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World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy

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2017 20th Euro-Global Summit on Cancer Therapy & Radiation Oncology

Spotlight on Science Meetings, Conferences and Events brings you information on the following event: 2017 20th Euro-Global Summit on Cancer Therapy & Radiation Oncology

EuroCancer 2017 is an event that brings together active researchers, intellectuals, academicians, students, contributors and industrialists to exchange ideas communicate and discuss research findings on new advancements in all kinds of available anticancer therapies worldwide. This Belgium Cancer Congress is going to be the largest and most promising international conference that specifically focuses on the Radiation therapy by bringing all Renowned Radiation Oncologists under one roof. This is a two day multidisciplinary meeting covering all aspects of Cancer Therapies and Radiation Oncology, including clinical service delivery, management, informatics and research. 

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18th Annual John Goldman Conference on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Biology and Therapy


Conference - Houston, TX, United States

Speakers at this meeting will present the newest and often unpublished data that relate to the (1) Biology of CML including the origin of BCR-ABL1, signal transduction, basis of disease progression, action of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and mechanisms underlying resistance to TKI,

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Tags: Leukemia, cell biology, Biology, United States, September, Life Sciences, Conference, Houston, TX, 2016, cancer therapy

14th Annual Congress on Targetted Anticancer Therapies


Congress - Washington, DC, United States
TAT congresses are annual meetings on new molecular targets and innovative cancer therapeutics in the early phases of clinical development, supplemented by associated translational research.
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