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Big TX Science: Nearly $2 Billion and Meet 600 Researchers

Posted by BCI Staff on Tue, Aug 23, 2016

 As the largest state in the continental U.S. and the second most populous of all 50, it is no wonder that the Lone Star State is known for being BIG.  Among the big things in Texas, Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.'s BioResearch Product Faire™ events allow lab product supply companies to meet face to face with researchers from Texas A&M University, Texas Medical Center, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical, and Rice University. These universities compile nearly $2 billion in life science R & D expenditures.

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Arizona Scientific Sales: $1.59M for Lymphoma Research

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Jul 27, 2016

The University of Arizona, Tucson is known as a leader in research, bringing more than $588 million in research investment each year, and ranking 33rd among all public universities.  Recently, the National Cancer Institute awarded the University of Arizona a $1.59 million life science grant to study methods of combating drug resistance in lymphoma treatments.

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Fred Hutch Laboratory Sales: $238M for Cancer Research

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Jul 13, 2016

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is known as one of the nation’s leading cancer research facilities with three Nobel Laureates and other world-class scientists that are dedicated to prevention and treatment. The research center has 13 buildings, 15.2 acres, and more than 1.5 million square feet of facility space devoted to research and innovation.


(Image Courtesy of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.)


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Scientific Sales in Alabama: $29M for New Cancer Center

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Jul 08, 2016

The University of Alabama, Birmingham recently received a $29 million grant from the National Cancer Institute. The new funding will help support six research programs at the Comprehensive Cancer Center.  This center houses 242 members from 30 departments who have received over $90 million in funding. Learn more about the new grant here:

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Tags: cancer research, Alabama, Cancer, Biotechnology, UAlab, Birmingham, AL, 2016, BioResearch Product Faire™

University of Chicago Receives $5M for Cancer Research

Posted by Cat Girton on Wed, Apr 27, 2016

The Hospira Foundation recently donated $5M to the University of Chicago to establish a new Professorship in Oncology, greatly boosting the university’s resources for cancer research. Awards of this magnitude are not uncommon at this respected institution, allowing the university to spend in excess of $390M on R&D in their last reported year. 

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6 Reasons for Lab Suppliers to Exhibit at UC Davis Medical Center

Posted by Cat Girton on Thu, Apr 21, 2016

 Did you know that the science community at the University of California, Davis Medical Center is one of the West Coast’s top medical research facilities, and is an active consumer of millions of dollars in lab equipment and supplies annually?

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Tags: CA, Stem cell research, cancer research, California, Life Science, lab suppliers, UC Davis - Medical Center, 2016, BioResearch Product Faire™

Fred Hutch Event to Feature New Lab Products and Chemical Supplies

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Apr 07, 2016

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the only comprehensive cancer center in the Washington/Oregon area, has pioneered many lifesaving cancer research breakthroughs. The center is a nearly $400M research marketplace, and researchers at this institution have a constant demand for novel products and technologies to use in their labs.

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5 Reasons to Exhibit Your Lab Products at Thomas Jefferson University

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Mar 25, 2016

The Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University is now one of the nation’s leading healthcare research colleges, making advancements in critical areas such as cancer biology, neuroscience, and immunology. As a top-ranked institution, Thomas Jefferson receives generous funding each year for research and development.

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OSU Researchers use Photodynamics to Light Up Ovarian Cancer

Posted by Robert Larkin on Wed, Sep 02, 2015

Researchers at Oregon State University are making significant advances in the fight against ovarian cancer, using new approaches to photodynamic therapy.

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Tags: Oregon State University, cancer research, Oregon, 2015, OR, Corvallis, Northwest Region, ORSTU, ovarian cancer, 2016, BioResearch Product Faire™, cancer therapy

$1.5M Granted to UMass for Breast Cancer Research

Posted by Robert Larkin on Thu, May 07, 2015

According to the American Cancer Society, in 2013, an estimated 232,340 new cases of invasive breast cancer were diagnosed among US women, as well as an estimated 64,640 additional cases of in situ breast cancer. Furthermore, breast cancer is responsible for the death of about 3% of women nationwide. Thankfully, however, death rates are on the decline, thanks to continued funding and research on this deadly disease.

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