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Research Lab Equipment Vendors Shine in Biotechnology Calendar's 5 Star Program

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Fri, Jun 22, 2012


5 Star Program Biotechnology Calendar

We launched our 5-Star Program in 2011 as a way of acknowledging and rewarding the research lab equipment sales reps at our shows who go the extra mile to make the event a success by positively engaging researchers with attractive displays, equipment demonstrations, and of course their winning professional demeanor. We take note of the vendor tables that draw in the most research attendees, who stays to the very end, and which companies are most effectively driving their product message home through their overall approach.

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At the end of each show, we award one lab equipment rep and his/her company the 5-Star designation for that event, which includes recognition in the form of: an engraved plaque, an email announcement to all our vendors, posting of the win on our website, and in some instances a special blog article profiling the winner’s outstanding salesmanship and his/her company’s research lab equipment product(s).

In our first year of the 5-Star Program, we've seen and acknowledged some impressive performers. In fact, a few top-notch reps have won more than once or twice. We’ll continue to give credit where it’s due as the program goes forward, including greater visibility on our website in the form of blogs, photos, and winner announcements. We also award a “Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.'s Platinum Level 5 Star Winner” who we think is the most sterling role model and sets the bar for excellence highest in the areas where it matters:

    • Start-to-finish interactive presence
    • Effective, visually attractive table display
    • Accessible, engaging booth staff
    • Popularity with researcher-attendees
    • Sales professionalism

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[In 2011, Starstedt was our year "Best of the Year" performer, with with their colorful displays and consistently upbeat sales staff.]

At BCI, we take our role advancing life science lab research seriously, and we know you do too. Together we will continue to draw not only the highest number of qualified researchers to our events, but they’ll leave with more information and greater satisfaction with the event experience, which translates into stronger branding for the research lab equipment companies and their reps who make that big impression.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the winners and keep an eye on them, perhaps even challenging yourself to best them at our next event!

 5-Star Winners to Date




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[Everyone loves a full house!]

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. is a full-service event marketing and planning company producing on-campus life science research tradeshows nationwide for 20 years. We plan and promote each event to bring the best products and services to the best research campuses across the country. Life science researchers, purchasing agents, and lab managers are actively invited to attend to see the latest products and equipment and discuss their laboratory tool and service needs. See our nationwide show schedule for 2012.

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