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Biomedical News: Charlie’s Law Opens Opportunities for Stem Cell Treatments in Texas

Posted by Rebecca Inch-Partridge on Thu, Nov 02, 2017

In June, the Texas legislature unanimously passed Charlie’s Law which allows patients with chronic and terminal diseases access to experimental stem cell interventions. The law, named after the late Texas State representative Charlie Howard, is the first of its kind in the U.S.


 (Image Texas House of Representatives courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Stem cells can be used in a number of ways to treat many other conditions including cancer, neurological disorders, diabetes, and heart disease. However, at present many Americans have to travel outside the country to receive stem cell therapies that are unavailable and illegal in the U.S.  This law changes that for those who meet certain criteria.  

Patients must have a chronic disease or a terminal illness. The patient’s doctor must have exhausted all other options. And while this historic piece of legislation does allow for the use of expanded adult stem cells to treat patients for the first time in the United States, there are limitations. Such treatments will only be legal in the state of Texas, and patients must bank and use their own adult stem cells. Both the Department of Health and Human Services and the Texas Medical Board also mandate that doctors perform the therapy in an ambulatory center, a hospital or a medical school. 

 As the law is now, banking stem cells in the U.S. is legal, but after 24 hours it is illegal to put the stem cells back into the body. At a recent panel discussion, lawmakers met with Doris Taylor, Ph.D, the director of regenerative medicine at the Texas Medical Center’s Heart Institute to review the implications of Charlie’s Law. Taylor, one of the world’s most renowned researchers in the field of regenerative medicine said that she is looking forward to the doors Charlie’s laws will open for both scientists and patients.  

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Texas A&M is one of the largest research universities in the United States. It’s faculty-researchers generate more than $866 million in research expenditures. The College Station campus houses over a dozen colleges. These colleges include Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Science.  

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