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Researchers Invited to meet Lab Equipment Vendors at Midwest Scientific Product Shows

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Mar 02, 2017

Looking for research solutions to your lab challenges?

Meet with product experts at Midwest Universities.

BioResearch Product Faire™ Events

Attendance is free for science professionals. 

To register, simply fill out the form on left. 


Find new lab products, improved analytical equipment, and learn about new research techniques.

Our life science biotechnology events boast a wide range of relevant and high quality vendors to ensure that you find the products you need to meet your research goals. At this event, you and your colleagues will find industry professionals and the newest lab technology available.


Network with other researchers and outside science professionals.


  • Meet other researchers from across campus to explore research concepts and get new ideas
  • Connect with industry professionals to get answers to you research technology questions
  • Establish new contacts and maintain and grow existing professional relationships
Learn about new research techniques and technologies.

Lab supply companies are a strong resource for new and improved methods and protocols using their products. While you may use a technique a few times and struggle with the particulars of a specific product, the companies that produce them have entire teams dedicated to problem solving. You can save time and money by connecting with the product experts trained by their companies to answer your questions.


"It was extremely nice to see the advances made in the scientific community and the new products available. I enjoyed visiting with vendors and learning about the products they have available and hope to make purchases from them in the near future." - B. L., University of Georgia


Get creative ideas when you take a break from your normal routine.

Getting out of the lab and away from the bench can give you a fresh perspective on your research challenges. Enjoy our high quality catered buffet, and learn about the latest developments in research science products and methods. Our tradeshows are relaxing, enjoyable and educational.


"I really enjoyed visiting with vendors of the products and services we will be using for my lab. Particularly, Roboz stall was the most interesting for our program. We plan to use some of the instruments displayed at the exhibit. This exhibit was very useful and provided us an opportunity to see the instruments before purchasing. More such exhibits will be helpful. Thanks for organizing this event!" - A. S., Researcher, University of Georgia


If you are an exhibitor, please click here for more information:

Lab supplies sales


Midwest Researchers are invited to meet top research laboratory equipment and supply companies at the following Midwest shows.


 03/28/2017 18th Annual Washington University, St. Louis St. Louis MO
 05/04/2017 17th Annual University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Minneapolis MN
 05/18/2017 16th Annual University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Urbana-Champaign IL
 07/26/2017 16th Annual University of Cincinnati Cincinnati OH
 07/27/2017 18th Annual Ohio State University, Columbus Columbus OH
 08/02/2017  7th Annual Michigan State University East Lansing MI
 08/03/2017 17th Annual University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Ann Arbor MI
 09/08/2017 18th Annual University of Wisconsin, Madison Madison WI
 09/27/2017  3rd Annual University of Chicago Chicago IL
 09/28/2017 18th Annual University of Illinois, Chicago Chicago





If you are an exhibitor, please click here for more informationLab supplies sales

 See article about midwest shows last year here. 


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