 Recent Funding Articles

Florida Event opens $300M Marketplace to Lab Suppliers

16 Funding Reasons to Exhibit Lab Equipment at Duke

UPenn, Philadelphia BioResearch Product Faire™

Review Science Market & Company Posts

TMC: "I will be doing this show again next year"

Sell More Scientific Supplies at U Georgia Event

Texas A&M University Laboratory Product Sales

10 Recent Funding and Facility Highlights

UC DAVIS Event : Vendors and Researchers Give Accolades

Washington University : One of the Strongest Research Institutions in the Nation

See Recently Published Global Events

Recent Funding and New Building Updates

New Scientific Research Buildings in Arizona (UAZ)

Targeting Life Science Research Markets in California?

Texas: Worlds Largest Medical Center Is Expanding

Reminder: 2018 Summer Release Ends Friday

U.S. Scientific Product and Equipment Shows for Lab Suppliers

Sell Lab Equipment: UC San Francisco Ranked #1

Sell more lab products in Alabama :“Excellent Attendance from All Across Campus”

2018 shows now available

TMC Houston: 56 Institutions & 8 Million Patients

University of Wisconsin, Madison BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

New Construction Could Mean Big $ at UAZ

Chicago Science Research Event Coming Soon

Sell Lab Equipment at Michigan Event

Fall in NY: Gain Access To $2B in Research Spending

USC: $700M research and upcoming Lab Product Event

Meet Chicago Area Researchers Looking for New Lab Tools

UCSD Lab Research Event: 5 Spaces Left

U W Madison: $1B Active Research Market

Alabama: $29M for 6 Cancer Programs

Looking for Lab Research Answers at Pittsburgh?

Lab Vendors invited to Amherst BioReseach Product Event

Vendors Invited to Increase Lab Equipment Sales at Utah Event

More Lab Sales, Enter Drawing For On Site Publicity

Northwest: Sell Scientific Lab Equipment In WA State

Target California's Top Funded Research Markets for Increased Scientific Lab Product Sales

Laboratory Equipment Suppliers Invited to Ohio Events

UCSF: Abundant Funding, Research, and Lab Product Sales

Robust Funding: Lab Sales at Harvard/Longwood Event

MSU "I had over 100 people visit my booth and ..."

Enjoy Brisk Lab Product Sales in Madison's Rich Research Market.

No Sweat Lab Product Sales in Chicago

Meet with Midwest Life Science Researchers

NY Researchers: Discover New Lab Equipment at Scientific Product Events

UCSD Current Research Projects and Upcoming Lab Product Show

UWisc Life Science Backed by $1B in Annual R&D

USC: 5 Star Research Marketplace

Upcoming Science Sales Events: Early Savings

Increase Laboratory Product Sales in Pennsylvania

Sell Science Lab Equipment at UMass: $150M New Institute Opens

General Lab Supply Science Events Held in the Midwest this Spring

Sell More Lab Products at Rochester Vendor Fair

Lab Research Products Wanted at UPENN

Massachusetts Scientific Vendor Shows: Save 17% This Week

Sell More Lab Tools this Spring at Research Vendor Shows

Find Leads at Berkeley

Meet Top Scientists at Utah Vendor Fair

Rutgers: Sell Lab Research Products at Vendor Show

Laser Equipment Vendors Invited to Exhibit at Select University Photonics Events

Increase California Lab Product Sales: Vendor Fair Promo

Sell More Chemistry Tools, Equipment and Supplies at UCLA Event

UGA: Sell More Lab Supplies at Georgia Life Science Event

Researchers Invited to meet Lab Equipment Vendors at Midwest Scientific Product Shows

10 Science Vendor Shows at Midwest Universities: Focus on Wash U.

Increase Scientific Sales In Colorado

Sell Lab Equipment at Northern California Vendor Shows

Get More Research Business With Lab Product Promotional Panels

U. Michigan: A Top Funded Research Marketplace

Longwood Vendor Event: Happy Exhibitors, Happy Researchers

Texas Life Science Marketplace: Growing Opportunities for Lab Equipment Providers

Increase Scientific Sales? Have Better Conversations.

Early Registration Extension for Upcoming Lab Product Sales Events

Increase Northeast Lab Product Sales

Sell Photonics Equipment on Campus at Photonics Product Sourcing Events

UC Berkeley Research Marketplace: So Top Notch and So Much Money

Upcoming UCLA Biochemistry & Chemistry Talks  Q1/Q2 2017

Pennsylvania: Nearly $1 Billion Research Market: Meet 475 Researchers at Event

Lab Suppliers: Want to save hundreds, see hundreds, and sell hundreds of thousands @WashU?

Changes in Life Science R&D Spending at Targeted Universities

UC Davis funding and research by the numbers

Product seminars space available at select markets

5 Recent Science Market Update Posts

Increase Lab Sales At Texas A&M Life Science Marketing Event

UCSD: “Very Impressed with the Number of Genuinely Interested Researchers”

New York Lab Equipment Sales: 10 Spaces Left At Rockefeller

Increase Scientific Sales at University of South Florida

7 Spaces Left at UCSF's $1B Research Marketplace Event

Lab Suppliers: 4 Ways to Increase Scientific Equipment Sales at UC Davis for Under $350

TMC: "Very Successful Show With Lots of Quality Leads”

Get Brand Recognition Nationwide for $495

Exhibit Lab Products to $1.6 Billion NorCal Research Market

Missouri: New Event For 2017

Rutgers: “Experience Really Satisfying and Worth My Time”

Emory University: $558M Market Plus New Event Location

Stony Brook: $211M Research Marketplace, 3 Spaces Left

New Life Science Research Building Highlights: 6 in 2016

Riverside Marketplace Needs Lab Suppliers

Sell More Lab Products in 2017 - Summer Special Pricing Available

Cincinnati: “Very Hospitable & Informative Show with Lots to Offer ”

UCLA Science Solutions: $7.6M to Tumor Eradicating Stem Cells Research

Researcher Enthusiasm Allows Return to Florida, Join Us!

