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$78.5M For New Research Facilities at University of Michigan

Posted by Emily Olson on Fri, Nov 11, 2016

A $78 million project to renovate two empty buildings at the former pharmaceutical research complex at the University of Michigan, known as the North Campus Research Complex, was recently approved by the UM board of regents. The 101,000 square feet of renovated space will be used to create more than 50 modern research laboratories for UM Medical School researchers.

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UCSF Receives $24M from NSF for New Research Center

Posted by Emily Olson on Wed, Oct 05, 2016

The National Science Foundation has awarded $24 million to create the Center for Cellular Construction; a new bioengineering center based at UC San Francisco. The cutting edge interdisciplinary center will transform the field of cell biology by bringing together cell biologists, engineers, physicists, and computer scientists to create machines made out of living cells. 

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UMinn Opens New Microbiology Research Building

Posted by Laura Braden on Wed, Mar 16, 2016

The University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesResearch institutions around the country are continually expanding their research capabilities by constructing new research buildings and establishing new research departments, providing researchers with the ability to make advances on pressing research questions. USC recently established a new Translational Genomics Department and UPenn has opened a new Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics.

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UCSF Granted $20M for HIV Research Institute

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Jan 11, 2016

UCSF Mission BaySince HIV/AIDS emerged as a global health problem in the 1980's, researchers have been diligently working to create new treatments and vaccines for the disease. Currently, there is no cure for the disease, and treatments can only suppress it. Because of its severity and broad reach, scientists around the world receive substantial funding each year to study this virus in order to gain a more thorough understanding and better combat it. Now, thanks to an award from the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), researchers at the University of California, San Francisco will be able to study the virus in a new $20 million institute, located on the Mission Bay campus, for the next five years.
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WUSTL Opens New Regenerative Medicine Research Center

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Dec 29, 2015

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.Life science research institutions around the country are constantly expanding and providing more space and opportunity for researchers to conduct their work. Recently, Baylor St. Luke's at the Texas Medical Center announced the construction of a new medical campus that was underway and UGA opened a new Veterinary Research Center earlier this year. Washington University in St. Louis is also expanding research space, with a newly opened Center for Regenerative Medicine.

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USC Gifted $10M for New Bioscience Center

Posted by Robert Larkin on Tue, Sep 08, 2015


The University of Southern California is expanding yet again, thanks in part to a recent $10 million gift from USC Trustee Malcolm Currie and his wife, Barbara. The gift will help support the Keck School of Medicine of USC, as well as construction of the new USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience.

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$10M Donated to Ohio State to Establish New Center for Brain Health

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Jun 22, 2015

University Hall, Ohio State University in Columbus.With the assistance of a recent $10 million contribution to Ohio State University, donors Stan and Joan Ross are helping to establish the Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Center for Brain Health and Performance. Once open, this center will coincide with the Brain and Spine Hospital currently being constructed at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center that is slated to open in 2016. (Image courtesy of Nheyob via Wikimedia Commons). 

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USC Pulmonary Receives $7.5M for New Bioresearch Center

Posted by Robert Larkin on Tue, Jun 02, 2015

lungxrayScientists and health care professionals involved in pulmonary research at University of Southern California are getting a breath of fresh air, and a new building, thanks to a recent grant from The Hastings Foundation.

It was recently announced that the foundation would give a five-year, $7.5 million gift to USC to develop the Hastings Center for Pulmonary Research at Keck Medicine of USC.

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UW Madison Receives $8.3 Million to Establish Urology Research Center

Posted by Laura Braden on Fri, Mar 27, 2015

University of Wisconsin, MadisonThe prostate can cause problems for many men as they age, and some of these problems do not yet have solid treatments that can help with the problems. With the help of a recent $8.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in late 2014, the University of Wisconsin, Madison will be able to establish a new Urology Research Center that will focus on studying the prostate and some common diseases associated with it. 

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Mt. Sinai Receives $15M to Develop New Alzheimer's Research Center

Posted by Laura Braden on Fri, Jan 30, 2015

The Mount Sinai Health System in New York, composed of a medical school and seven hospitals throughout New York City, is a leading institution in life science research. Scientists here frequently produce leading research results and publish beneficial papers to the life sciences. Within the medical school and the hospitals, there are dozens of research centers and institutes that perform this world-class research.

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