Science Researcher Update: Spotlight on Meetings, Conferences, and Events

3rd Annual Symposium on RNA Science: Epitranscriptomics

Symposium - Albany, NY, United States
World class keynote speakers will cover topics including tRNA modification, mRNA modification, RNA visualization, and single molecule analysis.
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Tags: Science, University Research, Biochemistry, March, Biology, United States, Symposium, Chemistry, Structural Biology, Life Sciences, Genomics, Genetics, NY, RNA, 2016

3rd International Plant Physiology Congress

Congress - New Delhi, India
We cordially invite you to attend the “3rd international Plant Physiology Congress: Challenges and Strategies in Plant Biology Research” to be held from Dec11-14 in JNU, New Delhi, India.
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Tags: University Research, Plant science, Congress, India, December, 2015, New Delhi, Life Sciences, Plant Biology

3rd International Food Structures, Digestion & Health

Conference - Wellington, New Zealand
This international conference presents a new opportunity to bring together food industry professionals and world leading scientists from diverse disciplines with a common interest in food design that delivers better nutrition and improves consumer wellbeing.
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Tags: University Research, October, New Zealand, 2015, Conference

Symposium: What can Remote Sensing do for the Conservation of Wetlands?

Symposium - Seville, Spain
Wetlands are fragile and dynamic ecosystems sensitive to changes in climate and land-use, and rich in biodiversity. For centuries they were considered to have little or no value, and most have been drained or transformed.
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Tags: University Research, Symposium, October, Spain, Environment, 2015, Sevilla, Life Sciences, Ecology

Understanding Small Enterprises (USE2015) Conference

Conference - Groningen, Netherlands
Small businesses form the backbone of most economies and are attracting increased interest from academics, practitioners, consultants, social partners, government officials, and policy makers.
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Tags: University Research, Netherlands, October, 2015, Conference

Science of Eradication: Malaria A Leadership Development Course

Course - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Organized by the University of Sao Paulo in partnership with Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Swiss Tropical Camp; Public Health Institute, and Harvard University, the regional edition of the Science of Eradication: Malaria course will provide participants with a multidisciplinary perspective on global malaria disease eradication.
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Tags: Science, University Research, Medicine, September, Metabolic Diseases, October, Brazil, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, public health

ENVIRA2015: International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity

Conference - Thessaloniki, Greece
New Challenges with New Technologies
- New environmental radioactivity studies
- Fukushima impact on the environment
- Natural radionuclides
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Tags: University Research, September, Greece, Environment, Earth, 2015, Conference

Imaging Life 2015: Postgraduate Symposium

Symposium - Sheffield, United Kingdom
A FREE one day symposium for Bio-imaging sciences at the University of Sheffield, hosting talks by leading academics alongside POSTER and IMAGE COMPETITIONS for early career researchers.
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Tags: Microbiology, Microscopy, University Research, United Kingdom, Sheffield, September, Symposium, Imaging, 2015, Life Sciences

International Conference on Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds

Conference - Bordeaux, France
SPAC 2015 will focus on the research of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PACs) on multiple fronts of analytical measurements, toxicology, organic synthesis, human exposure and health effects, and environmental presences, sources, fate and transport.
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Tags: University Research, September, France, Chemical Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical Biology, 2015, Conference, Bordeaux, Spectroscopy

9th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves & Optics

Congress - Oxford, United Kingdom
The 9th International Congress on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics – Metamaterials 2015, will comprise a 4-day Conference (7–10 September), and a 2-day Doctoral School (11–12 September).
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Tags: science current events, Optics, University Research, United Kingdom, Congress, Physics, September, University of Oxford, 2015

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