San Diego: “Very Impressed with... Genuinely Interested Researchers”

$1 Billion UCSF Mission Bay Laboratory Product Sales Opportunity X2

Big TX Science: Nearly $2 Billion and Meet 600 Researchers

UCSD Research Funding: Nearly $1M Received for Microbiome Research

Alabama Lab Product Sales: “Excellent Attendance from All Across Campus”

UI, Chicago Scientific Sales: New Construction and Funding

The University of Chicago's $390M Market for Life Science Research

UW, Madison Scientific Sales: New Construction and Funding

$472M Scientific Sales Market: 5 Reasons for Vendors to Exhibit at Columbus in 2016

$286M Scientific Sales Market in Portland for Life Science Research

$585M Columbia Scientific Sales Market: "Fantastic Experience"

Seattle's $400M Scientific Sales and Research Marketplace

Science Sales Opportunity at Cincinnati: $14M for Neuroscience Institute

Arizona Scientific Sales: $1.59M for Lymphoma Research

Chicago: Lab Construction & Upcoming Event

UCSD Science Solutions: $9.5M for Superbug Research

Increase Scientific Product Sales in SoCal This Fall

USC Scientific Sales: Largest Research Building on Campus in Progress

Stony Brook Science Solutions: "I look forward to Purchasing Equipment"

Lab Products Needed for New $160M Building at OHSU

UC Irvine Scientific Sales: New Construction and Funding

Fred Hutch Laboratory Sales: $238M for Cancer Research

Columbia Scientific Sales Prospects: $890M Research Market

Increase Laboratory Product Sales in Wisconsin

Scientific Sales in Alabama: $29M for New Cancer Center

Scientific Sales: Tradeshow Tips For Life Science Reps

Stony Brook: $194M Research Building Opening Soon

Tucson: Research, Lab Supplies, Medicine & $277M in Funding

UMich a $1B Market for Life Science Research

StonyBrook: $194M New Science Research & Medical Building

Lab Suppliers Invited to Sell More Research Lab Products in NY

Lab Suppliers invited to meet Researchers at UCSD's "Big Show"

Sell Lab Equipment at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

One of the Top 5 Life Science Markets in the US

UI Chicago: $250M Life Science Market

5 Reasons Lab Suppliers Should Exhibit Their Products in Pittsburgh

UCLA: Ranked 9th in the Nation for Life Science Research Funding

Tucson: $277M Research Marketplace and Tweets

10 Spaces Left at Baltimore’s $381M Research Marketplace Event

Ohio State: New Chemistry Research Building Now Open

Life Science Marketing Deals and Discounts via Twitter

Network With 900+ New York Life Scientists

Meet Hundreds of Alabama Researchers

Pittsburgh: Awarded Millions for Lifesaving Research

Duke $1B Research Market: Limited Spaces

Seattle’s Research Marketplace

$7.5 M Granted to Berkeley to Help Immune Systems Fight Cancer

Lab Suppliers: Get Plenty of Productive Foot Traffic at Baltimore Event

University of Minnesota: Over $876M in Research Funding

Lab Suppliers: Increase Product Sales in the Madison Area

Chemistry Lab Suppliers Invited to Subscribe to Blog

University of Chicago Receives $5M for Cancer Research

$88.1M New Building to Finish in 2017 at Michigan State

UC San Diego: Over $1B in R&D Expenditures

Just 3 Spaces Left at Berkeley Life Science Marketplace

New University Construction of IGS Genome Center at UM Baltimore

6 Reasons for Lab Suppliers to Exhibit at UC Davis Medical Center

$115M New Research Facility at Rutgers University

New York Area Life Science Marketing Events

5 Spaces Left at Michigan State University Research Marketplace

HIV Institute Researchers @ UCSF get $20M New Funding

Chemical Supply and Life Science UCLA Vendor Show Event Coming Soon.

Fred Hutch Event to Feature New Lab Products and Chemical Supplies

Duke University: 2nd in the Nation for Total Life Science R&D Spending

Science Professionals: See These Upcoming Science Events

UCLA Researchers to Purchase More Lab Equipment at Spring Event

U Wisconsin Science Product Trade Fair in $1Billion Research Market

5 Reasons to Exhibit Your Lab Products at Thomas Jefferson University

10 Recent Science Market Update Research News Posts

Emory & Georgia’s $732M Powerhouse Life Science Market

Rochester: New Funding and Upcoming Biotech Vendor Event

Sell Lab Equipment at Duke: Lots of Funding Available

Scientific Sales Opportunities for Lab Suppliers at Upcoming WUSTL Science Show

Looking for More Lab Product Purchase Orders at Midwest Sites?

Mt. Sinai Lab Product Sales Event: Demonstrate Your Research Products

Vendors: Do Amherst Researchers Know About Your Life Science Products?

