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Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Apr 19, 2018


Every year, billions of dollars are granted, awarded and donated to life science research institutions around the United States.

At dozens of institutions across the nation, public and private funding regularly provides for the purchase of new lab equipment and construction of new research facilities.

Lab Suppliers using the Science Market Update blog can stay five steps ahead of the competition by reading about the latest research funding and life science news.

Valuable information about new developments in the life science industry is offered free by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. in order to help you market your lab products and network with active researchers. This complimentary news service is available by RSS and e-mail subscription, and is updated daily to keep you informed about current research projects and awards.

Are you interested in gaining new marketing opportunities, expanding your professional network and increasing lab equipment sales? Start by following the Free Science Market Update Blog, then consider becoming an exhibitor at one of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.’s lab product sales events at universities around the nation.

Why should you subscribe to this complimentary news service?


1. Easily select markets for your products – Selecting a market for your products begins with knowing what kind of research is most popular and receives the best funding, and where that research is being conducted. The Science Market Update offers insights about the latest research programs, where they are being conducted, the amount of funding they receive and how they are spending it.

 2. Network with life science researchers and industry professionals – Just as the longest journey begins with a single step, beginning a conversation with a researcher at a vendor show begins with knowing the latest industry developments. By staying up to date on programs at a targeted institution, speaking the language and having access to relevant information, you build rapport with researchers that are crucial to your sales success.

3. Tailor your sales to the needs of the researcher – If you’re already familiar with the type of research a department at a university conducts, you can tailor your sales to researchers within those departments based on the equipment they will need. By demonstrating your awareness of their department’s specific goals, you will instill trust and impart valuable knowledge to those who rely on your products to further their important research.

lab4. Market your products efficiently –Save yourself time and money by reading about specific life science markets ahead of time. Staying up to date on current bioresearch projects is a great way to make sure that your products are compatible with researchers’ goals, budget and needs. 

5. Recognize and capitalize on industry trends – Research goals and trends are constantly changing. Reading the latest life science news keeps you informed about current industry trends in order to get a clear picture of what researchers will be doing with the products and services you offer.

These are just a few good reasons to stay informed on life science news, offered free and daily by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Subscribe to Science Market Update via RSS feed or e-mail subscription by clicking the button below.

06-csufcOnce you identify your top markets you can increase your lab sales by meeting face to face with active researchers at a university of your choice. We invite you to look at the upcoming schedule then click on a specific show link to learn more and get in depth funding statistics for any university on the calendar.

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