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Cell Symposia: Aging and Metabolism


Symposium - Sitges, Spain
The word "aging" encompasses a range of physiological changes in humans, human tissues, and constituent cells.
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Tags: Aging, cell biology, July, Symposium, Metabolism, Spain, Sitges, Life Sciences, 2016

ELMI 2015: 15th Annual Meeting of the European Light Microscopy Initiative

Meeting - Sitges, Spain
The annual ELMI meeting has been running for the last 13 years at various venues across Europe. In 2015 ELMI will be held in a small village close to Barcelona.
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Tags: Photonics, Optics, Microscopy, Research Meeting, Physics, May, Chemistry, Spain, 2015, Sitges, Life Science

Impact of Environmental Changes on Infectious Diseases (IECID 2015)

Conference - Sitges, Spain
This conference will discuss the impact of current and predicted future environmental changes on infectious disease dynamics in people, wildlife, and livestock across the globe, and what actions need to be taken.
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Tags: infectious diseases, March, Biology, Epidemiology, Spain, 2015, Sitges, Health Science, Life Sciences, Conference

Fourth International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid & Nanomaterials

Conference - Sitges, Spain
Energy, the environment and human health have emerged as strategic priorities not only in research but in all aspects of our lives.
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Tags: March, Chemical Sciences, Spain, 2015, Sitges, Conference, Nanomaterials

EMBO Workshop on "Development & Regeneration of the Spinal Cord"


Workshop - Sitges, Spain

The spinal cord contains the nerves that allow us to sense our environment and respond to it by moving muscles. This region of the nervous system is generated over an extended period in a head to tail sequence and so is ideal for studying the temporal sequence of events that control neural differentiation.

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Tags: 2014, Workshop, October, Spain, Sitges, Neuroscience, Life Sciences

Cell Symposium: Evolution of Modern Humans - From Bones to Genomes

Evolution of Modern Humans - From Bones to Genomes

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Tags: 2014, science current events, March, Symposium, Evolution, Evolution and Ecology, evolution symposium, Genome, Spain, Sitges, Life Sciences

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