Recent 5-Star Winner Named at UCSD Product Vendor Show

Four tips to increase laboratory product sales

March 2016 Current Events for Life Science Researchers

Increase Lab Product Sales in Pittsburgh and Baltimore

Scientific Sales Opportunities on East Coast

Recently added science researcher meeting announcements

Los Angeles: Successful Science Marketplace for Lab Vendors

Invitation to Lab Suppliers: New Research Center at Icahn, Annual Lab Product Event in March

Maryland Research Marketplace News: State of the Art $200M Cancer Center Opening in 2016

Berkeley BioResearch Product Faire™ Event has only eight spaces left.

Rockefeller University: Lab Suppliers Invited to On-Campus Life Science Product Event

Access Duke Research: New Product Marketplace Event

Connect with Top Baltimore Researchers in One Place in One Day

15 Top-Funded Lab Science Marketplace Events in 2016

Increase Lab Product Sales at the University of Rochester

UGA and Emory Collaborations Increase Life Science Research Potential

West Coast Life Science Events 2016

U Minnesota Lab Sales : $830M Marketplace Event for Lab Vendors

8 Lab Product Exhibit Spaces Left at Athens Marketplace

Science Market Update: recent posts

East Coast Shows: Save $250 Each with Early Registration

Bioscience Marketplace Recent News and Event Links

Welcome to WashU, St. Louis – A $600M+ Market for Life Science

UChicago Research Centers backed by Over $400M in Annual Funding

USC Researcher to Receive Honor for Helping the Blind See

CA Researchers - Find Lab Supplies at Upcoming 2016 Product Faire Events

How do You Plan to Meet Philadelphia's Busiest Researchers in 2016?

Lab Suppliers Can Shine in 2016 at UCSF Life Science Event

Texas Researchers Invited to January Product Faire Events

Find Quality Leads in the New York Life Science Market

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Delivers Value, In 5 Easy Steps

Up Close and Personal with $390M+ Funded Cincinnati Researchers

Tampa Researchers - Find New Lab Supplies in January 2016

Texas Medical Center Continuing to Expand with New Medical Campus

Pitt Research Bridges Major Funding with Science Innovation

3 New Opportunities to Increase Brand Exposure in 2016

Key Funding Bolsters U of Minnesota Life Science Market

UCLA Research Poised to Exceed $1B Again in 2016

Top-Ranked Harvard Medical is a Beacon of Life Science Research

Increase Brand Exposure in the Georgia Life Science Marketplace

Increase Midwest Lab Sales with $400M+ Marketplace Event

Network with 1000+ California Life Scientists

Make Smarter Connections at Leading Neuroscience Universities

Major 2015 Funding to Benefit Exhibitors at Mt. Sinai BioResearch Product Faire™

Tucson Researchers - Find Lab Supplies On Campus this November

$200M+ UC Irvine Life Science Market Not to be Overlooked

Make Life Science Connections in $600M Columbia U. Marketplace

Research Funding Rockets to nearly $1B at OHSTU

Birmingham Researchers: Find New Lab Supplies in November 2015

SoCal Researchers Invited to November Product Faire Events

Start 2016 with New Leads at Texas Life Science Events

Salt Lake City Researchers Encouraged to Attend October Product Faire Event

Emory Events Yield Quality Leads for Atlanta Lab Suppliers

Network with Lab Supply Seekers from UC Riverside at Premier Life Science Event

Highly Funded UCSF Needs Lab Supplies to Further Important Research

Texas A&M to Spend $800M+ on R&D in 2016

Help Washington State Researchers Find New Lab Supplies in October

Illinois Researchers: Discover New Lab Supplies On-Campus in October

UGA Receives $44M+ From NIH again in 2015

UC Davis Medical a $700M+ Marketplace for R&D Supplies

Rockefeller U to Spend Millions on Medical R&D in 2016

Texas-sized Event is Big Business for Life Science Professionals 

Increase Brand Exposure in the Illinois Academic Marketplace

Exclusive Vendor Opportunity at Stanford Life Science Event

Get More Marketing Value at UA Life Science Event

New Florida Life Science Market to Open at USF in 2016

Sell More Lab Supplies at Southern California Life Science Event

OSU Researchers use Photodynamics to Light Up Ovarian Cancer

Upcoming Life Science Events will maximize your Marketing Dollars

University of Utah Thrives with Top Honors and Grants

Oregon Researchers Invited to 3 Premiere Laboratory Supply Events in September

Lab Suppliers Shine From Coast to Coast

Checklist: How to Qualify More Leads at Life Science Events

Biotech Opportunity at UAB - A Show That Continues to Impress

5 Tips to Stand Out at your Next Life Science Trade Show

Opportunities Abound in Biotech for PhD Scientists

Cincinnati Researchers: Discover New Lab Supplies at Upcoming Product Faire

Columbus, OH Researchers Invited to Discover New Lab Supplies on August 6th

UMich Researchers to Seek Latest Lab Supplies at BioResearch Product Faire™- 7/23

Attention Scientists: BioResearch Product Faire Coming to MSU – July 22

Join a New Science Marketplace at 2015 UChicago BioResearch Product Faire™

Congratulations to the May, 2015 5 Star Award Winners

Stonybrook receives $3M to Help Launch New Bioscience Hub

Star Exhibitors Stand Out at West Coast Lab Supply Events

UCR Researcher Studies Insects to Improve Drone Behavior

Pitt Researchers: Find the Latest Lab Supplies On Campus – June 25

Vendor Spaces Almost Full for Biotech Event at MSU- Jul. 22

Michigan Researchers are Searching for New Biotech and Lab Supplies

Increase Your Lab Supply Sales in a $1B Madison Marketplace

Attention Researchers: New Biotech and Lab Supplies Coming to Aurora, CO - June 18

