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Posted by Laura Braden on Fri, Nov 20, 2015

California coast. Breaking into a new academic marketplace can be a challenge for lab suppliers looking to find new leads due to campus security and labs being unwelcome to solicitors. Attending an on-campus trade show event provides lab suppliers with the best opportunity to display supplies on-campus, to interested and well-funded researchers from campus research laboratories. California is a thriving life science marketplace, supporting some of the largest and most well-funded research institutions in the country.

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. hosts prominent life science events at some of the top research institutions in California each year. These BioResearch Product Faire™ Events and Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events bring together active, highly-funded scientists and life science companies able to supply these researchers with the best and newest tools available to further their research.

Coming up in January and February, 2016 are premiere Events at 5 of these top California research institutions, providing ample opportunity for laboratory suppliers to market lab supplies to more than 1000 active researchers across the state.

Stanford University - January 15, 2016

1st Annual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event

In the 2014 fiscal year, Stanford University received more than $259 million in funding from the NIH to support researchers and lab work. As one of the most prestigious research universities in the country, Stanford University currently houses 18 independent laboratories, centers and institutes which account for about 10 percent of Stanford's research and involves around 300 faculty members and 800 students. 

Stanford Funding Facts:

  • 2014 NIH Funding: $259,540,356
  • 2013 Life Science R & D Expenditures: 17th Ranked: $570,224,000
  • Stanford University has more than 5,300 externally sponsored projects with a total budget for sponsored projects at $1.33 billion during 2014-15.

Sacramento researchers learn about new products at a past BioResearch Product Faire™ Event.

University of California, Davis Medical Center - January 28, 2016

17th SemiAnnual BioResearch Product FaireEvent

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at The UC Davis Medical center attracted 145 attendees at the winter event, and 148 in the summer. Of these attendees, 85 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 35 were lab managers. These attendees came from 16 different research buildings and 25 on-campus departments.

UC Davis, Medical Center Funding Facts:

  • In 2014, UCDMC received more than $220 million in external research funding.
  • UC Davis researchers were awarded a $20 million grant to refine stem cell therapy for osteoporosis sufferers and to run clinical trials for a period of 4 years to determine the therapy's efficacy.
  • UC Davis received a $9.3 million grant to open the West Coast Metabolomics Center, a high tech consortium of various labs that will assist in the development of treatments for diabetes, cancer and atherosclerosis. The facility is housed within the UC Davis Genome Center and opened in October of 2012.

University of California, San Francisco Mission Bay Campus - January 29, 2016

11th Annual Biotechnology Vendor Showcase Event

The 2015 Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event at the University of California, San Francisco Mission Bay attracted 346 attendees. Of these attendees, 102 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 55 were lab managers. These attendees came from 24 different research buildings and 44 on-campus departments.

 UCSF Mission Bay Funding Facts:

  • 2013 Life Science R&D Expenditures: $1,030,983,000
  • UC San Francisco entered an $85 million partnership for 5 years with Pfizer, where two dozen Pfizer scientists are working together with their university counterparts in a 20,000-square-foot facility at Mission Bay.
  • Approximately 65,000 square-feet of space in three health and medical sciences buildings are in the process of being renovated. The total project budget is $37 million, and construction is due to be completed in May 2015.

Market lab products to California researchers at 2016 events.   Lab suppliers and life science researchers  interact at a past event.

University of California, Riverside - February 10, 2016

11th Annual BioResearch Product Faire Event

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ event at UC Riverside attracted 269 attendees. Of these attendees, 47 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 14 were lab managers. These attendees came from 22 different research buildings and 25 on-campus departments.

 UC Riverside Funding Facts:

  • 2014 NIH Funding: $15,370,139
  • UC Riverside received a $4.5 Million NASA grant for big data research and education in May 2015.
  • UC Riverside's received a $2.8 million grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to provide the stem cell research center with three years' worth of operating expenses.

University of California, San Diego - February 11, 2016

41st Semiannual Biotechnology Vendor Showcase Event

The 2 Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events at the University of California, San Diego attracted 929 attendees between both 2015 events. Of these attendees, 337 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 137 were lab managers. These attendees came from more than 50 different research buildings and 60 on-campus departments. 

UC San Diego Funding Facts:

  • UC San Diego received a total of $1.1 billion in research funding for all fields during the 2014 fiscal year.
  • UC San Diego broke ground on the $269 million, 350,000 square foot Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute Building in January of 2013, which is expected to be completed in 2016.
  • The National Institute for Aging awarded UCSD a $12 million, 3-year grant to study Alzheimer's Disease. The grant begins in 2014 and ends in 2017.

A past BioResearch Product Faire™ Event in California.   Gain new quality leads at California product faire events in 2016.

At these events, lab suppliers are able to:

  • Demonstrate products to lab managers, purchasing agents and end-users.
  • Answer questions, distribute samples, and discuss ongoing research projects on campus to explain why your supplies are the best for the job.

  • Schedule follow-up appointments with new leads to further researchers understanding of the benefits of using your products and services.

  • Gain brand exposure in the Washington academic marketplace while nurturing new and existing leads.

  • Network with scientists from all life science fields, and with reps from a wide variety of laboratory supply companies.

Visit the following link to learn more about participating in any or all of these upcoming California area research events.

Exhibit at a  California Event


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