Science Researcher Update: Spotlight on Meetings, Conferences, and Events

Global Congress on Clinical Pediatrics

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Tags: September, Lisbon, Portugal, Life Sciences, Current Science Meetings and Events, 2018, Clinical Pediatrics, September 2018, Pediatrics Healthcare, Pediatrics Nursing

24th International Conference on Vaccine Design Production and Safety

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Tags: September, Lisbon, Portugal, Life Sciences, public health, Current Science Meetings and Events, Vaccines, 2018, Vaccine Technology, September 2018, Vaccine Safety

8th Annual Surgery and Anesthesia Congress

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Tags: July, Lisbon, Portugal, Life Sciences, Surgery, Current Science Meetings and Events, 2018, July 2018, Plastic Surgery, Anesthesia

9th Global Chemistry Congress

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Tags: green chemistry, July, Chemistry, Lisbon, Portugal, Life Sciences, Current Science Meetings and Events, 2018, July 2018, Food Chemistry

EMBO Workshop on Neural control of metabolism and eating behaviour


Workshop - Cascais, Portugal

Energy homeostasis, i.e. the regulation of food intake and energy expenditure is essential for animal survival. The failure in regulating these important physiological processes has major implications on human health, giving rise to disorders such as obesity and anorexia. A variety of research approaches has been used to identify molecular and neural networks underlying food intake and metabolic homeostasis.

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Tags: Workshop, May, Portugal, Neuroscience, Life Science, 2016

International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends 2016 (InPACT 2016)


Conference - Lisbon, Portugal

The goal for this conference is to offer a new approach to the discussion and presentation of the psychological science nowadays.

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Tags: April, May, Lisbon, Portugal, Conference, Psychology, 2016

4th Systemic Sclerosis World Congress

Conference - Lisbon, Portugal
This 4th World Scleroderma Congress will try to combine the best experience we had in the previous congresses, emphasising clinically relevant developments in the field with a focus on aspects of care to improve the quality of life for patients with scleroderma worldwide.
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Tags: Congress, Medicine, Lisbon, Portugal, February, Life Sciences, Conference, 2016

5th Workshop: Structure and Function of Ion Channels and Transporters


Workshop - Lisbon, Portugal


The* 5th Workshop on Structure and Function of Ion Channels and Transporters *is a focused meeting that aims to discuss the most relevant advances in this field, performed by south European countries’ laboratories, and to review the breakthroughs of outstanding internationally recognized scientists in this exciting field.

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Tags: November, Workshop, Molecular Cell Biology, Lisbon, Portugal, 2015, Life Sciences

Advanced Breast Cancer Third International Consensus Conference (ABC3)

Conference - Lisbon, Portugal
Main Topics:
• The role of microRNAs and circulating tumor cells in ABC
• Intratumour heterogeneity in ABC
• Patient xenograph models
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Tags: November, Cancer, Educational Event, Lisbon, Portugal, 2015, Conference

Joint Meeting of SPBD/BSDB/SEBD

Meeting - Albufeira, Faro, Portugal
The Portuguese Society for Developmental Biology (SPBD) organizes its 3rd Meeting jointly with the Spanish Society for Developmental Biology (SEBD) and the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB) in the Alfamar Beach and Sport Resort, Algarve, Portugal on 7-10 October 2015.
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Tags: Biology, Research Meeting, October, Portugal, 2015

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