CO Researchers: Don't Miss the BioResearch Product Faire at UC, Boulder 6/17/15

Colo. State Researchers can find the Latest Biotech On-Campus on June 16

Funding and Market Updates for Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

Harvard Receives $400M for Engineering and Applied Sciences

Top 5 West Coast Updates

Early Registration for BioResearch Product Faire™ Events

San Francisco Researchers Invited to Upcoming Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ at Parnassus Campus

Berkeley Life Science Researchers Invited to June 3rd BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

Do you Have "In Demand" Lab Products for Life Science Researchers?

UW-Madison Contributes $15B to Economy with Bioresearch, Jobs & Hospitals

Sacramento Researchers: Find New Lab Supplies at 6/2/15 BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

Chicago Researchers Find Molecule from Tree Bark Prevents Heart Problems

UW Madison Research Park Company Simplifying Antibody Creation Technique

Cincinnati Researchers Receive $1.6M to Study Rare Lung Disease

BioResearch Product Faire™ Exhibitors Shine Bright at March Events

$193M in NIH Funding Makes Harvard a $1B Market For Lab Suppliers

Sell More Lab Products by Exhibiting in $830M U of Minnesota Market

$1.5M Granted to UMass for Breast Cancer Research

UC Davis Scientist gets $2.88M from NCI for Breast Cancer Bioresearch

USC Health Receives $50M Endowment and Bolsters $500M+ Research Market

UCLA uses Nanotechnology to Battle Pancreatic Cancer

5 Ways to Play in the Bay while Exhibiting at UCSF

Colorado Researchers Leading the Way to Potential Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine

10th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ Coming to Rochester, MN on 5/21/15

Minneapolis Researchers Invited to 5/20/15 BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

Make the Most of Your Valuable Time at Biotechnology Calendar Events

Fred Hutch Receives over $100M from NIH for Cancer Research in 2015

University Research Park, Madison Contributes $825M to Local Economy

16th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Coming to Duke, 5/13/15

Rutgers Researchers Invited to Find New Lab Supplies at May Product Faire Event

16th Annual UPenn BioResearch Product Faire™ Coming Up On 5/7/15

PA Researchers: Don't Miss the May Product Faire at Thomas Jefferson University, 5/6/15

Baltimore Researchers Invited to Attend Premiere BioResearch Product Faire™ Event on 5/4/15!

Researchers in DC Invited to 16th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ in May

Reno Researchers: Discover New Lab Supplies at April Product Faire Event

$4M NIH Grant Contributes to $700M UC Davis Research Marketplace

Revel in Rochester: 5 Things to do after the BioResearch Product Faire

Midwest R&D Increases Mean Maximum ROI for Lab Vendors

Exhibit at Rutgers, Play in Piscataway: 7 Things to do "Post-show"

4 Reasons to Participate in $700M UPenn Marketplace

Thomas Jefferson University Receives $48 Million in NIH Funding

Researchers at UPitt use Stem Cells to Repair Blindness

Georgetown Researchers Spend Millions in Annual Biotech Dollars

Reno Researchers occupy a Rapidly-Expanding Marketplace

Mayo Clinic Researchers Reduce Signs of Aging with New Class of Drugs

Sales Reps Shine at February Biotechnology Events

West Coast Universities Increase R&D Spending by Over $110M

Chicago Bioresearchers Receive Lab Funding to Develop New Drugs to Treat Sleep Apnea and Asthma

Rutgers Researcher Studies Olive Oil to Fight Cancer

Congratulations to Texas Week's Star Exhibitors

University of Arizona Receives $2M for Autism Bioresearch

CIRM Pumps Nearly $3M into Heart of UCSD Bioresearch

Rockefeller Researchers Invited to March BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

Mount Sinai Researchers Invited to 3/25/15 BioResearch Product Faire™ in NY

Attention SoCal Researchers: 3 Biotech Events are Headed your Way

Promote Your Products More Efficiently at Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Events

Attend Premier Biotech Events at Top-20 NIH Funded Research Institutions

Mayo Clinic Multi-Million Dollar Proton Therapy Treatment Center Under Construction

WUSTL Reprograms Skin Cells Into Brain Cells for Huntington's Disease Research

Reno Bioresearchers Learn More About Male Infertility

Washington University Life Science Researchers Invited to Attend March BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

Athens Researchers: Don't Miss the 3/4/15 BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

$1 Million Awarded to Emory Bioresearchers to Study Evolution of Gene Regulation

Georgia Bioresearchers Create New Vaccine for Curing Rabies

San Francisco Researchers Invited to Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ on 2/26/15

Sacramento Area Researchers Invited to Find New Lab Supplies at February BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

Rockefeller Research Reveals Retrovirus Reservoirs

Mt. Sinai Researchers Find Gene to Keep Tumor Cells Active or Dormant

Bacteria Prefer to Double Down

5 Tips to Stay Informed and Increase Lab Sales

How Life Science Funding Reports Can Help You Increase Lab Sales

UCSD BioResearchers Can Find the Latest Biotech Here

U. Idaho Receives 5 Grants Worth $.5M

New York Laboratory Vendor Shows: Generate Leads & Save Money In 2015

Persuasion Model Boosts ROI for Research Sales

Seven Deadly Statistics About Prostate Cancer

Rockefeller University Makes Big Waves in Life Science Research

Meet with Hundreds of Scientists at the Duke BioResearch Product Faire™ in May

UC Davis Bioresearchers Mending Bones with Stem Cells

Market Lab Supplies to UGA Bioresearchers at Upcoming, Highly-Acclaimed Product Faire

