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Five Star Program Winners at Southern Region Life Science Marketing Events

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Fri, Aug 23, 2013


Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. selects a winner of our Five Star Program at the end of every life science show who demonstrated outstanding communication and marketing skills in working to sell lab equipment and life science products. Our Five Star Winners communicate well with attendees, demonstrate their products, compose themselves professionally and create eye-catching displays. Generally, our Five Star Winners attract a large number of attendees to their table, work until the very end of the show and do an excellent job communicating their product’s message.

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Emory University Receives $2.9M NIH Grant

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Mon, Aug 19, 2013

Lab suppliers working to sell lab products and life science products may be interested in the latest funding news at Emory University. Recently this year, Emory University researchers led by Dr. Bali Pulendran received a $2.9 million NIH award to study systems biological analysis of innate and adaptive responses to vaccination. According to the Emory University website, Dr. Pulendran is a Professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine. The NIH RePORTER includes an abstract with a description of the project receiving funding, which says:

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Spotlight on Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Thu, Jul 18, 2013

Lab suppliers interested in marketing life science solutions and university lab equipment at Atlanta life science marketing events may want to take a closer look at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health as a potential sales market. In 2010, the Rollins School of Public Health opened a teaching and research building named for Claudia Nance Rollins. According to a recent article in Emory Magazine, the Rollins family gave $50 million to the construction of the building and this gift was the catalyst for over $170 million given to the Rollins School of Public Health during the Emory campaign. About $90 million of that funding went towards building the new facility, which includes three floors of lab space.

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Emory Opens New Health Sciences Research Building

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Jun 26, 2013

Emory University recently opened the doors to its new Health Sciences Research Building, allowing researchers to move into their labs. The Emory University scientists in the new facility will focus their research on cancer, drug discovery, gastroenterology, neurosciences, immunology and vaccines, transplant immunology, biomedical engineering, nephrology, and human genetics.

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Emory University Receives $274.2M in Research Funding

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Mon, Feb 25, 2013

Emory University is an incredibly well-funded environment, especially when given recent NSF and NIH research funding statistics. In total, Emory University received $274.2 million in research funding in 2012. The NSF awarded the university $10.6 million of research funding in 2012, and the money was spread out over a number of different departments at Emory University. Of the research funding, $2.1 million went towards bio research projects alone. Among the various life science programs of study awarded funding were neural systems, genetic mechanisms, systems and synthetic biology, physiology and structural systems, and cellular dynamics and function.

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Lab Suppliers Invited to Demonstrate Research Equipment in Georgia

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Feb 22, 2013

Are you a laboratory supplier looking to share your latest technologies and demonstrate lab equipment  to researchers in Georgia?  We have two important research events coming up in the state of Georgia that are designed to support researchers in reaching their research goals.

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Georgia State's BioResearch Marketplace

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Jan 23, 2013

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Georgia, Motto

Tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits the electric college town of Athens, Georgia, just 61 miles northeast of Atlanta where the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) calls home. This alliance gives ground to many major scientific discoveries that help resolve some of the world's largest scientific challenges. GRA generates new investments totaling $2.6 billion, it's programs have achieved dozens of science related breakthroughs, created more than 5,700 new science related jobs, and more than 200 new companies. The Georgia Research Alliance helps scientists and researchers take their ideas and discoveries, and transform them into a more profitable business. 

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