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5 Tips to Stand Out at your Next Life Science Trade Show

Posted by Robert Larkin on Wed, Aug 05, 2015

12-lavsStanding out at a science trade show is essential to getting foot traffic, generating leads, and recouping your investment of time and money. Unfortunately, popular science trade shows can be overwhelming for researchers who walk up and down aisles all day- barely giving all the exhibitor’s booths a passing glance.

How can your company set itself apart from the crowds of exhibitors competing for researchers’ time and budgets? We’ve scoured some of the industry’s leading forums, social groups, whitepapers and ebooks to compile the top 5 ways to do just that. 

Maximize your chances of grabbing attention and generating leads with these 5 tips: 

#1 Optimize Your Exhibit Space

Try for a more open and inviting experience by standing in front of your table, or by eliminating the conventional table setup altogether in favor of strategic shelving and seating.


Use you space wisely – if your budget limits the size of your booth, use elevated displays and taller, staggered signage to stand out.

Most importantly, color-coordinate your booth items, banners, table runners, brochures and other marketing materials with your company colors and/or logo for immediate brand recognition.

#2 Keep it Clear and Simple

Make sure your company name, message and products are all clearly identified in large, bold lettering. Keepyour signage clear and concise, and avoid overly wordy or busy content.

Use large, attractive and professional pictures of your products that are easily recognizable from across the room. Also consider packaging your giveaways and marketing materials in clear, biodegradable bags that encourage attendees to see what others have received.

13-emory#3 Engage in Smart Networking

Cultivate and maintain good energy for the duration of the show by offering warm smiles and genuine conversation, while also avoiding crossing your arms or sitting during conversation. Most importantly, try to avoid eating at your booth.

One fun way to increase foot traffic while networking is by creating a scavenger hunt with several other vendors in complimentary businesses. Encourage researchers to get their scavenger hunt marked by visiting all of the participating companies’ booths. You can also encourage other vendors to stop by your booth by offering refreshments or hand sanitizer and a chance to take a break and network with one another.

#4 Do some advance legwork

Engage in some pre-show marketing...send flyers and invitations, make calls and meet people before you head into strange territory. Engage in pertinent social network groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to check the pulse of the area, while also announcing your presence in the marketplace. Once you arrive, attendees will be expecting you and will seek you out first to answer their questions and address their specific needs.

science_ninja_2#5 Offer Interesting Incentives

Make your giveaways more popular by offering branded merchandise that is useful, thoughtful and durable. A raffle jar or bucket with the offer of winning a prize will capture people's attention (and their email addresses), while also helping yours stand apart from the other incentives.

Put your giveaways in the hands of every single researcher who visits your booth to maximize your brand’s exposure and create a buzz around your products. Spending a little extra time and money here can really pay off in an industry with a heavy emphasis on technology.

01-dukeBonus tip: Smile! Even after a long day of shaking hands and answering questions, it is important to treat the last lead you meet just as well as the first. This means being engaging, warm and friendly, even if you’re completely burnt out by the end of the show. The best way to convey your interest (even if it’s an effort) is with a big smile! 

Now that we’ve given you the heads up on some of the best ways to make your exhibit space stand out, don’t you think its time to put that knowledge to good use?

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Have suggestions of your own? Leave a comment to tell us your best tip for making exhibit spaces stand out at trade show events!

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