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Lymphoma & Myeloma 2016, International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies


Conference - New York, United States

For the past sixteen years, L&M has been the premier forum on the latest advances in lymphoma and myeloma.

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Tags: Science, New York, Congress, United States, October, Health Care, translational medicine, Conference, 2016

3rd Annual Symposium on RNA Science: Epitranscriptomics

Symposium - Albany, NY, United States
World class keynote speakers will cover topics including tRNA modification, mRNA modification, RNA visualization, and single molecule analysis.
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Tags: Science, University Research, Biochemistry, March, Biology, United States, Symposium, Chemistry, Structural Biology, Life Sciences, Genomics, Genetics, NY, RNA, 2016

New Horizons in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics

Conference - Erice, Italy
In the last two decades the field of nonequilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics has received an intense momentum in its development.
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Tags: Science, Physics, October, Italy, 2015, Conference

AES-2015, 3rd Advances in Electromagnetic Science

Conference - Istanbul, Turkey
AES-2015 is one of the area focused international workshops for presenting novel ideas and advances in the area of Electromagnetic Science organized by Scientific Cooperations.
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Tags: November, Science, 2015, Turkey, Istanbul, Conference

Recent Advances in Cephalopod Science

Conference - Hakodate, Japan
The Cephalopod International Advisory Council (CIAC) was founded in 1983 to stimulate, accelerate and influence the direction of cephalopod research; to provide help and advice on aspects of cephalopod biology, including those relevant to the management of cephalopod fisheries; and to spread information on past and current research.
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Tags: November, Science, Marine Biology, Japan, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference

Essentials & Overview of the Regulatory Framework in Europe

Course - Montrouge, France
This is the must-attend training course for anyone needing to learn the essentials of European Regulatory Affairs – it has been extended to two days to include more topics, and it is kept up to date in minute detail by the experienced faculty.
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Tags: November, Science, Medicine, France, Pharmaceuticals, 2015, Health Science, research course, Life Science

Cutting Science in Biology and Engineering

Conference - Newport Pagnell, United Kingdom
Specific theories and applications of cutting are being reported in a bewildering number of journals.
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Tags: Science, agriculture, United Kingdom, Biology, Development, October, Newport Pagnell, Chicheley, 2015, Engineering, Research

CDI&E 2015 - Conference on Capacitive Deionization & Electrosorption

Conference - Saarbrücken, Germany
CDI&E 2015 is the second scientific conference on capacitive deionization and electrosorption technologies, following the highly successful 2014 meeting in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
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Tags: Science, nanotechnology, germany, Chemistry, October, 2015, Engineering, Conference, scientific conference, Energy, Nanomaterials

The Jackson Laboratory 2015 Webinar - Mouse Phenome Database: Knowledge to Drive Discovery

Seminar - The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, US
Why waste valuable time and money performing unnecessary experiments when you should be breaking new ground? The "Mouse Phenome Database"(MPD) has amassed a growing collection of data on more than 750 strains, including over 500,000 individual data points from over 2,500 different phenotypic traits.
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Tags: Science, research mice, August, Webinar, Bar Harbor, Maine, Genetic, 2015, Seminar, laboratory, Life Science, research laboratories

8th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival

Festival - New York, United States
For the 8th year running, Nature will be sponsoring the “Scientific Merit’ and ‘Audience’ awards at the Imagine Science Film Festival (ISFF).
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Tags: Science, New York, United States, October, 2015, Event, New York City

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