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Powerful MRI Scanner Advances Cornell Lab Research Competitiveness on Ithaca Campus

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Wed, Jun 20, 2012

While magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners are most often associated with clinical diagnostics activities, their ability to visualize internal structures of the body in detail, especially soft tissues, makes MRI scanning machines extremely valuable for laboratory research scientists as well. So it's no small matter that an NIH equipment grant has made it possible for Cornell University in Ithaca to get one of its own, just last week, and establish the Cornell MRI Facility in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall. It's not just any scanner either, but a 3 Tesla GE Discovery 750, which provides noninvasive imaging with high signal-to-noise ratio and spatial resolution for structural and functional research involving small animals, humans, plants and biomedical materials. MRI technology does not involve radiation.

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Lab Equipment Suppliers Build Trust at Leading Research Universities

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Apr 26, 2012

Providing lab equipment for the research marketplace is a fine dance between having the right solution for the researchers needs, (fit); communicating the capabilities and limitations of the equipment (education); and establishing that the product will do what is promised and that the company building the product will stand behind its product (trust).

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Laboratory Imaging Equipment Developed by Ohio State Protein Researcher

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Wed, Apr 11, 2012

Protein ResearcherProtein researcher Christopher Jaroniec, associate professor of chemistry at Ohio State University (image courtesy of OSU), has developed a new form of laboratory imaging equipment that can can construct 3D models of protein structures.

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