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Translational Stem Cell Research Conference

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2016 ASH Meeting on Lymphoma Biology


Meeting - Colorado Springs, CO, United States

The ASH Meeting on Lymphoma Biology brings together experts from around the world to discuss the latest breakthroughs in basic and translational lymphoma research, address current challenges in the field, and exchange ideas on how to move the field forward.

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Tags: Current Biotechnology Events, June, Translational Research, United States, Research Meeting, Health Care, Biotechnology, CO, 2016

14th Annual Congress on Targetted Anticancer Therapies


Congress - Washington, DC, United States
TAT congresses are annual meetings on new molecular targets and innovative cancer therapeutics in the early phases of clinical development, supplemented by associated translational research.
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Tags: Washington DC, Washington, Translational Research, Cancer, March, Congress, United States, Life Sciences, 2016, cancer therapy

12th UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Industry/Academia Translational Oncology Symposium


Symposium - La Jolla, CA, United States


The annual Industry/Academia Translational Oncology Symposium at Moores Cancer Center, now celebrating its 12th year, was created to support multi-modality collaborations and foster new partnerships in order to speed new therapies to patients.

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Tags: CA, Translational Research, United States, Symposium, February, San Diego, UC San Diego, La Jolla, 2016

3rd Caribbean Biomedical Research Days CBRD-2016


Conference - St. Lucia, West Indies

International 3-day conference focusing on translational biomedical research and education.

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Tags: biomedical research, Translational Research, January, Conference, 2016

Obesity & Pregnancy 2015

Conference - London, United Kingdom
The rise of obesity in developed countries, including amongst women of reproductive age, means that discussing obesity’s impact on pregnancy could not be more important.
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Tags: Translational Research, United Kingdom, Physiology, London, October, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference

Aging: Cellular Mechanisms & Therapeutic Opportunities, a Herrenhausen Symposium

Conference - Hannover, Germany
This event is presented by Nature Medicine and the Volkswagen Foundation. It will be the eleventh conference in the Herrenhausen Symposia series.
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Tags: Aging, cell biology, Translational Research, September, germany, Symposium, 2015, Hannover, Life Sciences

EMBL Conference: Protein Synthesis and Translational Control

Conference - Heidelberg, Germany
Translational control is a major focus of attention that extends to many fields, including development, neurobiology, cell physiology, disease, synthetic and systems biology, etc. In addition to translation of messenger RNA, the conference will feature advances in the field of non-coding RNAs, both small (miRNA) and large (lncRNA), that influence the translation process and its machinery.
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Tags: Translational Research, September, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Protein, germany, Heidelberg, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference

13th International Symposium on Neural Transplantation & Repair

Symposium - Beijing, China
The theme of the Congress is “Translational Neural Repair - from experimental studies to clinical trials for the treatment of neurological diseases”.
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Tags: Translational Research, Congress, September, clinical trials, Symposium, 2015, Beijing, Neuroscience, China, Life Sciences, Neurology

12th UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center Industry/Academia Translational Oncology Symposium

Symposium - La Jolla, CA, United States
Industry Relations at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, a NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, builds relationships for collaborative translational oncology projects.
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Tags: University of California San Diego, cancer research, Translational Research, California, United States, Symposium, February, San Diego, UCSD, UC San Diego, La Jolla, 2016

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