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6th APRU Brain and Mind in the Asia-Pacific Research Symposium


Symposium - Auckland, New Zealand

Plasticity of the Brain and Mind is this year's APRU Conference theme.

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Tags: brain research, August, Symposium, research symposium, New Zealand, Life Sciences, 2016

Cell Symposium: Human Genomics

Symposium - Singapore, Singapore
Advances in sequencing technology have revolutionized our ability to define the genetic components of human health and disease, and the accumulating data continue to refine our understanding of the mechanisms underlying both complex and Mendelian disorders.
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Tags: November, Singapore, Symposium, research symposium, 2015, Life Sciences, Genomics, Genetics

1st International Nastaran Cancer Symposium-2015

Symposium - Mashhad, Iran, Islamic Republic of
Nastaran Center for Cancer Prevention (NCCP), Mashhad, Iran, a non-profit NGO, in collaboration with Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran, TZB Bayreuth, Germany and ParsTechRokh Pharmaceuticals, Iran is organizing 1st International Nastaran Cancer Symposium 2015 on 1st of October 2015.
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Tags: cancer research, Cancer, Symposium, October, research symposium, 2015, Iran, Life Sciences, Conference

Cell-VIB Symposium: The Multifaceted Roles of Type 2 Immunity

Symposium - Bruges, Belgium
This Cell Symposium is intended to assemble investigators examining various aspects of Type 2 Immunity in order to identify commonalities as well as contrasts of the cellular and molecular participants.
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Tags: 2014, Immunology, immunity, Clinical Research, Symposium, research symposium, December, Belgium, Life Science

Shaping the Developing Brain: Prenatal through Early Childhood

Conference - New York, United States
This 2.5-day conference will convene leading researchers with expertise in the fundamental stages of early brain development, and will focus on the connection between research and improved outcomes for children.
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Tags: 2014, November, New York, brain research, United States, research symposium, Neuroscience, Conference, Life Science

Flies, Worms & Robots: Combining Perspectives on Minibrains & Behaviour

Symposium - Sant Feliu de Guixols, Costa Brava, Spain
This conference will focus on the latest developments in Drosophila systems neuroscience and their application to biomimetics and biorobotics. It follows the successful 2010 ESF-EMBO symposium "Functional Neurobiology in Minibrains" (meeting report: Cobb, EMBO reports 2011, 389), which fostered new interactions within an interdisciplinary community of molecular biologists, ecologists and engineers.
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Tags: 2014, November, life science current events, Symposium, Neurobiology, research symposium, Spain, Neuroscience

ImmunoGenomics Symposium at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Symposium - Farmington, CT, United States

The symposium will bring together the leaders in Immunology and Genomics and offer opportunities to discuss emerging and exciting advances in our field.

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Tags: 2014, November, genomic research, genomic medicine, United States, Symposium, research symposium, CT, Farmington, immmunology

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute 36th Annual Symposium

“Microbiome and Human Health”
This year's event is focused on the rapidly growing field devoted to the study of the human microbiome. The distinction between the human organism and our microbial partners is being blurred as we increase our appreciation of how the microbiota serves to maintain our health or when in disequilibrium drive disease.
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Tags: 2014, CA, Medical Research, United States, Symposium, October, research symposium

Microscale Interactions in Aquatic Environments

Microscale Interactions in Aquatic Environments

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Tags: 2013, March, France, research symposium, Environment, biology research, Life Sciences, Research, current science events, marine science

International Cancer Symposium on Development of Medical Technologies

International Symposium on Development of Medical Technologies for Treating Intractable Cancers and Cardiovascular Diseases

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Tags: 2013, science current events, cancer research, Translational Research, University Research, Cancer, March, Medicine, research symposium, Japan, Tokyo, Life Sciences

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