Market Lab Products to Active Researchers at Texas A&M University

Lab Equipment Suppliers Invited To Sell Products New York Shows

Sell Lab Supplies to Researchers at the Texas Medical Center in Houston

Take Advantage of High Lab Sales Potential at Texas A&M

Save $495 When Exhibiting at Thomas Jefferson University in 2015

UCLA BioResearchers Develop Roadmap for Stem Cell Reprogramming

UCSD Researchers Find Unexpected Fighter Against Skin Infections

Houston Researchers Invited to Find New Lab Equipment at January Product Faire

Colorado State Stem Cell Bioresearch receives $45 million

UC Los Angeles Receives $7.1 million for Genetic Bioresearch

UT Cancer Bioresearch Draws $4 Million in Funding

UCLA Bioresearch Indicates Memories May be Restored

Bioresearch at Mt. Sinai Identifies 53 Ebola-blocking Drugs

Participate in the Nearly $300 Million Tucson Marketplace

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center: Nearly $400M Research Market

Birmingham Lab Product Marketing Opportunity in 2015

Longwood Medical: A Large and Growing Marketing Opportunity

UMass: Gain Visibility in the Third Largest Research Marketplace In Massachusetts

Berkeley Breakthroughs and Grants Deliver Bright Life Science Marketing Promise

Research Events Allow Lab Suppliers to Reach Target Markets

Georgetown University's Up and Coming Research Marketplace

Sell your Lab Products at the Upcoming Life Science Research Event at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Perfectly Timed University of Georgia Product Marketing Opportunity

Big New York Lab Sales Opportunities At Mount Sinai School Of Medicine

Life Science Product Vendor Show at Duke University to Attract 200 Researchers

UC Davis Medical Center: Lucrative Life Science Marketing Opportunity

Investing in MN Biotech - Global Destination for Health and Healing

Cincinnati Lab Supplies Marketing Opportunity at 2015 Vendor Show

WSU Pullman: Great Life Science Marketing Event Opportunity

New Mushroom Species Discovered at UC Berkeley

Spaces Running Out to Market Lab Products in $634M UT Austin Research Marketplace

UMD Baltimore Receives $10.7 Million for Schizophrenia Research

$1.5 Billion Life Science Research in the Big Apple

8 Funding Facts for the University of Illinois, Chicago

UCDMC Researchers Receive Funding to Study How Diet Increases Risk of Cancer

TMC Researchers Find Innovative Solution to Improving Immune System

Are you a Researcher in Austin Interested in Finding New Life Science Lab Supplies?

Researchers Invited to Attend University of Arizona Life Science Event

4 New Universities On the 2015 Calendar

Meet Over 500 Researchers at Rockefeller Life Science Vendor Show

Increase Lab Products Sales with Over 140 Qualified Leads at U Alabama

Increase Lab Sales in a Top Ranked Market at U. Utah

Market Lab Products to 250+ Life Science Professionals at WSU Pullman

Sell More Lab Products in 2015 - Summer Special Pricing Now Available

Meet Face-to-Face with Life Science Researchers at Stony Brook

Biotech Solutions Attract Hundreds of Researchers at TMC Event

Meet Over 600 Life Science Researchers within $1B UCLA Marketplace

Marine Biology Research at Oregon State Tags Whales in Shipping Lanes

Scientists at University of Oregon Link Running to Sensory Processing

September 2014 life science seminars

New Lab Equipment at UC San Diego Show this week

This week's funding news & upcoming science meetings

USC Received $3 Million to Improve Community Dental Health

A New Life Science Facility is Opening in Oregon

A New $105 Million Expansion in Cancer Research at University of Utah

U Cincinnati Received $600,000 to Improve Community Healthcare

UC Riverside Received $600,000 for Data-Intensive Research

U-M Received $4.35M to Accelerate Medical Innovation

Gifts of $29M Given to Rockefeller University Research Programs

OSU Received $21 Million in Investment to Create Neurotechnology Hub

$3.6 Million Given to MSU to Prevent Disease Spread in Animals

10 Tips for Sales at the Colorado BioResearch Product Faire™ Events

A Laboratories Tour at University of Pittsburgh

An Overview of Life Science Research Centers at UW Madison

$88 Million Research Funds in Colorado

Stony Brook University Received over $3 Million From Jim and Robin Herrnstein Foundation

A New $7 million Emergency Critical Care Center Planned at U-M

Rockefeller University Planning a New $240 Million Research Building

Columbia Researchers found Possible Cause of Prostate Cancer

UC Davis Medical Center Speeding up Life Science Research

An Overview of the Michigan Life Science Infrastructure

Mayo Clinic Raising $3 Billion for Research

UT Austin: A $334 Million New Dell Medical School in Construction

Riverside Research: Recent NIH Funding By Departments

UPenn Event Coming Soon

OHSU Spending $500 Million on Two New Buildings

Oregon State Researchers Get $4.7 Million to Fight Obesity

Recent Research Funding Stats and Science Event Blogs

University of Colorado Anschutz Scores $1 Million in New Research Funding

CSU Researchers Funded from the NIH For Treating TB

UI Professors receive grants from Grand Challenges Explorations

UIUrbana Awarded $8 Million NASA-Funded Research Grant

UNR Researchers Received Funds From the NSF

Researchers from UMinn Developed A Simple Test for Tumors

$84 Million New Building Dedicated to UMinn Twin Cities Campus

Thomas Jefferson Lab Researchers Found That Vitamin A Could Prevent Breast Cancer

OSU: The Better The Training, The Better The Research Institute

Easy Overview From Urbana's Center for Plasma Materials Interactions

MSU Researchers Progress Toward a Faster Cure For TB

Are you looking for a Life Science Marketing Manager Job?

