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2015 Cell Symposia - Engineering the Brain (SfN Satellite)

Spotlight on Science Meetings, Conferences and Events brings you information on the following event: 2015 Cell Symposia - Engineering the Brain

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Tags: Research Symposia, Symposium, October, 2015, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering, October 2015

The International Symposium - Obstetric Anesthesia - Effect on Mother & Newborn

Symposium - Budapest, Hungary
A number of renowned international lecturers are invited to participate in the three-day event. Not only anesthetists, neonatologists and obstetricians, but midwives, neonatologist and anesthetist assistants are also welcome as participants and presenters at the symposium.
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Tags: Research Symposia, Medicine, Symposium, October, 2015, Hungary, Budapest, Life Sciences

EMBO|EMBL Symposium: Cellular Heterogeneity: Role of Variability & Noise in Biological Decision-Making

Symposium - Heidelberg, Germany
The purpose of this symposium is to bring together researchers across different disciplines with a shared interest in studying the origins and consequences of variability in biological systems, ranging from stochastic molecular fluctuations to emerging cell population-level phenomena.
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Tags: Microbiology, Research Symposia, April, Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, germany, Symposium, Heidelberg, 2015, Life Sciences

Golden Helix Symposia: Next-generation Pharmacogenomics

Symposium - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
The Golden Helix Symposia series are named after the house of Francis Crick (“The Golden Helix”; 19/20 Portugal Place, Cambridge, UK) to emphasize their focus on human genomics and personalized medicine.
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Tags: Research Symposia, University Research, March, Symposium, 2015, Malaysia, Life Sciences, Genomics, Genetics

Cell Symposium: Stem Cell Energetics

Symposium - Berkeley, CA, United States
Growing evidence shows that cellular metabolism underlies stem cell fate, including pluripotency, differentiation and reprogramming.
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Tags: 2014, CA, epigenetics, Research Symposia, United States, Symposium, Metabolism, December, Berkeley, Stem Cell, Life Science

Cell Symposia: Exercise Metabolism

Symposium - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This meeting will explore the biology of exercise from a whole-body perspective as to how the body and brain adapt its metabolism during exercise to the cellular level, looking at fuel use and how exercise induces browning of white fat.
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Tags: Research Symposia, July, Biology, Symposium, Metabolism, Amsterdam, 2015, Life Science

Cell Symposia: Translational Neuroscience

Symposium - Arlington, VA, United States
Diseases of the nervous system have a devastating impact on millions of people worldwide. Today, more than 5 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's disease, 1 million from Parkinson's, 30,000 from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and 30,000 from Huntington's disease.
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Tags: 2014, November, VA, Translational Research, Research Symposia, United States, Arlington, Neuroscience, Life Science

Cell Symposium - Hallmarks of Cancer: Asia

Symposium - Beijing, China
As one of the most investigated areas in biomedical research, the cancer field is rapidly advancing by translating biological insights towards better detection and therapeutics, including molecular classifications as well as immunotherapies.
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Tags: 2014, biomedical research, November, life science current events, cancer research, Research Symposia, Cancer, Symposium, Asia, Beijing, China

ESF/EMBO Symposium: 'Long Regulatory RNAs'


Symposium - Pultusk, Poland

Humans and worms show striking phenotypic differences despite the fact that both genomes encode a comparable number of protein coding genes (~20,000).

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Tags: 2014, Research Symposia, September, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Symposium, Poland, Pultusk, Life Sciences

Keystone Symposia: Positive Strand RNA Viruses

Positive Strand RNA Viruses

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Tags: 2013, evolution research, Research Symposia, US, May, Symposium, evolution symposium, keystone symposia, biology research, Boston, Conference, MA, Life Science

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