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Biotechnology Calendar 5 Star Winners in October

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Nov 19, 2012

At Biotechnology Calendar Inc.™, we believe in rewarding excellence in our participating life science sales reps with our 5 Star Award.

5 Star Program Biotechnology Calendar

This award is given to one outstanding company sales rep at each of our 60 nationwide trade show events. Each of our awards are accompanied by an engraved plaque, an email announcement to all our vendors, a posting of the winner on our website, and in some instances a special blog article profiling the winner’s outstanding salesmanship and his/her company’s research lab equipment product(s). Moreover, each award winner will be entered into a raffle that takes place at the end of our event year. Each 5 Star Award Winner demonstrates sales professionalism that is engaging, popular with event attendees, an attractive table display, and start-to-finish interactive presence.

Biotechnology Calendar Inc's™ 5 Star Award Winners For October

10/25/12  University of Washington, Seattle  Transnetyx  Ryan Yanase Photo Coming Soon 
10/24/12   Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seatle  
sarstedt logo
 Kristen Miller  Screen shot 2012 06 22 at 4.15.37 PM resized 600
   Photo Gallery Coming Soon Sarstedt 
 10/23/12  Washington State University, Pullman  Screen shot 2012 06 21 at 4.09.52 PM resized 600  Peter Chudy Research Products International
  Click Here to see the Photo Gallery  Research Products International Corp. 


 10/18/12  Stony Brook University, Stony Brook  GenScript  Jason Fan GenScript  
  Click Here to see the Photo Gallery GenScript
 10/17/12  Rockefeller University, New York  
Screen shot 2012 07 30 at 10.57.09 AM resized 600
  Melanie Fortier New England Biolabs
  Click Here to see the Photo Gallery  New England BioLabs
 10/15/12  The Armory Track & Field Center, New York  
integrated dna logo
John Wilhelm Integrated DNA Technologies 
  Click Here to see the Photo Gallery  Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. 
 10/4/12  University of California, Los Angeles  MP Bio  Christine Rollando  MP Bio
  Click Here to see the Photo Gallery MP Biomedicals LLC 
 10/3/12  University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus Transnetyx   Chanin Victor  Transnetyx
  Click Here to see the Photo Gallery   Transnetyx
10/2/12  University of California, Irvine   Hanna Instruments  Josh Ryan Hanna Instruments 
   Click Here to see the Photo Gallery Hanna Instruments

Please follow this link to find at all the 2012 5 Star Winners.

If interested in reading more on our 5 Star Award here are some more blog article you might enjoy:

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