9 Most Recent Life Science Funding Blogs

550+ Researchers, $1B funds, UCLA Lab Sales Event 16 Days Away

Open Access Science Meetings: Free Resource: March meetings

Sell Scientific Equipment at Georgetown Event: Spaces Limited

Increase Midwest Sales Next Quarter

Georgia Lab Product Expo Spaces Selling Out

Sell Lab Products Within Cutting-Edge UCSD Research Marketplace

Lab Product Expo at Mt. Sinai: New Lab Product Vendors Invited!

Register Early and Save on UI Chicago Lab Product Expo

Spaces Limited at Texas Life Science Marketing Events

Lab Suppliers Invited to Show New Lab Products at Upcoming Event

UCSF: $3 Billion Campus Turns 10

Save by Registering Early for Harvard Life Science Marketing Event

Register Early for USC Life Science Marketing Event

Life Science Marketing Opportunities at USC

Increase Lab Sales Leads at Minneapolis BioResearch Product Faire™

Congratulations to our 2013 Platinum 5 Star Winners

Register Early and Save on UCSB Life Science Marketing Event

Register Early for Rockefeller Life Science Marketing Event

Minnesota Life Science Event Information Resource

Register Early for 1st Annual Amherst Life Science Marketing Event

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Meet Researchers at the University of Arizona

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Meet Researchers and Sell Lab Equipment at WSU Pullman

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$9.1M Life Science Funding Award Given to U. Penn

$6.7M in Life Science Funding Awarded to UNC for Cancer Research

Life Science Research Funding Totals $5.1M for New Emory Study

Lab Suppliers: Network with Researchers at Our 2013 UAB Event

New Life Science Funding Awarded to Duke: $13.8M NIH Grant

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New Life Science Funding at Harvard University: NIH Awards $2.1M

Harvard University Receives $9.8M NIH Grant

University of Pittsburgh Will Begin Building $1M Laboratory

U. Penn Receives $7.2M NIH Grant for Cancer Center

University of Alabama Center Receives $5.1M NIH Grant

Five Star Program Winners at Northeast Life Science Marketing Events

Stony Brook Receives $14.2M from NIH for New Laboratory

Alabama Life Science Event Information Resource

Arizona Graduate Researchers Use Social Media to Raise Funding

Rockefeller Researchers Receive $2.5M from NIH

UCLA Receives $11.6 million for Prostate Cancer Research

Five Star Program Winners at Midwest Life Science Marketing Events

Arizona Cancer Center Receives $3.7M Support Grant

Ohio State Receives $4.3M Cancer Center Support Grant

Duke Received $410.9M in Philanthropic Gifts This Year

Sell More Lab Products in 2014-Summer Special Pricing Now Available

Columbia University Receives $5.9M HIV Prevention Grant

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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Receives $9.8M

Rockefeller University Receives $1.9M NIH Grant

UNC Chapel Hill Receives $3.5M NIH Award

Emory University Receives $2.9M NIH Grant

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University of Washington Receives $9M NIH Grant

University of Arizona Receives $1.2M NIH Award

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UC Irvine Institute Receives $3.1M NIH Award

U. Minnesota Receives $3.2M Cancer Support Grant

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UCSD Receives $11.3M Grant for Alzheimer’s Research

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Georgetown Researchers Receive $1.8M NIH Grant

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New York Life Science Marketing Events Approaching

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Lab Sales Leads Abound in Cincinnati

University of Arizona, Tucson Life Science Trade Show

UW Researchers Find Polymer to Increase Success of Organ Transplants

UC Riverside and University of Washington Receive NIH Grant

Spotlight on Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health

Increase the Value of Your Brand With Research Audiences

Texas Fosters Biotech Collaboration

Life Science Opportunities - The University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Spotlight on Universities Receiving MS Research Funding

Nine Institutions Receive Funding for MS Research

Georgetown University Hospital Receives $75K Award

Texas Life Science Trade Show Lineup

Human Genome Project Generated $966 Billion

Life Science Funding Increases in Michigan

Life Science Center Creates Thriving Market in Boston

Biostimulants Market Expects Dramatic Growth by 2018

Emory Opens New Health Sciences Research Building

Minnesota life science technology events coming soon

Midwest Science Vendor Shows

Green Chemistry Expected to Become $100B Industry by 2020

Increase Lab Sales Leads at Arizona Life Science Marketing Events

Federal Research Funding at UC San Diego Ranked 8th in the Country

Funding Profile for Marketing Life Science Solutions at USC

Life Science Marketing Events Profile: UC Irvine

University of Michigan Wins Prize for Crowd-Funding Research Idea

Recent Life Science News & Blog Posts

$58M in Funding For Potential Lab Sales Leads at Texas A&M

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Life Science Sales and Marketing Profile at Ohio State University

