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Changes in Life Science R&D Spending at Targeted Universities

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Dec 05, 2016

Since the new funding numbers are just in we thought we share changes in life science R&D spending levels with you. Below is a round number list of changes in spending in some of the markets we serve:


UC San Diego, 16             $601M
UC San Diego, 17             $642M

Emory 16                     $513M
Emory 17                     $530M

Washington U, St. Louis 2016       $585M
Washington U, St. Louis 2017        $617M

Icahn School of Med 16        $464M
Icahn School of Med 17        $508M

UCLA 16                    $674M
UCLA 17                    $718M

Univ Minn, Twin Cities 16        $595M
Univ Minn, Twin Cities 17        $581M

Rutgers 16                    $350M
Rutgers 17                    $366M

Univ Penn 16                $655M
Univ Penn 17                $680M

U Illinois 16                    $208M
U Illinois 17                    $220M

Duke 16                    $867M
Duke 17                    $855M

U Mich 16                    $760M
U Mich 17                    $779M

U Wisc 16                    $626M
U Wisc 17                    $589M

U Alab 16                    $397M
U Alab 17                    $455M

U Chicago 16                $257M
U Chicago 17                $276M

Stony Brook 16                $102M
Stony Brook 17                $88M

Columbia 16                $585M
Columbia 17                $573M

Washington State 2016            $182M
Washington State 2017            $166M

U Ariz 2016                        $277M
U Ariz 2017                        $289M



Note some are up, some are down. Always good to know when stuff changes.   You can find out more about these markets by following the link below for the schedule.  You can request updated stats for any of the site for which we hold events by following the links on the scheduled shows below:

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