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The Kenneth Rainin Foundation's 2017 Innovations Symposium

Spotlight on Science Meetings, Conferences and Events brings you information on the following event: The Kenneth Rainin Foundation's 2017 Innovations Symposium

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Tags: Microbiology, California, July, Symposium, San Francisco, Life Sciences, 2017, Current Science Meetings and Events, July 2017

Frontiers in Antibiotic Drug Discovery Symposium


Symposium - Stockholm, Sweden

The symposium is organized jointly by the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society and ENABLE, one of the projects in the Innovative Medicines Initiative ND4BB, to showcase the future and opportunities for antibiotic drug discovery in a stimulating environment.

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Tags: Drug Discovery, September, Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

11th Biennial Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium


Symposium - Seattle, WA, United States

The 11th Biennial Ovarian Cancer Research Symposium is presented by the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer and the American Association for Cancer Research.

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Tags: Washington, University of Washington Seattle, cancer research, USA, September, Symposium, 2016

The Joint Symposium of the 2016 International Neural Regeneration Symposium (INRS2016), the 10th Asia Pacific Symposium on Neural Regeneration (APSNR2016)


Symposium - Yinchuan, China

The Joint Symposium of the "2016 International Neural Regeneration Symposium (INRS2016)", the "10th Asia Pacific Symposium on Neural Regeneration (APSNR2016)" will take place in Yinchuan City, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, P. R. China during July 29 and 31, 2016.

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Tags: July, Symposium, Neurobiology, Neuroscience, China, Life Sciences, 2016

6th APRU Brain and Mind in the Asia-Pacific Research Symposium


Symposium - Auckland, New Zealand

Plasticity of the Brain and Mind is this year's APRU Conference theme.

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Tags: brain research, August, Symposium, research symposium, New Zealand, Life Sciences, 2016

2016 Maryland Stem Cell Research Symposium


Symposium - Bethesda, MD, United States

Collocated at Bio+Tech16 and presented by the Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission, this symposium delivers comprehensive scientific talks, poster presentations, discussions and networking time, enabling cell therapy research and technologies to move from the lab to pre-clinical and to commercialization.

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Tags: Stem cell research, United States, May, Symposium, Bethesda, MD, Stem Cell, 2016

EMBL 2016 Symposium: Microtubules: From Atoms to Complex Systems


Symposium - Heidelberg, Germany

The Microtubule field is broad and has progressively branched out into many different subdomains that only rarely enjoy occasions to communicate.

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Tags: June, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, germany, May, Symposium, Heidelberg, Life Siences, 2016

2nd Annual International Symposium on Diabetes


Symposium - Athens, Greece


The Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) organizes its 2nd Annual International Symposium on Diabetes, 2-5 May 2016, Athens, Greece as part of the 4th Annual International Conference on Health & Medical Sciences.

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Tags: Diabetes, Medicine, Greece, May, Symposium, Life Sciences, Athens, 2016

Ancient DNA and Human Evolution

Symposium - La Jolla, CA, United States

Ancient DNA data have provided unprecedented insights into the recent history of our species.

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Tags: CA, April, United States, Symposium, Evolution, Evolution and Ecology, Life Sciences, La Jolla, 2016

Cell Symposium: Functional RNAs


Symposium - Guangzhou, China
Our aim is to bring together researchers with broad interests in RNA biology and its impact on gene expression to share their current research efforts, foster collaborations, and stimulate ideas for future avenues of research.
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Tags: November, Microbiology, infectious diseases, Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Symposium, Health Science, Neuroscience, China, Genetics, Biotechnology, Life Science, 2016

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