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Epigenetic and Metabolic Regulation of Aging and Aging-Related Diseases


Conference - Santa Fe, United States

This meeting will cover the most exciting questions at the forefront of the field of aging: How can external stimuli delay aging in a long-lasting, yet reversible, manner?

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Tags: Aging, Immunology, Biology, United States, Molecular Biology, May, keystone symposia, Santa Fe, Life Sciences, Conference, 2016

Stem Cells and Regeneration in the Digestive Organs

Conference - Keystone, CO, United States
This meeting brings together a broad representation of scientists researching stem cells from the interrelated fields of the digestive system.
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Tags: March, United States, Developmental Biology, Development, Keystone, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference, CO, 2016

Islet Biology: from Cell Birth to Death


Conference - Keystone, CO, United States


The specific goals of this meeting are to present unpublished data that covers critical knowledge gaps in the field of islet biology, evaluate the state of the art of novel therapeutics for diabetes, including cell replacement therapies, and provide training for young investigators in the field.

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Tags: March, Biology, United States, Metabolism, Keystone, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference, CO, 2016

Cancer Vaccines: Targeting Cancer Genes for Immunotherapy


Conference - Whistler, Canada
The future immunotherapy of cancer lies in combination approaches targeting T cells as well as cancer genes to combat underlying inflammation.
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Tags: immunotherapy, Cancer, Canada, March, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference, Whistler, 2016

Tuberculosis Co-Morbidities and Immunopathogenesis

Conference - Keystone, CO, United States
The focus of this meeting is on co-morbidities that are major driving factors in the TB pandemic and that may cause informative perturbations of immunity.
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Tags: Immunology, March, Keystone, February, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference, CO, 2016

Diabetes: New Insights into Molecular Mechanisms & Therapeutic Strategies

Conference - Kyoto, Japan
The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is rising to epidemic proportions worldwide.
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Tags: Diabetes, Metabolism, October, Japan, 2015, Kyoto, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference

Human Nutrition, Environment and Health

Conference - Beijing, China
Understanding interactions of nutrition and lifestyle with an individual’s genetic makeup is vital for maintaining health and delaying disease onset.
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Tags: Physiology, Biology, October, Environment, 2015, Beijing, keystone symposia, Health Science, China, Life Sciences, Conference, Genomics, Genetics

Molecular Pathogenesis: Mechanisms of Infectious Disease

Conference - Keystone, CO, United States
This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) focuses on exciting and groundbreaking research on viral, bacterial, fungal, prion, and protozoal pathogens. Importantly, regardless of their taxonomic differences, microbes confront similar barriers from the host innate and acquired immune systems.
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Tags: Microbiology, infectious diseases, July, United States, Research Conference, Keystone, 2015, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, science research, CO

The 2015 Keystone Symposia Meeting - Autophagy

Symposium - Breckenridge, CO, United States

Autophagy is an essential catabolic process that plays important roles in cell stress management and nutrient homeostasis.
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Tags: June, cell biology, United States, Symposium, 2015, keystone symposia, Breckenridge, Life Sciences, CO

The 2015 Keystone Symposia Meeting - MicroRNAs & Noncoding RNAs in Cancer

Symposium - Keystone, CO, United States
MicroRNAs and other noncoding RNAs have recently emerged as key regulators of gene expression during development and are frequently mis-expressed in human disease states, in particular cancer.
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Tags: June, RNA research, cancer research, Cancer, United States, Keystone, 2015, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, CO

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