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Healthcare Week Asia 2015

Conference - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
You can look forward to two-days packed to the brim with the best of strategy and technology case studies from healthcare visionaries including these early confirmed STRATEGY and IT speakers
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Tags: Developmental Biology, Healthcare, Development, May, Asia, Malaysia, Health Science, Life Sciences, Conference

Cell & Developmental Biology of Xenopus: Gene Discovery & Disease

Course - Cold Spring Harbor, NY, United States
Xenopus is an extraordinary in vivo model for cell and developmental biology. The ease of loss- and gain-of-function approaches allows rapid mechanistic analysis; this can be combined with classic embryological manipulations and state of the art imaging.
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Tags: April, United States, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Cold Spring Harbor, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, NY

Transcriptional & Epigenetic Influences on Stem Cell States

Conference - Steamboat Springs, United States
This Keystone Symposia meeting brings together researchers who strive to: 1) Describe transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that control specific stem cell behaviors;
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Tags: epigenetics, March, United States, Developmental Biology, Development, Steamboat Springs, 2015, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference, Genomics, Genetics, Stem Cell

Homology and Convergence In Nervous System Evolution Conference

Conference - Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Today's many different nervous systems illustrate a major conundrum in evolutionary theory: do neurons and brains share common decent (homology) or do they derive from independent (homoplasic) origins?
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Tags: United Kingdom, March, Developmental Biology, Development, Research Meeting UK, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference

Origin and Evolution of the Nervous System 2015

Conference - London, United Kingdom
The origin of brains and central nervous systems is thought to have occurred before the Paleozoic era.
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Tags: United Kingdom, March, Developmental Biology, Development, London, Research Meeting UK, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference

Heart Disease and Regeneration: Insights from Development

Conference - Copper Mountain, United States
This meeting highlights new concepts in cardiovascular development, regeneration, and repair and emphasizes common molecular mechanisms with therapeutic potential for cardiovascular regeneration.
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Tags: cardiovascular research, heart disease, March, Developmental Biology, Development, 2015, keystone symposia, Life Sciences, Conference

Allen Distinguished Investigator Life Sciences Symposium

Symposium - La Jolla, CA, United States
Join us for this inaugural symposium featuring current Allen Distinguished Investigator Life Science award recipients.
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Tags: CA, United States, Developmental Biology, Development, Symposium, 2015, February, Life Sciences, La Jolla

2015 Fusion Conference on "Musculoskeletal Development & Regeneration"

Conference - Cancun, Mexico
The 2015 Fusion Conference on "Musculoskeletal Development and Regeneration", a premier scientific forum for the scientific investigation of the musculoskeletal system, will cover a wide range of topics to encompass basic to translational aspects of the biology and pathology of musculoskeletal tissues, including cartilage, bone, tendon, ligament, and muscle.
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Tags: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Developmental Biology, Development, 2015, February, Mexico, Cancun, Life Sciences, Conference, Genetics

EMBO Workshop on Upstream and downstream of Hox genes

Workshop - Hyderabad, India
Hox genes determine the formation of anterior-posterior body axis in all bilaterians. It is along with this common theme of body plan determination in animals that a variety of forms have evolved.
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Tags: 2014, Workshop, Developmental Biology, Development, India, Research India, December, Hyderabad, Life Science

Computational Image Analysis in Cellular and Developmental Biology


Course - Woods Hole, MA, United States

This 10 day course offers theory and hands-on training in the design and implementation of image processing software required for the quantitative and mechanistic analysis of light microscopy data in cellular and developmental biology.

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Tags: 2014, Marine Biology, Developmental Biology, October, Life Sciences

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