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$3.24 Million Awarded to UGA for Life Science Graduate Programs

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Nov 02, 2015

UGA is a leading life science research marketplace. The University of Georgia, Athens has a multitude of life science programs and centers that train both undergraduate and graduate students to become the world-class scientists. Some of these training programs include:

  • Cancer Research
  • Complex Carbohydrate Research
  • Molecular Medicine Research
  • Veterinary Medicine
Thanks to 2 recent grants awarded to the university, graduate training in the life science fields will be further supported and increased in Athens, Georgia, due to a $2.99 million NSF grant and a $1.25 million NIH grant.

$2.99 Million for Disease Ecology

The National Science Foundation recently awarded the University of Georgia a five year grant worth up to $2.99 million to establish a new graduate training program in disease ecology which will begin training students in 2016.

The new training program, which will be part of the department of infectious disease, aims to teach students the importance of understanding the ecological context where hosts and pathogens interact in an effort to gain a better understanding of how infectious diseases emerge and spread on a larger scale.

The $2.99 million grant is part of the NSF Traineeship Program, a program that focuses on providing students with interdisciplinary education across the sciences, math and engineering fields with a focus on critical research skills and needs.

Vanessa Ezenwa, associate professor in the department of Infectious Disease at the Odum School of Ecology and College of Veterinary Medicine explained that "our goal is that when they're done, these students will understand the principles of infectious disease ecology across scales, and have the skills and global perspective to tackle the most pressing infectious disease problems of our time."

Researchers and lab suppliers discuss new products to further research work.

$1.25 Million for Tropical, Emerging Global Disease


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With a newly awarded five year grant of $1.25 million, graduate and post-doc students at UGA will be supported in their study of tropical, emerging global disease.

The Center of Tropical, Emerging Global Diseases (CTEGD) at the University of Georgia, Athens involves researchers from multiple departments and colleges. Many students and graduates go on to work on international collaboration projects. 

"The breadth and culture of our program instills trainees with the ability to not only translate basic scientific findings into tool development and the implementation of interventions, but also to identify and formulate fundamental research questions beyond the context of parasitic disease itself," explained Cellular Biology professor Silvia Moreno. 

The University of Georgia, Athens

Life scientists at the University of Georgia, Athens are extremely active and highly-funded for their research. With more than $45.6 million in active funding in 2014 supporting a wide variety of research projects,research projects across the life sciences are greatly supported in Athens. Departments receiving substantial amounts of NIH funding include:

  1. Public Health and Preventative Medicine - $6.2 million
  2. Microbiology, Immunology and Virology - $5 million
  3. Pharmacology -$4.2 million
  4. Biochemistry - $4.2 million

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