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Emory Opens New Health Sciences Research Building

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Jun 26, 2013

Emory University recently opened the doors to its new Health Sciences Research Building, allowing researchers to move into their labs. The Emory University scientists in the new facility will focus their research on cancer, drug discovery, gastroenterology, neurosciences, immunology and vaccines, transplant immunology, biomedical engineering, nephrology, and human genetics.

The 200,000-square-foot building’s construction began in June of 2011, and the $90 million it took to build the facility has already been paid for through philanthropy. According to an Emory University news article, the donors who gave money to the construction project include Robert W. Woodruff; O. Wayne Rollins; Joseph B. Whitehead; Zeist; Martha and Wilton Looney; Katherine John Murphy; Luther and Susie Harrison foundations; David, Helen and Marian Woodward Fund; Georgia Research Alliance; Raymond Schinazi; Margaret Hirst Davis; James and Helen Carlos; and two anonymous donors.

In addition to having the funds available to build a $90 million research facility, Emory University has a great deal of research funding available for lab suppliers marketing life science solutions and university lab equipment at life science marketing events. In 2012, the NSF awarded Emory University $10.6 million in research funding. The funding was distributed among a number of different departments at the school. Of the money, $2.1 million went towards life science research projects. Among the numerous life science research programs awarded funding were systems and synthetic biology, genetic mechanisms, physiology and structural systems, neural systems, and cellular dynamics and function. Emory University was ranked 22nd by the NSF in 2009 for total R&D expenditures in the life sciences, having spent a total of $417 million.


Emory University Health Sciences Research Building

Emory University Health Sciences Research Building

Image courtesy of Emory University


Emory University also received $286.2 million from the NIH in 2012. Life science departments at Emory University receiving NIH funding included microbiology, biomedical engineering, biostatistics, chemistry, family medicine, anatomy and cell biology, internal medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, biology and veterinary science. In 2011, the NIH ranked Emory University 18th for direct plus indirect costs in the life sciences, excluding R&D contracts and ARRA awards, making the total costs $273.4 million. For a full list of departments receiving NIH funding organized by department, number of awards and total research funding, please visit the NIH website.

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