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2015 Scientific Conference - Advances in Ovarian Cancer

Conference - Orlando, FL, United States
This is the second AACR Special Conference focused on the latest advances in ovarian cancer research and their unique issues and challenges.
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Tags: cancer research, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, United States, October, 2015, FL, Orlando, Life Sciences, Conference, scientific conference, ovarian cancer

2nd International Symposium on Clinical & Basic Investigation in Glioblastoma

Congress - Toledo, Spain
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) continues to be the most common and malignant primary brain tumor in adults carrying a dismal prognosis with less than 15 months median survival.
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Tags: Medical Research, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, Medicine, September, Symposium, Health Care, Spain, 2015, Life Sciences

Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy Congress 2015

Congress - London, United Kingdom
Marketsand Markets Conferences (MnM Conferences) is delighted to announce the inaugural Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy Congress to be held on September 3-4, 2015 London, UK focusing on the theme of “Advancement in Cancer diagnosis, treatment and challenges in organ specific cancer treatment”.
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Tags: United Kingdom, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, Congress, September, London, 2015, Health Science, Life Sciences

AACR Precision Medicine Series: Integrating Clinical Genomics & Cancer Therapy

Conference - Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
In 2013, the AACR introduced the Precision Medicine Series.
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Tags: June, cancer research, UT, Cancer Treatment, United States, Life Sciences, Conference, Genomics, Genetics, scientific conference, Salt Lake City

Cancer Epigenetics: Environmental Influences & Molecular Mechanisms 2015

Conference - Houston, TX, United States
Epigenetic changes are prevalent in many cancers, leading to abnormal gene expression patterns, decreased genome integrity, and abnormal cell division.
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Tags: Bioscience, cancer research, epigenetics, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, March, United States, 2015, Conference, Houston, TX

2015 Conference on Advances in Prevention & Treatment of Cancer (CAPTC 2015)

Conference - Suzhou, China
This Conference will cover issues on Advances in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer.
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Tags: cancer research, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, March, Suzhou, 2015, China, Life Sciences, Conference

13th International Congress on Targeted Anticancer Therapies

Congress - Paris, France
TAT congresses are annual meetings on new molecular targets and innovative cancer therapeutics in the early phases of clinical development.
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Tags: Drug Discovery, Cancer Treatment, March, Congress, France, Paris, 2015, Life Sciences

EACR-OECI Conference on Precision Medicine for Cancer

Conference - Luxembourg
Recent advances in technology have provided an unprecedented opportunity to develop platforms for implementing precision/personalised medicine in cancer.
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Tags: cancer research, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, March, Medicine, 2015, Luxembourg, Life Sciences, Conference

Antibodies as Drugs: Immunological Scaffolds as Therapeutics

Conference - Banff, Canada
While monoclonal antibodies are now an established class of drugs in oncology and inflammation, exciting progress has been recently made on next generation, engineered therapeutic antibodies and alternative immunological scaffolds, with first examples from this class being recently approved by FDA and EMA.
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Tags: cancer research, infectious diseases, Immunology, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, Canada, Symposium, 2015, February, Biomedical Engineering, keystone symposia, Health Science, Life Sciences, Conference

Tumor Immunology: Multidisciplinary Science Driving Combination Therapy

Conference - Banff, Canada
New knowledge in the field of cancer immunotherapy combined with new technologies has given birth to the next generation of vaccines, adoptive cellular therapies, and T cell modulating agents, all of which are being investigated in preclinical models and in patients.
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Tags: Science, immunotherapy, cancer research, Immunology, Cancer Treatment, Cancer, Canada, 2015, February, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference

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