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2nd International Congress on Advances in Food Chemistry and Technology

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Tags: Canada, September, Metabolism, Toronto, Life Sciences, Current Science Meetings and Events, 2018, Food Technology, September 2018, Food Chemistry

World Congress on Human Placenta, Fetal Nutrition, and Metabolism

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Tags: Nevada, USA, Metabolism, October, Pediatrics, Las Vegas, Life Sciences, Current Science Meetings and Events, 2018, october 2018, Fetal Nutrition, Fertility, Human Placenta

Islet Biology: from Cell Birth to Death


Conference - Keystone, CO, United States


The specific goals of this meeting are to present unpublished data that covers critical knowledge gaps in the field of islet biology, evaluate the state of the art of novel therapeutics for diabetes, including cell replacement therapies, and provide training for young investigators in the field.

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Tags: March, Biology, United States, Metabolism, Keystone, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference, CO, 2016

LIPID MAPS 2016 Annual Meeting: Lipidomics Impact on Cell Metabolic, Cancer, Cardiovascular & Inflammatory Diseases


Meeting - La Jolla, CA, United States
This is an exciting time for the emerging field of lipidomics.
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Tags: CA, cardiovascular research, Cancer, United States, Research Meeting, May, Metabolism, La Jolla, 2016

Cell Symposia: Aging and Metabolism


Symposium - Sitges, Spain
The word "aging" encompasses a range of physiological changes in humans, human tissues, and constituent cells.
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Tags: Aging, cell biology, July, Symposium, Metabolism, Spain, Sitges, Life Sciences, 2016

Diabetes: New Insights into Molecular Mechanisms & Therapeutic Strategies

Conference - Kyoto, Japan
The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is rising to epidemic proportions worldwide.
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Tags: Diabetes, Metabolism, October, Japan, 2015, Kyoto, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference

RNA Metabolism in Neurological Disease (10th Brain Research Conference)

Conference - Chicago, United States
The 10th Brain Research Conference will bring together an expert speaker line-up
, basic and clinical scientists to discuss the role of perturbed RNA metabolism in neurological diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), frontotemporal dementia (FTD), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), repeat expansion disorders, and others.
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Tags: RNA research, brain research, United States, Molecular Biology, Research Conference, Metabolism, October, 2015, Health Science, Neuroscience, Chicago, Life Sciences, Conference, Neurology, IL

Cancer and Metabolism 2015

Conference - Cambridge, United Kingdom
This conference will cover major aspects of metabolic transformation in cancer and will highlight potential therapeutic approaches to target cancer-specific metabolic pathways.
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Tags: United Kingdom, Cancer, September, Metabolism, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference, Cambridge

3rd International Conference on ImmunoMetabolism: Molecular & Cellular Immunology of Metabolism

Conference - Chania, Greece
Obesity and its co-morbidities, including atherosclerosis, insulin resistance and diabetes, are a world-wide epidemic.
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Tags: Immunology, Biochemistry, September, Greece, Metabolic Diseases, Metabolism, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference

2015 International Conference on Metabolic & Endocrine Disorders

Conference - Shanghai, China
2015 International Conference on Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders (ICMED 2015) will be held from September 18 to 20, 2015 in Shanghai, China.
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Tags: cell biology, September, Metabolism, Shanghai, Endocrinology, 2015, China, Life Sciences, Conference

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