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Spotlight on Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Thu, Jul 18, 2013

Lab suppliers interested in marketing life science solutions and university lab equipment at Atlanta life science marketing events may want to take a closer look at Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health as a potential sales market. In 2010, the Rollins School of Public Health opened a teaching and research building named for Claudia Nance Rollins. According to a recent article in Emory Magazine, the Rollins family gave $50 million to the construction of the building and this gift was the catalyst for over $170 million given to the Rollins School of Public Health during the Emory campaign. About $90 million of that funding went towards building the new facility, which includes three floors of lab space.

“The big thing for me about the new building was the remarkable improvement in the laboratories,” says physician and microbiologist Keith Klugman. “Our labs used to be in the basement, with no windows and very small amounts of space. Now the labs are really spacious and beautiful, with the best views in the building.”

Klugman recently returned from a six-month leave of absence to work as an advisor at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation advocating new pneumonia treatments. He says that even today, pneumonia causes a large number of fatalities, especially with children who have HIV. “The problem is that the bacteria can evolve, can take on other varieties,” he says. “We study its evolution away from the vaccine and, in more basic research, look at how the bacteria colonize in the throat, creating a ‘biofilm,’ to see if we can interrupt this process.”


Emory University

Emory University

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Lab suppliers working to market university lab equipment and life science solutions in Atlanta may be interested to know that Emory University is a very well-funded market. According to the Emory University website, researchers at Emory received $520.3 million in total research funding awards, $483.4 million in health sciences research funding awards and $350.9 million in federal research funding awards in 2012.

The NSF also awarded Emory University $10.6 million in research funding in 2012. That funding was given out to a number of life science projects in various departments at the university. The NSF ranked Emory University 22nd in the country in 2009 for total R&D expenditures in the life sciences, the total expenditures being $417 million. In addition to receiving a great deal of funding from the NSF, Emory University received $300.7 million from the NIH in 2012. The NIH also ranked Emory University 18th for direct plus indirect costs in the life sciences, excluding R&D contracts and ARRA awards, in 2011, with a total of $273.4 million in costs.

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