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Single Molecule Spectroscopy & Super-resolution Microscopy in the Life Sciences

Workshop - Berlin, Germany
The annual event, organized by PicoQuant, brings together users as well as developers from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
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Tags: Microscopy, Workshop, September, germany, Biophysics, Berlin, 2015, Life Sciences

12th Multinational Congress on Microscopy

Conference - Eger, Hungary
The aim of MCM conferences is to bring together leading experts and emerging young researchers applying many types of microscopic techniques in the field of life or material sciences as well as provide a forum for new directions.
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Tags: Microscopy, Congress, August, 2015, Hungary, Engineering, Life Sciences, Conference

EMBL Advanced Course: Super-Resolution Microscopy

Course - Heidelberg, Germany
This six day advanced course on fluorescence super-resolution microscopy will cover the theory and practical application of current super-resolution microscopy techniques to biological questions.
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Tags: cell biology, Microscopy, July, germany, Heidelberg, 2015, research course, Life Sciences

International Summer School on Organic Molecules: Experiments & Theory Meet at the Surface

Course - Lausanne, Switzerland
The aim of the school is to give students an overview of the exciting field of the study of molecules on surfaces seen from many different points of view.
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Tags: June, Microscopy, July, Physics, Switzerland, 2015, research course, science current event, molecular research

Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015 (mmc2015)

Conference - Manchester, United Kingdom
The Microscience Microscopy Congress will for the first time, incorporate the popular biennial EMAG conference, creating a larger and more varied conference and exhibition in the heart of Manchester.
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Tags: June, Microscopy, Congress, July, Chemical Sciences, 2015, Conference

EMBL Introductory Course - Fundamentals of Widefield & Confocal Microscopy & Imaging

Course - Heidelberg, Germany
Light microscopy is the most widely used form of microscopy for life science research.
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Tags: June, cell biology, Microscopy, germany, Heidelberg, Imaging, 2015, life science research, research course, Life Sciences

Course on Advanced Analysis Techniques on Materials: Transmission (& Scanning) Electron Microscopy

Course - Wuhan, China
Instrument operations courses cover basic theory, physical operation, and practical applications. Students learn how to sharpen their skills in the use of the instrument and accessories.
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Tags: June, Photonics, Microscopy, 2015, China, Engineering, research course

ELMI 2015: 15th Annual Meeting of the European Light Microscopy Initiative

Meeting - Sitges, Spain
The annual ELMI meeting has been running for the last 13 years at various venues across Europe. In 2015 ELMI will be held in a small village close to Barcelona.
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Tags: Photonics, Optics, Microscopy, Research Meeting, Physics, May, Chemistry, Spain, 2015, Sitges, Life Science

EMBL Advanced Course: High-Accuracy Correlated Light & Electron Microscopy: Applications at Room Temperature & In Cryo

Course - Heidelberg, Germany
This course will teach theory and practice for high-accuracy correlative light and electron microscopy.
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Tags: Microscopy, April, germany, Heidelberg, Structural Biology, 2015, research course, Life Sciences

EMBL Introductory Course: Microinjection into Adherent Cells

Conference - Heidelberg, Germany
This course is aimed at Technicians and Scientists interested in microinjection into adherent cells. Participants should have basic experience with cell culture and microscopy.
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Tags: 2014, life science current events, cell biology, Microscopy, Research Conference, October

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