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October Lab Events: Watch Leads Turn into Sales

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Aug 12, 2021

We invite you to join us these September in our virtually held upcoming lab product sourcing events:


Would you like to sell lab equipment this October?




We invite you to join us for these upcoming virtually held October lab product sourcing events:

California Events:
10/7/21 - City of Hope
10/7/21 - University of Southern California
10/7/21 - University of California, Santa Barbara
10/7/21 - University of California, Los Angeles

Ohio Events:
10/14/21 - Ohio State University
10/14/21 - University of Cincinnati
10/14/21 - Case Western Reserve University
10/14/21 - Cleveland Clinic

Georgia Events:
10/21/21 - Georgia Institute of Technology
10/21/21 - Emory University
10/21/21 - University of Georgia, Athens

Alabama Event:
10/21/21 - University of Alabama, Birmingham

Michigan Events:
10/29/21 - University of Michigan
10/29/21 - Michigan State University
10/29/21 - Michigan Tech
10/29/21 - Western Michigan University
10/29/21 - Wayne State University

Vermont Event:
10/29/21 - University of Vermont

Maine Events:
10/29/21 - Bowdoin College
10/29/21 - University of Maine

New Hampshire Events:
10/29/21 - University of New Hampshire
10/29/21 - Dartmouth College



From Previous Virtual Events:

"Many thanks in providing those attendees that signed up for the event yesterday. We closed out with 9 individuals we spoke with yesterday.”
- Virtual TMC Show 1/28/21

"All the attendees have been relevant - no complaints from me!"
- Virtual Illinois Show 5/6/21

Enjoy the advantages of engaging with your target audience in a professional and relaxed virtual environment. Register now and get the leads you need for a successful 2021.

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