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RNA & Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Conference


Meeting - United States

Keynote Speaker:
Jeannie Lee, Massachusetts General Hospital

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Tags: 2013, RNA research, April, Research Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, Life Sciences, Conference, NY, laboratory, research laboratories

Cutting Edge Human Disease Modeling Using the NSG™ Mouse

Webinar - Online
The immune deficient NOD scid gamma (NSG™) mouse strain enables human disease research that was previously impossible.
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Tags: research mice, August, Webinar, ME, Bar Harbor, Genetic, 2015, Seminar, Research, laboratory, Mice, Life Science, research laboratories

The Jackson Laboratory 2015 Webinar - Mouse Phenome Database: Knowledge to Drive Discovery

Seminar - The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, US
Why waste valuable time and money performing unnecessary experiments when you should be breaking new ground? The "Mouse Phenome Database"(MPD) has amassed a growing collection of data on more than 750 strains, including over 500,000 individual data points from over 2,500 different phenotypic traits.
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Tags: Science, research mice, August, Webinar, Bar Harbor, Maine, Genetic, 2015, Seminar, laboratory, Life Science, research laboratories

Workshop on Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse - University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

Workshop - Paris, France
The Jackson Laboratory and University Pierre et Marie CURIE – Science et Medecine – UPMC-Paris have teamed together to offer a Workshop on Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse.
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Tags: University Research, July, Workshop, France, Paris, 2015, Life Sciences, Genetics, laboratory, research laboratories

Pre-clinical Models in Immuno-Oncology Workshop

Workshop - San Francisco, CA, United States
Register today to join leading scientific experts and JAX for this Pre-Clinical Models in Immuno-Oncology Complimentary Workshop, on June 17 in San Fran!
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Tags: CA, biomedical research, June, cancer research, Immunology, Workshop, United States, 2015, San Francisco, laboratory, research laboratories

Vision: A Platform for Linking Circuits, Perception & Behavior

Course - Cold Spring Harbor, NY, United States
The purpose of this course is to bring together students and faculty for in depth and high level discussions of modern approaches for probing how specific cell types and circuits give rise to defined categories of perception and action. It is also designed to address novel strategies aimed at overcoming diseases that compromise sensory function.
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Tags: animal science, July, United States, Cold Spring Harbor, 2015, Neuroscience, research course, Life Sciences, NY, laboratory, research laboratories

CSHL Course in Mouse Development, Stem Cells & Cancer

Course - Cold Spring Harbor, NY, United States
This intensive lecture and laboratory course is designed for biologists interested in using mouse models to study mammalian development, stem cells and cancer.
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Tags: Stem Cells, June, Cancer, United States, Developmental Biology, Development, Cold Spring Harbor, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, NY, laboratory, research laboratories

EMBL Introductory Course: Next Generation Sequencing: Enrichment Based Clinical Resequencing

Course - Heidelberg, Germany
The field of DNA sequencing has evolved rapidly over the last years and the rise of next generation sequencing (NGS) has caused a dramatic decrease in sequencing costs.
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Tags: DNA Sequencing, August, Molecular Cell Biology, germany, Heidelberg, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, research laboratories

EMBL Conference: Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite

Conference - Heidelberg, Germany
Malaria remains one of the major global scourges of humanity.
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Tags: Microbiology, Biology, germany, May, Heidelberg, Pathology, 2015, malaria, Life Sciences, Conference, research laboratories, Vaccinology

Workshop on Techniques in Modeling Human Cancer in Mice (2015)

Workshop - Bar Harbor, ME, United States
This workshop will train a small group of young scientists (predoctoral, postdoctoral trainees, new investigators) in the use of genetically defined laboratory mice as genetic tools for asking questions about gene function and the role of genetics in the biology of cancer.
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Tags: research mice, cancer research, Cancer, Workshop, United States, May, ME, Bar Harbor, 2015, Life Sciences, laboratory, Mice, research laboratories

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