$50M in Research Funding at Thomas Jefferson University

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Pittsburgh Research Tradeshow Connects Researchers and Lab Suppliers

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National Jewish Life Science Research Vendor Show

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Life Science Marketing Events at UC Berkeley

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Life Science Research: BioResearch Events in Colorado This Summer

Oregon Bioresearch Product Faire™ Events: 4 Exhibit Spaces Left

Lab Suppliers Take Note: Michigan Is Rich with Opportunity

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Laboratory Market Recent Articles

Research Laboratory Marketing Event at Fred Hutch in Seattle

Colorado State University's BioResearch Front Line™ Event

Laboratory Sales and Marketing Event Coming to Urbana-Champaign

Science Market Highlights This Week

Lab Suppliers Invited to Meet with Crowds of Researchers in Ohio

Lab Supply Companies Invited to Demonstrate Products at UC Davis

Research Funding Totals $557.3M at University of Washington

Life science marketing event coming to Pittsburgh

Research Funding Totals $223.9M at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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Duke University BioResearch Product Faire™

Lab Suppliers Invited to Upcoming Lab Product Demonstration Events

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Science meetings and research conferences coming up soon.

Berkeley Research and Opportunities from an Intern's Perspective

University of Illinois, Chicago Trade Show Event

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Build Your Life Science Brand with Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

Research Funding Totals $179.2M at Mount Sinai

$70.9M in Research Funding at Rockefeller University

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Research Funding Totals $456.1M at Columbia University

Chapel Hill, UNC New Technologies and Lab Products Event May 2013

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Meet 400 Active Researchers at UPenn BioResearch Event

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$57M in Research Funding at Georgetown University

Lab Products: See, Touch, Ask, Test, Purchase.

Los Angeles Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event at UCLA

Rockefeller Researchers Interested In New Laboratory Products

Mount Sinai Researchers Actively Seeking New Lab Products this Spring

University of Pittsburgh Awarded $444.2M in Research Funding

Greener Lab Solutions Available at UCLA and Across the Nation

Emory University Receives $274.2M in Research Funding

Lab Suppliers Invited to Demonstrate Research Equipment in Georgia

University of Nevada Reno: $80 Million in Research Expenditures

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Life science markets: Recent funding & new building articles FYI

Los Angeles Life Science Event Reminder

Lab Suppliers invited to Pennsylvania Science Product Shows

Longwood Medical - $20M Funding and BioResearch Product Faire™ Event Next Week

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: $326.3M in Research Funding

Life Science Research Funding: 10 Recent Articles

Los Angeles Area NIH Funded Research Projects

5 Researchers Awarded $10 Million at UCSD & Vendor Show Next Week!!

New York Lab Shows Coming Soon: Rockefeller University

The Benefits of Sponsorship

Research Product Show Cancellations: Too busy to attend? Think again.

Pittsburgh's BioResearch Marketplace

Improve Lab Product Sales Efficiency

BRPF™ Lab Sales Event at UCSF Mission Bay: 8 Reasons to Attend

Life Science Marketing and Sales Deals on Twitter

University of Pennsylvania BioResearch Funding and Facility Update

Georgia State's BioResearch Marketplace

Lab Equipment Suppliers Invited to Exhibit at Raleigh Research Events

Lab Suppliers invited to exhibit at St Louis Research BRPF Event

UCLA Research Funding and Facility Update

BioResearch Product Faire™ Mt Sinai Images and Event.

UCSD Campus Research Building Update

San Diego Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Video Clips

"Like" Biotechnology Calendar Inc. on Facebook Winner Announced

Science Trade Shows, Booth Giveaways, and ... Who Won at Cell Bio?

Does Your Company Produce Green Lab Products? Life Science Researchers want them!

Increase Lab Sales at Mt Sinai, Rockefeller, Longwood Medical

Life Science Marketing Free Information Services Available.

SF Mission Bay Campus Life Science Funding and Facility Update

Texas Medical Center Life Sciences Update On Funding and Facilities

University of Georgia Life Science Update On NIH Funding

Harvard Medical Life Sciences Update On NIH Funding And Research

UCSF Mission Bay and its University Research Buildings

Special Holiday Promotion For Life Science Supply Companies

Green Chemistry Tips for Researchers: 10 Tips -- Please Add More

East Coast Bioscience Shows Now at Early Registration Pricing

San Diego BioScience: Update on NIH 2012 Funding

Green Chem Market Opens as Researchers Seek Greener Products

10 Under 10 Events At Biotechnology Calendar

New Facilities at UC Davis Medical Center

Upcoming Science Events Posted Daily

Life Science Sales Stars Sparkle in November

Biotechnology Calendar Exhibit Space For Front Line Events™

Concierge Service is Provided at Our Vendor Shows

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Life Science Exhibitors: Recent Update on U.C. Davis Medical Center

Biotechnology Calendar 5 Star Winners in October

Quick Review of Current Science Events

Our Vendor Shows Feature Direct Access to Researchers

Life Science Products On Display At Top Universities Nationwide

Life Science Exhibitors, Texas Medical Center Update

Building Your Science Brand Strength, Many Laboratory Researchers At A Time

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Northeast Science Shows Now Available At Biotechnology Calendar Inc.

Lab Suppliers Educate UCLA Researchers About New Research Technologies

Researchers Invited To National Shows Organized By Biotechnology Calendar Inc.

