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Personalized Medicine: Genetic Testing for Predicting Opioid Response


Webinar - Online
1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic (recurrent and long-lasting) pain, in the US alone this exerts more than a $600 billion drain on the US economy annually due to lost productivity.
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Tags: Research Webinars, March, Medicine, Webinar, Genetic, Life Sciences, Genetics, 2016

The Genetic Landscape Of Congenital Heart Disease in Mice


Seminar - Boston, MA, United States
Cardiovascular Seminar Series Speaker: Cecilia Wen Ya Lo, PhD F. Sargent Cheever Chair, Professor and Chair of the Dept of Developmental Biology University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
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Tags: research mice, cardiovascular research, heart disease, United States, December, Genetic, 2015, Boston, Seminar, MA, Mice

Reproductive Genetic Diagnostics


Conference - Boston, MA, United States


Rapidly evolving technologies are transforming the way reproductive genetic diagnostics and screening are performed, but the differences, limitations, and benefits of these new technologies remain unclear to some.

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Tags: November, United States, Genetic, 2015, Boston, Conference, MA

Cutting Edge Human Disease Modeling Using the NSG™ Mouse

Webinar - Online
The immune deficient NOD scid gamma (NSG™) mouse strain enables human disease research that was previously impossible.
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Tags: research mice, August, Webinar, ME, Bar Harbor, Genetic, 2015, Seminar, Research, laboratory, Mice, Life Science, research laboratories

The Jackson Laboratory 2015 Webinar - Mouse Phenome Database: Knowledge to Drive Discovery

Seminar - The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, US
Why waste valuable time and money performing unnecessary experiments when you should be breaking new ground? The "Mouse Phenome Database"(MPD) has amassed a growing collection of data on more than 750 strains, including over 500,000 individual data points from over 2,500 different phenotypic traits.
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Tags: Science, research mice, August, Webinar, Bar Harbor, Maine, Genetic, 2015, Seminar, laboratory, Life Science, research laboratories

Mobile Genetic Elements: In Silico, In Vitro, In Vivo

Conference - Woods Hole, MA, United States
The meeting will bring together experimental and computational scientists seeking to narrow the existing gap between the fast-paced discovery of transposable elements in silico, stimulated by exponential growth of comparative evolutionary genomic and metagenomics studies, and a limited number of experimental models amenable to in vitro and in vivo studies of structural, mechanistic, and regulatory properties of transposable elements and the impact on their prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts.
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Tags: United States, Woods Hole, September, Genetic, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference, Genomics, Genetics, MA

Genetic Control of Immune Cell Activation. Implication for Autoimmune Disease

Workshop - Henningsvær, Norway
The overall objective of this workshop is to identify the most promising pathways for future research within genetic control of immune cell activation.
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Tags: Immunology, University Research, Cell Research, Workshop, August, Genetic, 2015, genetic research, Norway, disease research, Life Sciences

2015 FASEB Science Research Conference on Genetic Recombination & Genome Rearrangements

Conference - Steamboat Springs, CO, United States

This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) focuses on the progress of research on diverse aspects of genetic recombination, a critical process that maintains integrity of the genome and that ensures the faithful transmission of the genome between generations.
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Tags: July, United States, Research Conference, Genetic, Genome, Steamboat Springs, 2015, Life Sciences, Genetics, science research, CO

Genomic Counselling for Genetic Counsellors 2015 Workshop

Workshop - Cambridge, United Kingdom
The Wellcome Trust in association with Health Education England are pleased to announce this new workshop.
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Tags: United Kingdom, July, Workshop, Hinxton, Genetic, 2015, genomic, Life Sciences, Cambridge, Genetics

Design and Analysis of Genetic-based Association Studies

Course - Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom
This Advanced Course aims to give researchers involved in disease studies a firm grounding in the use of the latest statistical methods and software for analysis of genetic association studies.
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Tags: Bioinformatics, United Kingdom, Biology, September, Hinxton, Computational Biology, Genetic, Computer Science, 2015, research course, Cambridge, Genetics, Life Science

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