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NY Researchers: Discover New Lab Equipment at Scientific Product Events

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, May 12, 2017

Attending an upcoming New York BioResearch Product Faire™ Event. New York area life science researchers:

Are you interested in discovering new laboratory tools and technologies that are available to use in your labs?

Would you like to meet with dozens of different life science companies, all in one place, to learn about how these new products will benefit your lab work?

If so, mark your calendars for September and visit the upcoming New York BioResearch Product Fair Events coming in this September. These product discovery opportunities will be held at Stony Brook University, Columbia University , and in the vacinity of Cornell & Rockefeller Universities.


 See what NY researchers say about past events:

"I was invited to this vendor show via email and boy am I glad that I attended! I am thankful for the opportunity to learn more about Biotechnology Nucleo counter. This will be instrumental in my immunology lab for PBMC counting and processing. Great job guys!" - B. B., Rockefeller University BCI event

"The event was very informative. In the lab, we are so used to working with old equipment and it is exciting to see the new technologies out there. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see the future of scientific research." - D. L., The Armory Track and Field BCI event

"I was very impressed with this product fair. The vendors were very friendly and informative. There are a few products I may purchase in the near future that I discovered today. Thanks!" - M. E., Stony Brook University BCI event

"This show was very helpful for us and allowed us to obtain new samples to try new experiments. I also got important information about the advanced imaging equipment." - R. X., Rockefeller University BCI event


See What's New in the World of Life Science Tools and Technologies

These popular events provide researchers, PI's, lab managers, professors, post docs, grad students, purchasing agents, and other lab staff with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with sales reps in a professional and friendly environment. Instead of traveling door-to-door and interrupting your work, sales reps from different companies will be in one room, making it convenient for you to speak with them on your own time.

Life science researchers network at a past NY BioResearch Product Faire™ Event.


Stony Brook Researchers Discover New Antifungal Drugs

Columbia Researcher Identifies New Gene Involved in Color Blindness

Rockefeller Researchers Make Advances with HIV Vaccine

Stony Brook's Research Facilities to Expand in 2016

$18 Million to Renowned Columbia University Cancer Center, HICCC

By attending a BioResearch Product FaireEvent at one of these three locations, New York life science researchers are able to:

  • Discover new products and technologies you did not know were available to you. 
  • Learn about new companies, brands, and supplies available for your use. 
  • Compare different science tools and companies to see what best fits your needs. 
  • Express product concerns, ask questions, and get quick responses. 
  • Get samples to bring back to your lab and schedule equipment demos with companies from the event so your lab can decide what equipment is the most needed
  • Save lab time in the future by meeting with numerous lab suppliers in one place, instead of meeting with them individually in your lab, while you're trying to work.
  • Network with fellow researchers from different departments and buildings across campus to learn about other research being conducted at your university and connect with industry professionals with access to decades of life science knowledge and education.

Discover new laboratory products at a New York BioResearch Product Faire™ Event.

Stony Brook University

Researchers: Register to Attend Stony Brook Event

Researchers who attend the Stony Brook University event have the opportunity to meet with lab suppliers as well as network with 200+ life scientists in the area to learn about their work and make lasting connections.

To learn more about attending  this complimentary life science event, visit the ink below. You can also pre-register to save time at the door:

Armory Track and Field (adjacent to Columbia University)

Researchers Attend Columbia Event


By attending this event, Columbia University scientists have the chance to network with over 325 area researchers to learn about their work, as well as the chance to learn about dozens of the best and newest laboratory products available.

To learn more about attending  this complimentary life science event, visit the ink below. You can also pre-register to save time at the door.

Rockefeller Cornell Event

Researchers: Attend Rockefeller Event

 Along with meeting lab suppliers with different available products, researchers at this event are able to network with other New York area life scientists from a wide variety of academic departments and on-campus research buildings.

To learn more about attending  this complimentary life science event, visit the ink below. You can also pre-register to save time at the door.

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