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Biologically Active Compounds in Food

Conference - Lodz, Poland
Polish Association of Food Technologists – local branch in Lodz, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science – Lodz University of Technology, and Academy of Business and Health Sciences in Lodzwould like to invite you to the international scientific conference Biologically Active Compounds in Food, held on 15-16th October 2015 in Lodz, Poland.
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Tags: Poland, October, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference, Biotechnology, scientific conference

4th International Conference on Man-Machine Interactions, ICMMI 2015

Conference - Targanice, Andrychów, Poland
This conference covers the whole spectrum of theory and practice of man-machine interactions, focusing on automatic knowledge acquisition and processing employed in decision support systems, constantly evolving computational techniques, specialised user interfaces accessible also for disabled, and artificial intelligence methods applied in such areas as computer vision or biosciences.
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Tags: Poland, October, Computer Science, 2015, Engineering, Conference

ISOBM 2015 Oncology in the Biomarker Era: Biology - Diagnostics - Therapy

Congress - Zakopane, Poland
The theme of the 42nd Congress of the ISOBMlinks all fields of cancer research and oncology. Scientists, laboratory medicine specialists and clinicians will have an opportunity to present their latest findings in cancer research, diagnosis and clinical oncology. Interdisciplinary and innovative approaches are much welcome.
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Tags: cancer research, Immunology, Cancer, Congress, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Poland, October, 2015, Life Sciences, Genomics, Genetics

18 International Krutyn Summer School 2015 on "Frontiers in Nanoplasmonics"

Conference - Piecki, Poland
The XVIIIth International Krutyn Summer School – "Frontiers in Nanoplasmonics"- is organized by the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland.
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Tags: Nanoscience, September, Chemical Sciences, Poland, October, 2015, Conference, Nanomaterials

8th Symposium of the Polish Bioinformatics Society

Conference - Lublin, Poland
This annual event is a flagship of the Society.
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Tags: September, Symposium, Poland, Computer Science, 2015, Conference

7th NEB Meeting on DNA Restriction & Modification

Conference - Gdansk, Poland
This meeting will cover all aspects of the biochemistry of restriction endonucleases and DNA/RNA methyltransferases; epigenetics in bacteria and higher organisms; and engineered enzymes for gene targeting and genome modification.
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Tags: DNA Research, Research Meeting, August, Poland, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference, Biotechnology

The role of UV printing as an eco-friendly solution

Webinar - Warsaw, Poland
This webinar is hosted by DecoPLANET, a company specializing in cutting-edge printing technologies for creating unique decoration designs.
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Tags: current technology event, August, Webinar, Poland, Warsaw, 2015

6th International Weigl Conference on Microbiology

Conference - Gdansk, Poland
This series of Conferences is dedicated to Professor Rudolf Weigl, a great man, scientist (microbiologist and an immunologist), and humanist.
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Tags: Virology, Microbiology, Immunology, University Research, July, Molecular Biology, Poland, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference, Vaccinology

Third EuCheMS Inorganic Chemistry Conference "Chemistry over the horizon"

Conference - Wrocław, Poland
Conference topics will cover:
  • Supramolecular and coordination chemistry
  • Organometallics and catalysis
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Tags: June, July, Chemical Sciences, Chemistry, Poland, 2015, Conference

Frontiers in Cancer Prevention: Fulfilled Promises, Translational Challenges & Future Directions

Conference - Gdańsk, Poland
Given the steady increase in global cancer incidence and associated morbidity and mortality, novel strategies to combat these diseases are required, such as innovative therapies and effective prevention, including chemoprevention.
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Tags: June, Cancer, Poland, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference

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