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Laboratory Imaging Equipment Developed by Ohio State Protein Researcher

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Wed, Apr 11, 2012

Protein ResearcherProtein researcher Christopher Jaroniec, associate professor of chemistry at Ohio State University (image courtesy of OSU), has developed a new form of laboratory imaging equipment that can can construct 3D models of protein structures.

The current method used for protein imaging, solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, allows scientists to determine how atoms in protein structures are arranged. Although this approach represented a breakthrough in protein imaging technology, it still remained difficult to translate the atom arrangements into actual models of protein structure.

This issue constituted a significant barrier to effective protein research. Proteins are made up of long amino acid chains that are tangled and wrapped around each other in a complex structure. This structure determines a proteins function in the body. Jaroniec called 3D modeling of proteins "critical to understanding their function.”

Laboratory Imaging Equipment(3D model of GB1 protein, a known protein structure Jaroniec used to test his new imaging technique)

3D imaging is especially important in the cases of proteins whose structures cannot be determined with current NMR technology such as amyloids, complex fibrous bunches of proteins linked with several neurological diseases.

A better understanding of protein structures could possibly allow scientists to develop techniques to alter or block its functions in the body. This could open up many possibilities for new disease therapies.

This research was funded by the NSF and NIH and could lead to significant advances in protein science.  Currently Ohio State University ranks 18th in the nation for NSF funding.  The university pulled in $129 million in research grants during the 2011 Fiscal Year.  In addition to this, the OSU College of Medicine received $273 million from the National Institute of Health. 

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