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Laser Equipment Vendors Invited to Exhibit at Select University Photonics Events

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Mar 22, 2017

Selling Laser equipment and Medical laser equipment in Southern California?

Laser Equipment Vendors Are Now Invited to Exhibit Research Products at Select Photonics Focused University Events

If your company produces hardware or software used in any aspect of light research, application, or development, these research product marketing events are for you. By attending one of these premier Photonics Focused Shows , you are provided with a unique opportunity to:

    • Gain visibility for your brand and products
    • Participate in end-user product education & professional networking
    • Increase bottom line sales

Sell Laser equipment

Trade shows continue to be a cost-effective way to promote your services and showcase your products.

You can
      • Demonstrate your products
      • Distribute product samples
      • Answer product and research protocol questions
      • Address nonverbal communication clues
      • Overcome objections
      • Network with industry professionals
      • Establish personal relationships with your customers


Laser equipment at University Photonics Vendor Show

We invite your company to meet with top funded researchers a these upcoming Events:

Table Top Shows with Physics/Photonics Interest:
2017 Scheduled Photonics Focused Shows (Call to book exhibit space)
Dates Institution City State
04/20/2017 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles CA
06/07/2017 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley CA
08/10/2017 University of Rochester, New York Rochester NY
08/24/2017 University of California, San Diego San Diego CA
10/26/2017 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles CA
11/03/2017 University of Arizona, Tucson Tucson AZ

 Looking to participate in these events,and increase your bottom line research laser equipment sales? Click below:

Get more info about Academic Photonics Shows

Laser equipment sales at Berkeley photonics show


 Want more info?

See our 2017 Photonics Special - extended to April 15 - Click here.


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