Life Science Info Available: At-a-Glance Review Posts From Recent Blogs

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Stem Cell Research Breakthroughs at UCSF, $1 Billion Expansion

Life Science Laboratory Suppliers Don’t Miss Out Exhibiting At Texas A&M University.

Popular 5 Star Program Helps Lab Reps Be Better Sales Professionals

Life Science Exhibitors: Space Is Selling Out Fast At University Trade Shows

Life Science Exhibitors Invited to Attend Washington Shows

Find Biotech Solutions at these Local University Based Product Shows.

Life Science Exhibitors: Show Stopping Displays for Laboratory Research Products

Biotechnology Tradeshow Exhibitors: How to Prevent Parking Nightmares

Lab Supply Company Reps Receive 5 Star Awards In September

Life Science Current Events, Industry News and BCI Company News This Week

Science Current Events Added Daily

Biotech Solutions and Sales Opportunities Galore

Scientific Sales The Easy Way With Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

Lab Equipment Suppliers Invited To Sell Products In New York

Veterinary Science Research Thrives in Pullman

Science Companies use Fall Free Web Links to Boost Lab Sales in 2013

Laboratory Product Marketing SEO Improves Using BCI Premium Weblinks

Trade Show Calendar for Lab Product Shows

Seminar and Conference Database for Science Researchers

Bioresearch Events in Minnesota Help Researchers Move Forward

Bioresearch Sales in NY: Top Events for Marketing Lab Products

Scientific Instruments on Display at UCLA this Week

Scientific Sales at a Discount with BCI Summer Special Extension

Laboratory Sales Event Coming to Alabama.

San Diego Biotech Calendar October San Diego Science Meetings

Current Science Events Posted This Week.

University of Hawaii Research Program Expansions

Scientific Sales Reps Can Access a $30 Billion Market This Year

UPenn Stays at the Top for Cutting Edge Lab Research

New York Shows Approaching This Year and the Next

Research Laboratory and Program Expansion at U Pitt for 2013

Life Science Marketplace Opportunities in Southern California

UCLA Lab Suppliers: If You Don't Exhibit Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later.

Colorado Shows Attract Life Science Researchers

Vendor Shows with Guaranteed Placement

Science Meetings Twitter Feed and Seminar Resource

Alabama is an Unexpected Standout in Science Research

Biotechnology Calendar Supports Research in Washington State

Stony Brook and Mount Sinai: Research and Funding Highlights

Los Angeles Shows: The Three Must-Get-Here’s

Lab Supply Sales at University of Texas Health Science Center

Helping Researchers is What We Do Best!

Oregon Laboratory Events and Space Availability

Science Current Events: Post Your Own!

Medical Research Building at Riverside Getting Ready For Business

Science Marketing Opportunity- Best Prices of the Year!

Linked in for science networking information and jobs?

Increase Visibility with Event Program Advertising at UA Birmingham

More Cutting Edge Research at Rockefeller University

Two Upcoming Science Conventions in Wisconsin

Current Science Events Posted Daily!

Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Coming Up in San Diego

BioResearch Product Faire™ Approaching at University of Arizona

Lab Suppliers: Save time and money and succeed in science sales.

Life Science Supplier Brands Get Boost From Discount Programs

MSU Vendor Show Gets High Attendance From Well Funded Research Market

Research Science Vendor Fairs Spell Success

Current Science Events, Funding, and a New Building for Oregon schools

Science Marketing What and Why

Lab Equipment Sales Improve When Researchers Trust Your Brand.

Scientific Suppliers Take Advantage of Discounts Through Twitter Feed

Alabama Science Market Growing

UCSB Vendor Show Proves Frontline Events Do Provide Excellent ROI

Succeeding in Sales at Scientific Trade Shows

Stranded at Logan Airport? Science Market Update Writer Too!

Why Science Conventions and Trade Shows Work for Lab Equipment Sales

Laboratory chemicals and supplies in demand at UCSD.

Veterinary Science Shows: A new way to reach your market.

Science Marketing: Facebook Advertising

Frontline Events Provide Both Value and Visibility for Lab Suppliers

Green Chemistry Products: You know you have them. Now sell them.

Promote to Research Markets with Silver Sponsorship

Cheap Vendor Shows Got Your Goat?

Researchers benefit from attending local life science events

Bioresearch Utah: 7 Reasons to Explore Utah's Research Marketplace

BioResearch Market Opportunity for Lab Suppliers at OHSU

Biotechnology Current Events Spotlighted Daily

Choosing the Right Event Company For You

BioResearch Funding at UMich Provides Lab Supplier Market Opportunity

California Research Laboratory Funding by NIH: Top 2 Areas Spotlighted

San Antonio is a Leader in Biomedical Research

Life Science Research Marketing Opportunities Coming to Minnesota

Life Science Supplier Exhibit space at the University of Arizona

Lab Supplier Event at USC: Only 6 Exhibit Spaces Left

Invitation to Two Important Michigan Life Science Events

Top Biomedical and Bioresearch Event Returns to Washington DC's Georgetown U

7 Tips for Better On Campus Life Science Product Shows

Irvine Research and Funding Program Articles Educate Science Professionals

Grass Valley Internships for High School and College Students

New York Laboratory Vendor Shows: Generate Leads & Save Money

Life Science Events in June Reach Top Funded Markets

Current Science Events Spotlighted Daily - Include Yours!

Science Research Market Information Resource Available

“Taylor-Wharton Partners For Life” supports medical research.

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