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UCLA Researchers: New Evidence for Novel Method of Cancer Metastasis

Posted by Greg Paul on Fri, Aug 26, 2016

Researchers from UCLA and partnering schools guided by Laurent Bentolila found evidence supporting the spread of malignant cells through angiotropism with vascular co-option, and even suggested they may be related or identical processes.  These findings were published in Nature Scientific Reports. With angiotropism being the ability for cells to travel along surface of blood vessels, but not be inside of them, also called extravascular migratory metastasis (EVMM) and vascular co-option being the ability for a tumor to use a blood supply and travel along it, this means cancer has an outlet to spread outside of the bloodstream.  The spread outside of the bloodstream means some current methods of treating cancer would be ineffective.

“... if the metastasizing cells are on the outside of the blood vessels, they escape exposure to the treatment and continue to spread cancer.”

-Laurent A. Bentolila

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Madison Lab Detects Alzheimer's Early

Posted by Sam Asher on Thu, Feb 28, 2013

When it comes to identifying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, every minute counts. Often it’s not even possible to determine whether a person is afflicted with it until it’s too late: that is, once symptoms start to show. A promising study at the University of Wisconsin, Madison suggests that there exists a way to diagnose Alzheimer’s before the onset of symptoms, not after.

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Checking Health With Sweat at the University of Cincinnati

Posted by Sam Asher on Thu, Feb 21, 2013

A goal that many are working toward in the biotechnology field is to gather the maximum biological information about people using the least invasive practices. Ultimately, we would like to be able to simply scan ourselves with a little machine and instantly get a full report on our health for personal and doctor use. Moving forward on those lines is the University of Cincinnati, where a research team has announced a unique and unlikely candidate for the job: a portable, adhesive sweat analyzer.

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Utah Entrepreneurial Laboratory Cultures Successful Salt Lake Tech Startups

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Tue, Jun 19, 2012

Utah tech laboratoryThe University of Utah has explored and expoited a number of successful strategies to commercialize its intellectual capital in recent years. Their tech commercialization office is tireless in promoting its proprietary scientific solutions (see last month's blog: Science "Speed Teching" Drives Rapid Commercialization in Utah). But now we're starting to hear about another seriously innovative and fast-moving "laboratory" for cultivating new Salt Lake businesses, and it's a fairly new entity from the U of U's David Eccles School of Business called The Foundry. Instead of creating companies or corporate leaders, the Foundry is a hands-on training program designed to produce entrepreneurs who can identify a successful startup product/business and put together a qualified team to launch and run it.

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$500,000 Biomedical Research Prize Awarded to Rockefeller Cell Biology Pioneers

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Mon, May 14, 2012

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Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Research Facility Named Lab of the Year

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Mon, Mar 12, 2012


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Bio Research Facilities & Equipment Optimized at UC Irvine Smart Labs

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Imagine how much more territory you could explore if so much of your budget didn't have to go for gas. That's the thinking behind both the Better Buildings Challenge issued by the DOE and the University of California Irvine's new and retrofitted Smart Labs, which are getting a lot of attention nationwide for their success at cutting building inefficiencies and expenses by upwards of 50%.  So what makes a Smart Lab so smart? What did building system engineers find when they put their bio research facilities and equipment under the microscope?

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Modular Research Labs: Why They're Good for Business and Science

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Fri, Feb 03, 2012

The perfect laboratory probably only exists in theory.  The most meticulously-designed lab space, outfitted without sparing expense, will be ideal only until needs change, focus shifts, or growth is required.  That's why lab planners are abandoning perfection for flexibility, and the form that flexibility takes is often modular.  Modular labs can be whole buildings or rooms fabricated off-site and installed to spec, or they can be labs within a solid structure that have been designed with modular concepts to allow for future reconfiguration.

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Life Science Researchers Willing to Pay More for Green Lab Products

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Jan 25, 2012

In the research science world, green is a gradient, it is a starting place from which to move in a more sustainable direction. It’s also a gradient that researchers are willing to pay more for.  Over 95% of the researchers we surveyed at an on campus life science marketing event said they would be willing to pay more for green chemistry products.

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Science Fiction "Carmageddon" Prompts Emergency Measures at UCLA

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Jul 13, 2011

Last month we blogged about UCLA's School of Public Affairs and its role in engaging community, business, academic, and local government bodies in productive discourse about LA's future as a city.  The outlook was optimistic, even going so far as to envision bike paths and community parks people would walk to socialize with neighbors.  Public transit would be so good that cars would be optional, not the sine qua non of LA life.

science fiction laNow, rather sooner than one might have wished, that vision of a less-car-dependent populace is being put to the test.  It's being called Carmageddon, the closure of the 405 Fwy through the heart of LA for an entire weekend this July 15th (at midnight) through the 17th.  What will this human science experiment in the living laboratory tell us about Angelenos' prognosis for survival in a more sustainable world?
According to a UCLA Newsroom report entitled "The Day the 405 Stood Still":  
ucla medical centerAt UCLA, shutting down is not an option: With a major hospital to run, summer camps to attend and petri-dish experiments to keep alive, university officials expect 8,000 to 10,000 people on campus.
UCLA Today in its "UCLA braces for Carmageddon" piece adds:
More than 1,900 hospital employees will keep UCLA’s two hospitals purring, with several hundred doctors, nurses and other staff bunking in campus residence halls in case of an emergency. Roughly 200 children will attend long-ago promised sports camps, about 200 MBA students start classes, and 150 teachers from China will arrive at LAX to begin teacher-training on campus.
UCLA Medical Center's response to the potential nightmare is to put itself on high alert, take measures to see that it continues to function normally, and make on-campus housing available for commuting staff "in case of an emergency."  Presumably that emergency would be impassable roads.  They don't seem to anticipate an influx of patients as a result of the freeway closure, though the way the event is being imagined in science fiction terms makes it sound like casualties are inevitable.  Will road rage turn into rioting and looting?  Will there be a mass psychiatric meltdown?  Will people trip on the unfamiliar laces of their walking shoes?  Rest assured, more police will be out (on bicycles?), according to UCLA Today's article:
The UCPD and UCLA Transportation are among the departments scheduling extra staff to make sure everything runs smoothly, and both UCPD and the LAPD are considering overnighting in UCLA dorms.
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