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Southern USA: 2020 Research Networking and Lab Sales Events

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Dec 13, 2019

Are you trying to reach life science PH.D's in the South? We invite you to participate in our upcoming 2020 Research Networking and Lab Sales Events.

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We invite you to showcase your research products to top funded Bioresearch Product Faire™ events at universities across the south for 2020

“ well organized and attended. Happy at every event of theirs that I attend. They have the best shows!"  

Join in and exhibit your laboratory tools and materials at these upcoming  science  product sales events  for 2020 .


Click this link for information on all  6 shows or each site individually to go directly to that location


Texas A&M University

Texas Medical Center

University of Georgia, Athens

Duke University

University of North Carolina

University of Alabama


Let us help you to reserve at these locations now while there is still exhibit space available.




Get started with our biggest Texas Show of the year,  meet nearly 500 researchers at this $1Billion research marketplace 

Exhibit at TMC Houston 


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