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Duke Expanding Research Capabilities with New Medical Science Building

Posted by Laura Braden on Fri, Jul 15, 2016

Entrance to the Duke University Medical Center. Duke University is a leading research institution, with hundreds of life science researchers conducting cutting-edge research throughout the university's dozens of research centers, buildings, and departments. In order to accommodate all of the research being conducted, the university recently begun construction on a new $103 million, 155,000-square-foot research building. (Image of the entrance to the Duke University Medical Center courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, in the Public Domain)

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Duke Researchers Study Skin Regeneration with Technicolor Zebrafish

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Apr 05, 2016

Researchers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina have been studying how cells regenerate skin tissue through the use of genetically engineered, technicolor zebrafish.

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Tags: Duke University, Southern, Durham, NC, Duke, 2016, BioResearch Product Faire, Zebrafish, Skin regeneration

Emory Scientist Receives $1.6 Million for Aging and Cancer Research

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Jan 26, 2016

Life science research at Emory University. As people get older, their bodies become more susceptible to certain diseases. Cancer, among others, is a disease that becomes more common as people age. David S. Yu, M.D., Ph.D from Emory University was recently awarded $1.6 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study the gene SIRT2 and how it can be manipulated to control the effects of aging and prevent cancer. 

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Tags: Emory University, Aging, cancer research, Southern, Emory, Atlanta, GA, 2016, BioResearch Product Faire

Athens Scientist Granted $2.1M for Vitamin Research

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Dec 28, 2015

University of Georgia, AthensThe vitamin B-12, which is vital to human nutrition, is a very complex coenzyme that is produced by many microorganisms. Along with having an impact on the development of the human nervous system and preventing certain diseases, B-12 is also needed by human pathogens, like salmonella, for intestinal infections.

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Tags: University of Georgia, Southern, UGA, Athens, GA, NIH funding, BioResearch Product Faire, B-12, Vitamin Research

Emory Researchers Find Anti-Cancer Potential in Lichens and Rhubarb

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Nov 30, 2015

An orange pigment found in rhubarb and lichens has the potential to treat cancer. Cancer affects the majority of the population in one way or another, through knowing someone with cancer, being exposed to it in the media, or having it oneself. Cancer treatments and cures are some of the most well funded and highly researched areas in the life sciences. Researchers at the Winshop Cancer Institute at Emory University in Atlanta, GA recently discovered that an orange pigment, called parietin or physcion, that is found in lichens and rhubarb has potential to be used as an anti-cancer drug.

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Tags: Emory University, Leukemia, cancer research, Southern, Cancer Treatment, Emory, BioResearch Product Faire Event, Atlanta, GA, Southern Region, 2016, Parietin, physcion

$2.3 Million Awarded to Florida Scientists for Huntington's Disease Research

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Nov 09, 2015

Market lab supplies to active life scientists at the University of South Florida in Tamps in January, 2016.Huntington's Disease is a devastating, hereditary neurological disease that affects movement and mental activity. Currently, there are no cures for Huntington's Disease, and current treatments are only able to alleviate symptoms. This disease is heavily studied by researchers across the nation, and millions of dollars are given to Huntington's Disease research annually to work towards better understanding the onset and function of the disease to lead to potential treatments and cures. 

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Tags: Southern, FL, Florida, Tampa, BioResearch Product Faire Event, Huntington's Disease, 2016, University of South Florida, USF

$3.24 Million Awarded to UGA for Life Science Graduate Programs

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Nov 02, 2015

UGA is a leading life science research marketplace. The University of Georgia, Athens has a multitude of life science programs and centers that train both undergraduate and graduate students to become the world-class scientists. Some of these training programs include:

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Tags: University of Georgia Athens, Southern, UGA, BioResearch Product Faire Event, Athens, GA, new funding, 2016, Emerging disease, Disease ecology, Tropical disease

Emory Bioresearchers Learn Why Many HIV Vaccines Cause More Infections Than They Heal

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Feb 24, 2015

Since the Human Immunodeficiany Virus (HIV) emerged as a global health problem, researchers have been diligently working to discover new vaccines to treat the disease. However, many of the current treatments for HIV tend to cause more infections and further damage instead of working as a cure. 

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Tags: Emory University, HIV, vaccine research, Southern, 2015, Emory, BioResearch Product Faire Event, Atlanta, GA, AIDS vaccine research, Yerkes National Primate Research Center

Breakthroughs in Type 1 Diabetes at Emory University

Posted by David Larsen on Wed, Feb 11, 2015

When the level of blood glucose, also called blood sugar, rises after a meal, the pancreas responds by releasing insulin into the bloodstream. Insulin helps cells throughout the body absorb glucose from the bloodstream and use it for energy.

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Tags: Emory University, University of Georgia Athens, Diabetes, Southern, Georgia, 2015, Emory, UGA, BioResearch Product Faire Event, Atlanta, GA

UGA and Emory Receiving $45 Million for Collaborative Research Projects

Posted by Laura Braden on Wed, Jan 28, 2015

The University of Georgia in Athens and Emory University in Atlanta are two powerhouse research institutions, both receiving millions of dollars in annual funding to support research projects. Not only are researchers at these 2 universities hard at work on their own projects, but researchers from both institutions are also hard at work on collaborative projects between the schools. 

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Tags: Emory University, University of Georgia, Southern, 2015, Emory, UGA, BioResearch Product Faire Event, Athens, Atlanta, GA, Collaborative research projects

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